Mind Control 101 with Leonard Cohen

mcgill hebb experiment


The man in the photo, taken at McGill University in 1951, is 17-year-old Leonard Cohen. He’s wearing a blindfold, and his ears, fingers and hands are encased in padded restraints which prevent movement and cut off all sensory stimulation. This is one of Dr. Donald Hebb’s famous/notorious sensory isolation experiments, for which student volunteers were paid the then-princely sum of $20 a day. Some of the volunteers were unable to stand this torture for more than a few hours. Some tore off the bandages and banged on the door of the isolation chamber, screaming and crying to be released.

Back in the 1980s, when I lived next door to him, Leonard Cohen once told me he enjoyed these experiments. He said he learned to dissociate, leave his body, and go on long voyages through the universe. The experience was so pleasant that later he volunteered to be placed in a flotation tank while on LSD. He enjoyed that, too.

We now know that D.O. Hebb’s sensory isolation experiments became the foundation for torture techniques used by the CIA etc. in its secret prisons around the planet. Hebb, a neurologist, had CIA clearance, and also allegedly experimented on small children, mainly orphans and aboriginal children who arrived in his laboratory courtesy of McGill and the RCMP. Having access to human guinea pigs made Hebb’s research that much more impressive. He also, of course, worked with rats and monkeys. It seems quite likely that his famous “rat” study on the effects of sensory isolation on IQ, would have been based on his experiments with children. McGill, at the time, was controlled by a network that included many British-trained, mind controlled pedophiles with an interest in eugenics — and probably still is today.

In 1951, when this photo was taken, Leonard Cohen was 17, i.e. still a minor. One wonders who signed the permission slip — his mother? Or perhaps they just didn’t bother with those little details, back then.

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interesting story about leonard cohen..thats him in the picture above..thats a good look eh?

but of course monarch programming and mkultra is just another bullshit conspiracy isnt it?..and nobody has handlers either..

“when this photo was taken, Leonard Cohen was 17, i.e. still a minor. One wonders who signed the permission slip”


~ by seeker401 on March 25, 2013.

10 Responses to “Mind Control 101 with Leonard Cohen”

  1. Just wow, that is some crazy shit. Especially with the alters, and how they told this person they needed to leave the neighborhood after that one incident. WTF. I am just so shocked, that is some crazy, crazy ass shit.

  2. at that time did not care about details.
    with me, they did an experiment, they used candy, when I did not have eight years.
    after forty-five years, according to organizers of the experiment, they presented the results of the experiment in a science program currently in Spain. this particular subject was treated for about four years ago, and by then, I participated in a forum on the topics of this program on the Internet.
    the stupid moderators asked me evidence. hahaha!
    I told the whole story, the two U.S. scientists did to another girl and me, with candy. everything I saw there did not like me, and I caught him watching our movements through a hole in the wall.

    I made a scandal at school: public. but my mother refused to denounce because a cousin of hers, was to be the new principal of this school and she did not want to hurt him. she forbade me back to discuss this with people and less with my father.
    scientists wondered, if I could remember that, over time, I was very young. and that maybe they would have to control me. and of course I remembered, especially when I saw the program, even though at that time I was already sick from the poisons that were getting me the murderers of Michael Jackson
    Of course I remember, as if I were watching a recording, in addition, they must have thought I was deaf.
    They treat us like fools, and to fulfill their desires, they put all kinds of possible poisons.
    puffff …Many demons around!

  3. this is the program, and comments. but in 1965, more or less, was not, as now presents the scientist. He also sat another girl and me face to face in the same table, and he left. looking from the other side of the wall, through a hole.
    there are videos in English, the scientist is American, and I think he could be the same scientist who made ​​me the stupid experiment, in the time of Franco’s Spain. without authorization, about girls, or families. the scientist simply did what he wanted. I really felt sorry for the other girl. also scared me twisted gestures of the other girl, as she fell a viscous slime. were chosen, namely how and why, and I felt embarrassed for adults … educators … scientists … We were making history … told them when I discovered one of them looking through the hole.


    • “The question is: can we predict, based on their ability to control their impulses, how a child will behave as an adult? If I tell a child that the two candy left in your table and you can have one, but if you can wait 15 minutes I return I will give you two, what happens in your brain meantime? Does it arise some correlation between the decision not to wait now and suspense when they get to college? Do adult professional success, however, can be traced by force of will that enabled them when they were four years waiting for the teacher back and win two candies instead of one?”

  4. to start, I did not like too much candy, I always have liked more pastry.
    2nd I, without thinking too much about the ridiculous situation, I just took the candy and bit half and I wrapped the other piece, and certainly not a good candy. for me the candy had no appeal.
    3rd I saw a girl that I had in front of me was attracted to sweets. I did not know this girl, she was a higher course, and not long before I had come to this school. the girl don’t looked to me good, seemed that I was her opponent and she was going to beat me, her gestures, began to squirm and drooling, and looked at me with a face of hatred. I was beginning to horrified with what happened there and I did not understand anything. I started looking around, and was when I saw an eye in a small hole in the wall. and that overcame me, but I got up covertly and so clueless, approaching the eye wall, then I ran to the first door along the wall, and I saw the smart scientists.
    they could stay with all the shitty candy that they offered me.

    Now that I’m older, I wonder who paid the expenses of traveling to Spain? I wonder why the psychologist lies in the place and on the date of commencement of this experiment?
    and I am convinced that these people do not take into account the scale of values, and they do not think that people, we are different. I think this experiment is shit. and I think those who devised this experiment and is offered to carry it out, are people who have no values​​, are people just looking for money and social status.
    but yes, they do science! and children for them are idiots and are not aware of anything.
    After studying and getting so many resources, purpose and concern for them is their own ego and fill their pockets with money.

  5. http://www.uncut.co.uk/leonard-cohen/leonard-cohen-reissues-of-the-month-review

  6. I have heard the same “candy” scenario was used on children in MKULTRA experiments at McGill University, Montreal, in the mid-1950s

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