Obama proposes brain mapping project



US President Barack Obama has unveiled a new initiative to map the brain.

Speaking at the White House, he announced an initial $100m investment to shed light on how the brain works and provide insight into diseases such as Alzheimer’s and epilepsy.

President Obama said initiatives like the Human Genome Project had transformed genetics; now he wants to do the same with the brain.

The project will be carried out by both public and private-sector scientists.

The project is called Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies – or BRAIN.

Mr Obama said: There is this enormous mystery waiting to be unlocked, and the BRAIN initiative will change that by giving scientists the tools they need to get a dynamic picture of the brain in action and better understand how we think and learn and remember. And that knowledge will be transformative.”

The project will begin in 2014, and will involve the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa), and the National Science Foundation (NSF).

The $100m investment will be used to develop new technologies to investigate how the billions of individual cells in the human brain interact.

Scientists will also focus on how the brain records, stores and processes information, and investigate how brain function is linked to behaviour.

Mr Obama said that while our understanding of the brain was growing, there was still a long way to go.

“As humans we can identify galaxies light years away, we can study particles smaller than the atom, but we still haven’t unlocked the mystery of the 3lb of matter that sits between our ears,” he said.

The project will also involve partnerships with the private sector.

This includes the Allen Institute for Brain Science, which has committed to spending $60m annually on projects relating to the BRAIN initiative, and the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, which has dedicated $28m.

An ethics committee will oversee the work.


perhaps start with your own barry..

“initiatives like the Human Genome Project had transformed genetics; now he wants to do the same with the brain.”

we can do anything..we are gods..

i note DARPA is involved..why would they be involved?

a freebie $100M to work out how to better control humans and influence them..sounds like a good idea..

“better understand how we think and learn and remember”

lets hope some good comes out of it..not just patents on the information..you know?


~ by seeker401 on April 4, 2013.

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  1. Some One bring to my attention the scar anybody have more info on His scar btw lately look larger like is almost all the back of the cranium estrange !

  2. LOL

  3. James Holmes was studying this and participated as a subject in frmi testing. His scholarship was involved with DARPA and nimh.

  4. The genome project he is talking about was with Dr. Craig Ventor, first scientist to map his own DNA out completely. The X Prize genomics program which Ventor was a leading contribution for was called Archon genomics. It is a funny coincidence, since Archon basically means “authority” in Greek, and Gnostics used the term to refer to their idea of the demiurge and his minions, angels, demons, whatever. I asked a representative for the X Prize why it was called Archon genomics and she told me that “the wealthy miner who invested into the project made his fortune from finding vast mineral deposits in an underground area of Alaska which has been dubbed by scientists archon.” Why would they choose that word for geographical term, I don’t know, I am not a geographer of course. I am not a Gnostic either, but I know a lot of these people are well educated in Gnostic mythology and probably get a chuckle out of using it as reference to their own imitations of power.

    • Excellent comments clericcowan. I will take a look at that Alaskan inclusion and see what I can dig up.

      • Awsome. The Craig Ventor lead is hot, he financially endorsed obama and hillary, it is a planned merger of the free market scientific community and corporate government. It is suspicious.

        • I would assume Ventor is connected Ivy League style as well. I will have a look in a few hours. Thanks.

          • I realized, was spelling his name wrong, it is Venter.

            • dfcvbnm

              • Haha, it is such a loaded image.

                • duality to the max!

                  • Totally, Darth Venter. Will be funny when he gets killed by his own clone. The irony is that he once attempted suicide and changed his mind, so in a way, if his clone did it, it would be sort of like finishing what he started years ago.

                    • strange way to attempt it as well.. swimming to death..wtf

                    • Exactly, the body wont realistically allow itself to be drowned that way. Cry for help which was probably never really answered and turned into what we see now as a “competative edge”.

                    • a lot of “in” people have connections to the defence forces..

                    • My dad worked as medic or army in Germany during cold war. My step dad was in Vietnam and worked FAA after retirement. My step brother is NRA and not allowed to talk about his job at all. It is hard to define “in” exactly. Because as it turns out, I am in nothing. I am about as outside as it gets. Whats the deal with that? I don’t know, just how different people deal with circumstances. But in part, there is so much trauma from war, and modern war does not add up to modern values. Vets need therapy, support. Generals need rehabilitation maybe. Why knows?

