Over 330,000,000 abortions and 200,000,000 sterilizations in China in 40 years of one-child policy



More than 330 million abortions and almost 200 million sterilizations have been performed in China since family-planning policies to limit the population were introduced 40 years ago, the country’s Health Ministry has revealed.

Measures to encourage fewer children in China were introduced in the 1970s, including the one-child rule. The goal behind the policies was to minimize population growth to save resources, such as food and water.

Data also revealed that the government has done more than a half-billion birth control procedures, including the mandatory insertion of some 403 million of intra-uterine devices – a practice considered a regular birth control procedure in the West, if chosen voluntarily – the Financial Times reported.

China’s Science and Research Institute blames a lack of sex education for the high number of abortions, stating that less than 10 percent of couples use condoms on a regular basis.

The one-child policy prevents urban families from having more than one child. Exemptions apply to twins, rural couples, ethnic minorities and couples who are both minors. The rule is currently being criticized in China for decreasing the country’s population.

China currently has a population of 1.3 billion. Chinese doctors have performed 8.2 million abortions annually for the past 40 years – enough to re-populate London, UK, 40 times.

For the first time in 40 years, China’s younger labor force dropped last year, which economists warn can be devastating for a developing country. “This makes China’s population look more like a developed country than a developing one, which is a key disadvantage in labor-intensive industries,” economist Ken Peng told the Financial Times.

Former vice minister at the Health Ministry Huang Jiefu argued that a new “family-planning policy”must be found “to fit with the times,” the International Business Times reported.

The new Chinese President Xi Jinping is pursuing such a policy by merging the National Population and Family-Planning Commission with the Health Ministry, which could trigger a move away from the country’s restrictive birth-control policies.

“Where else in the world can you find a family-planning bureau? It was quite appropriate to fold it into the [Health] Ministry,” Huang added.

An expert demographer believes that the merger will reduce the power of the family-planning commission: “It won’t have the ability to design policies and it will have less say in the country’s population strategy,” He Yafu told the Financial Times.

Population control has also affected gender ratios in China, with parents preferring males and selectively aborting female fetuses, leading to an imbalance of 34 million more men than women.


really incredible and shocking figures..this is the way the UN wants us all to go in their perfect world..chinas model of population control..no thankyou..thats not living or human..its eugenics but at the start of life not at the end..


~ by seeker401 on March 26, 2013.

15 Responses to “Over 330,000,000 abortions and 200,000,000 sterilizations in China in 40 years of one-child policy”

  1. Yep China is the model. I remember in schools in the 90’s they tried to justify this by teaching us about over population and saying the Chinese don’t deserve more than one kid. I wonder if those teachers had multiple children themselves while they taught us that.

  2. I’ve worked a bit in China and found this one child rule is a bit of a myth. The first child gets all state benefits free, schools, hospitals etc. The more children a family has, the more the parents must pay to support them on a kind of sliding scale. I’ve worked with many urban Chinese who had siblings.

    • i dont doubt you but this is data from the chinese themselves so the figures would be correct you would think..i dont see why they would make it seem worse than it was..if anything you would make the figures appear lower so as to not look as ruthless..

    • edfre


  3. and the alternative for china is….? overpopulation.

    anyone else got a better idea? feel free. because the world needs you.

  4. im just asking what is cure or prevention of overpopulation?

    anyone have a humane one? i cant think of any that would work. no one would agree.

    so if it is being imposed on us, i guess i understand. i dont like it, but the world has too many people. WHAT IS THE HUMAN, UNANIMOUS, SOLUTION? TELL ME ONE…JUST 1.

    • the world doesnt have to many people..thats a myth..so there is no need to find a solution..the problem is we have inequality so we cant feem them all..

      We have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we may have. Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest.
      – Stephen Schneider (quoted in Our Fragile Earth by Jonathan Schell)

      we throw out in a week enough food to feed everyone in the world..one banking family could end world poverty by handing it all over..the problem is the fix is not palatable to the elite..so they come up with eugenics to fix a problem thats completely curable..

    • it’s simple. there is no overpopulation.

      there is plenty of land.
      there are plenty of resources.

      if we simply eliminated the most wasteful of all activities, war, there would be bounty for all. it is simply a distribution problem.

      the money system sucks wealth away from people, limiting their ability to reach their true human potential. can we think of a world with 9 or 10 billion human beings reaching their full potential? who is scared by that idea?

      abrahamic societies formulate people as essentially bad entities. this is so deeply embedded psychologically that when the elite want to push a meme like global warming (it’s YOUR fault because YOU ARE BAD) it’s very easy. in reality, it is they who are mismanaging the resources and using the worst forms of energy available, and it is their wars that waste most of the resources.

      people are not evil at their core just because they were created by a penis going in a vagina! they aren’t necessarily good at their core, either, but if your society is based on the idea people are sinners, well, why is anyone surprised that we live in a death culture instead of a life culture?

      • “this is so deeply embedded psychologically that when the elite want to push a meme like global warming (it’s YOUR fault because YOU ARE BAD) it’s very easy.”

        well said mate..

  5. extinct fauna and flora disagree….every, single day. as do asian rivers, breatheable air ( have you EVER left oz seek?) you people have neber left your suburb…..

    ive at least taught english in china and been to 5 asian countries….

    • lol..stop the doom man..the evidence of the numbers of the abortions and sterilisations over a 40 year period are actually an example that those policies don’t work then, by your own anecdotal evidence! Don’t drink the kool aid. Inequality and rape of resources is to blame for all poverty and lack of food in the world. Stop blaming 99% of humans for being and acting like humans.Its the 1% as always who create this.

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