Germany spends $110 Billion to delay global warming by 37 hours


Bjorn Lomborg claimed on John Stossel’s television show last night that money isn’t being spent well to combat “global warming”:

“The Germans are spending about $110 billion on subsidies for these solar panels,” said Lomborg. “The net effect of all those investments will be to postpone global warming by 37 hours by the end of the century.”

“All those billions, for 37 hours delay?,” asked Stossel.

“Yeah,” said Lomborg, “so remember them in [the year] 2100 and say, ‘Wow.'”

Stossel clarified, “You believe in global warming and man-made–”

“Global warming is real,” said Lomborg, “and it is we need to fix. But we should fix it smartly, and not in a very, very costly way as we’re doing it now. Germany is probably spending $660 for every ton of CO2 they’re cutting.”

A global warming acolyte estimated that Germany’s$110 billion green energy investment will delay global warming by an estimated 37 hours.

Recently the U.K.’s Daily Mail was criticized by the British government “for accurately reporting that alarming predictions of global warming are wrong,” according to The Mail.

“We disclosed that although highly influential computer models are still estimating huge rises in world temperatures, there has been no statistically significant increase for more than 16 years,” The Mail continued.

Nonetheless, global warming still has its proponents, and although they continue to preach their gospel, some are beginning to realize the vast sums being spent amount to throwing money down a rathole.

Bjorn Lomborg told John Stossel Saturday on Fox that, although he believes in the global warming theory, governments have to slow down, according to The Weekly Standard.


keep in mind lomborg is a warmist..and he says this because he knows its wrong..the haste and generated panic is being used to hammer the slaves..

“But we should fix it smartly, and not in a very, very costly way as we’re doing it now.”


~ by seeker401 on April 3, 2013.

10 Responses to “Germany spends $110 Billion to delay global warming by 37 hours”

  1. the lady doth complain too much…..

    • trust us..we know better..we have the degrees..the consensus rules so we must be right..

    • check out his wife:

      Sarah Ward is the daughter of Edward Ward, 7th Viscount Bangor, and his fourth wife, Marjorie Alice Banks; as such, she is entitled to use the courtesy title “The Honourable”. Her father was the BBC’s war correspondent in Finland at the beginning of World War II, while her mother was a writer and BBC producer specialising in dramatised documentaries.
      She has a brother, Edward, two years her junior; and a half-brother, William, who is the 8th Viscount Bangor, three years her senior.
      Through her father she is descended from George Plantagenet, 1st Duke of Clarence, brother of Edward IV and Richard III, via John Mordaunt, 1st Earl of Peterborough, John, 1st Viscount Mordaunt, and Bernard Ward, 1st Viscount Bangor.

  2. That’s a lot of money to delay it. Why not just come out and admit that you are wrong? That’s the problem with them, they keep lying and walking around the trainwreck of lies like it’s just nothing to them.

  3. Hello Seeker 401,

    A recent example of the mess climate science might be viewed as being in comes from a paper published in the journal Science in March this year, by Marcott et al. It is a reconstruction of global temperatures of the last 11,300 years.

    This is covered in an opinion piece by Ross McKitrick in the Canadian newspaper, the Financial Post, at:

    The possible issue of scientific misconduct by the authors is covered by Roger Pielke jnr at:

    I suggest that anyone interested in how climate science works (or doesn’t work, depending on one’s point of view) read the above two items.

    Apart from the blatant misrepresentaion of the last part of their main text figure here was nothing remarkable about the paper’s temperature reconstruction of the last 11,300 years. It’s another reconstruction that shows a very warm early Holocene followed by a long-term cooling trend in which occurs the Medieval Warm Period. Nothing remarkable. Many, many papers provide the same or similar results.

    But now it comes out that, as Roger Pielke jnr has pointed out, the authors have admitted that:

    “. . . the 20th century portion of our paleotemperature stack is not statistically robust, cannot be considered representative of global temperature changes . . .”

    And this was the part of the paper that all the fuss was about, the fuss being generated by the authors themselves and their funding agency.

    Best wishes, as always,

    Andrew Farquharson.

    • their funding agency indeed..the models are corrupt..the post i did on the overestimation means the data going into them is incorrect and produces false predictions which dont happen..the consensus rules but its only climate scientists and climate bureaus else has anything to do with it..they dont need the money and they can see the junk it espouses..its hypothetical fantasies..they cant tell me what the temperature will be next week but can tell me what it will be in 50 and 100 years..and that we can change it! like gods..

      they create results to justify their conclusions..thats not science..its BS!

      The 20th-century uptick was the focus of worldwide media attention, during which the authors made very strong claims about the implications of their findings regarding 20th-century warming. Yet at no point did they mention the fact that the 20th century portion of their proxy reconstruction is garbage.

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