                    • I look at the history of many pop stars and business people and media and politicians. It’s uncanny how many have defence connections.

                    • jim morrison, jimi hendrix, peter max, alex grey,

                    • Even the “vanguards” of alternative entertainment have close ties. It is very uncanny and in some cases it is just plane obvious th

                    • i agree..whenever i see them going to so called rogue states etc..i go..hmmm..like rodman in north korea..

                    • It is impossible to sort out except on individual basis. The generalizations, impulses, and obvious conclusions have all been usurped in the false dialectic offered through zeitgeist (spirit of the times) a magicians sweeping motion, the pied piper. If we don’t lead with our own discernment we are gladly accepting of every coersive lie offered in our favorite flavor. But it also indicates to me, that the truth is even further reaching than the lies, and across boarders there is common struggle. They coopt the words everyday, truth, justice, equality, beauty- all perverted from their original meaning to the point that even the word perverted is perverted in its use in common speach. That is the matrix, language, association, perception, reaction. Reality is there in the self evident, which does not need confirmation by law to the case. Philosophers have known this, but the call to dismantel govenment is put off because of job security issues. Existential insecurity drives the course of transhumanism, perfectablism, the illuminati of self pretense.

                    • very well said clericcowan.. everything gets usurped..anything beautiful gets spoiled..

                      “perfectablism” <<– great word..

          • Something I noticed when looking into him was, born in SLC to mormon family, father kicked out of church, Venter proclaimed atheist, yet when you think about, does it matter? Because the Mormons have their own trans-humanist bent anyways. So regardless of belief, it is all the same drive. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mormon_Transhumanist_Association

            • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Craig_Venter

              John Craig Venter (born October 14, 1946) is an American biologist and entrepreneur. He is known for being one of the first to sequence the human genome[1] and for creating the first cell with a synthetic genome.[2][3] Venter founded Celera Genomics, The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR) and the J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI), and is now working at JCVI to create synthetic biological organisms. He was listed on Time magazine’s 2007 and 2008 Time 100 list of the most influential people in the world. In 2010, the British magazine New Statesman listed Craig Venter at 14th in the list of “The World’s 50 Most Influential Figures 2010”

              While in Vietnam, he attempted to commit suicide by swimming out to sea, but changed his mind more than a mile out. <<– huh?

              At UCSD, he studied under biochemist Nathan O. Kaplan.


              “let there be light”

              << http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nathan_O._Kaplan

              Kaplan studied carbohydrate metabolism in the liver under David M. Greenberg at the University of California, Berkeley medical school. He earned his Ph.D. in 1943. From 1942 to 1944, Kaplan participated in the Manhattan Project, >>

              In a 2007 interview with New Scientist when asked “Assuming you can make synthetic bacteria, what will you do with them?”, Venter replied:
              Over the next 20 years, synthetic genomics is going to become the standard for making anything. The chemical industry will depend on it. Hopefully, a large part of the energy industry will depend on it. We really need to find an alternative to taking carbon out of the ground, burning it, and putting it into the atmosphere. That is the single biggest contribution I could make.
              Furthermore it suggests that one of the main purposes for creating synthetic bacteria would be to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels through bioremediation. <<– global warming disciple..

              On September 4, 2007, a team led by Sam Levy published the first complete (six-billion-letter) genome of an individual human—Venter's own DNA sequence.

              • http://sciencecomm.wikispaces.com/UNIT+2_J.+Craig+Venter

                J. Craig Venter is one of the leading scientists in the 21st century for his visionary contributions in genomic research. He is well known to the scientific public as an American biologist, a businessman, an outsider who won the race for sequencing the human genome in the late 1900s; and the entrepreneur who invented the shot gun method which proved to be faster and cheaper than the official Human Genome Project consortium approach. He is also known as the bad guy of genomics who left NIH to found two consecutive private research institutions, first the institute for Genomic Research and then Celera Genomics. He was allegedly wanted to make money out of patenting genes instead of giving the code of humanity to the public.


                The Genome War: How Craig Venter Tried to Capture the Code of Life and Save the World

              • Latin, venter (genitive ventris); m, third declension
                The belly, abdomen.
                The stomach
                The womb
                An unborn offspring, especially son
                Sensual lust

      • The Womb = The Matrix?

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