“We are brothers”: Pair of Popes pray together




It’s not every day you see two popes praying together. In fact it happened over the weekend for the first time in 600 years.

Reigning Pope Francis met with his predecessor Pope Emeritus Benedict for a prayer and a chat over lunch at the papal summer residence at Castel Gandolfo, where the former pope has been living since abdicating on February 28.

Both wore white papal robes for the historic meeting. They went to the chapel to prayer and had a 45-minute meeting before getting on to “family-like” lunch where they were joined by their two personal secretaries.

The two popes embraced as they met — they seem to be on very good terms.

When they went to pray, Pope Francis insisted they pray side by side, rather than taking up the place of honour offered to the pontiff, in front of the chapel’s altar.

“We are brothers, we pray together,” he said to his predecessor as they knelt in prayer from the same pew.


historical occasion..pretty cool parka benny has..whats in the white box???

did you know bertone was in charge when benny left the vatican for gandolfo? the Judas was actually in charge for that period..interesting..


~ by seeker401 on March 27, 2013.

3 Responses to ““We are brothers”: Pair of Popes pray together”

  1. Nobody knows yet which means that box there in the middle?

    Will inside that white box the most important secrets and will share them as friends? Right there, or to return to the Vatican?

  2. that picture was made to be seen by the whole world.
    to take that picture with the box between the two, you can be sure it contains something very important. sure that contains reports, very important that the incoming pope is going to take with him. They are staging the transfer of valuable information, which affects everyone.
    and I know they are not going to tell. however, they take a photo with this tiny ark. they know that in the future will need to talk about it.

    hypnosis worked but for a time.
    if they read this, now both know perfectly well what I’m talking about.

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