Freezing temperatures in the UK put March on track to be coldest in 50 years..massive March snowfall masks Moscow

March Weather-1778781

Recent harsh weather conditions blighting Britain are thought to have claimed their first victim, as forecasters warned this month could be the coldest March in 50 years.

Emergency teams searching a partially collapsed property in Looe, Cornwall, for missing Susan Norman have said they believe a body is inside.

Mrs Norman, who is in her 60s, has not been since last night, when heavy rain is thought to have triggered a landslide behind Veronica flats, which engulfed part of the property.

Schools are shut and transport has been disrupted on Friday as any hopes of spring are dashed by yet another onslaught of snow and flooding, prompting a string of warnings from Government agencies.

More flooding is expected in the South West as Thursday’s heavy rain continues, while further north, snow blanketed many areas with up to 8in (20.3cm) expected to hit the worst-affected parts of north-west England, North Wales and south west Scotland.

John Lee, forecaster with MeteoGroup, said it could be the coldest March in 50 years. He said the average temperature expected for central England at this time of year is 6C (42.8F), but so far this month the average is 2.2 degrees below that – at 3.8C (38.8F).

That is significantly colder than last March, when averages were 8.3C (46.9F) – 2.3 degrees above the expected average.

“Comparing it to similar winters, it’s provisionally going to be the coldest March in 50 years, although that can’t be confirmed until we reach the end of the month,” Mr Lee said.

He referred to 1962 – when average temperatures were even colder, at 2.8C (37F), adding: “That will take some beating. But the way we are going it looks like we are heading towards being the coldest March since then.”

Thousands of specialized vehicles and workers are out on the streets after abnormally heavy snowfall, which caused a state of emergency in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, reached Moscow.

The depth of snow cover in the Russian capital had reached 59cm (23 inches) by Sunday morning, with the synoptic forecast expecting 15cm (6 inches) in the next 24 hours.

But the extremely powerful Mediterranean cyclone causing the bad weather wasn’t such a huge surprise for the Moscow authorities as in Kiev.

Moscow’s Housing and Public Utilities Department informed RIA-Novosti that around 15,500 units of specialized vehicles are currently involved in fighting the aftermath of the snowfall, with around 12,600 yard-keepers cleaning the roofs of the buildings and 36,000 more working in the streets.

Over 200,000 cubic meters of snow have already been removed to the special landfill and mobile snow melting facilities outside the city.


our warming this getting coverage on your local tv news?..i bet if it was hot with a drought you would hear about it..


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