Central African Republic..rebels seize capital..announce president deposed..UN Security Council slams rebels’ seizure



Central African Republic rebels have reportedly deposed President François Bozize after seizing the capital Bangui and the presidential palace there. The whereabouts of Bozize remains unknown as he is thought to have fled the county prior to losing power.

Some speculation suggests he crossed into the Democratic Republic of Congo early Sunday, Reuters reported citing an anonymous source said to be a presidential advisor.

The rebels issued a statement that said French President Francois Hollande “has taken note of the departure of President Francois Bozize.”

“Central African Republic has just opened a new page in its history,” AP cites a communique signed by Justin Kombo Moustapha, secretary-general of the alliance of rebel groups Seleka.

The Seleka rebel coalition, whose members have long opposed Bozize, took the city late Saturday and fought their way to the strategically important city center in Bangui.

The group that began its offensive in December, seizing about one-third of the country, accuse the president of breaking a January peace agreement. Fighters sought to send home South African forces that were helping to boost the country’s military and integrating 2,000 rebel fighters into Central African Republic’s armed forces.


On 24 March, François Bozizé fled the country after rebels took the presidential palace. Rebel leader Michel Djotodia declared himself president later the same day.


The UN Security Council on Monday condemned the “seizure of power by force” by rebels in the Central African Republic and urged all parties to refrain from any acts of violence against civilians.

“The members of the Security Council strongly condemned the recent attacks and the seizure of power by force in the Central African Republic on 24 March 2013 by the Seleka coalition, as well as the ensuing violence and looting,” the council said in a statement.

The council also condemned the use of force against soldiers from a South Africa training contingent deployed in the Central African Republic at the request of the government.

The statement after an emergency meeting Monday afternoon came at the request of France, a permanent council member.

Taye-Brook Zerihoun, the UN assistant secretary-general for political affairs, briefed the council on the current situation in the Central African Republic.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon late Sunday condemned the rebels’ “unconstitutional seizure of power” and called for “the swift restoration of constitutional order.”

Rebels seized control of Central Africa Republic’s capital Bangui after President Francois Bozize fled, reports said on Sunday.


another african country we have to keep an eye on..the president is gone..what does the west do?..looks like this time they dont like the rebels…damn its hard to keep up with who we are meant to be supporting in all these conflicts that occur around the world.. *sarcasm


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  1. They don’t like these rebels but they are too busy supporting the ones in Syria.

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    Šį kartą Vakarai sukilėlių nemyli….

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