North Korea has weapons able to reach USA and UK – David Cameron


why does this feel like iraqi WMD discussions?

shilling for the americans..nice one david..


~ by seeker401 on April 6, 2013.

28 Responses to “North Korea has weapons able to reach USA and UK – David Cameron”


    • lol

    • after american filth killed two million north koreans – up to 30% of the population in border areas – and then kept them in a perpetual state of war – one might think the north koreans would go a little crazy.

      still, the person to make fun of isn’t some little man fulfilling his family legacy in north korea, it’s the legions of filth who get their politics from cartoons.

      • Have to agree.

      • The Americans are wonderful! They stand between us and Chinese invasions and indoctrination camps. Nah!…not indoctrination camps…the Chinese will just shoot everyone. God bless you America. Love you John Wayne:)

      • newflash gibson-the-white-supremacist: the chinese already own your mines and are the largest investors in most new australian ventures. if you dont want to live under chinese rule, get out of australia. the same thing is coming to where i live.

        you fail to understand that china is a product of the western banking system and it does what they bid. capital loves the naked authoritarian model and that’s why they transferred assets and technology to it.

        the americans commit genocide daily for hundreds of years against non-americans. everything china has done in the last 75 years has been to itself and some tibetans – at the behest of their banking masters. there is no comparison.

      • XXX. Im mostly a herald regarding a red dawn of Australia. The Chinese can own all they want as long as Australia is getting ready for the endtimes…and not asleep in Chinas bed. Oh woe is the Julia Gillard thinking. We dont suck up to, or kowtow to the Philistine of the Far East. China does not have to own the world. She doesnt have to get away with her scabby plots. We can be alert and equiped for the PLA blitzkriegs to come if we want to. Theres not much white supremacist about wanting good national prep.

      • Thanks Seek. Everyone in everyone elses pocket? Do it long enough and national security breaks down. Australia goes to sleep to a degree and out comes the China knife.

  2. They have wanted to invade North Korea for years…..They are one of the last 3 countries in the world without a Rothchild banking firm.

  3. thx Gary 🙂 only 3 left Wow was 5 not long ago
    listen to AJ guest tday have some good info about this

    • yeah in those 5 not too long ago, wasn’t one of them Libya?

      The North Korea crap, I just don’t buy. The US is guilty in it too, of course the propaganda machine makes them look innocent, but they have been asking for this for many years. They are acting all threatened by North Korea, but realistically, they can’t be.

    • 3 to go..

  4. David has a mouth able to reach naïve ears.
    From AFP:
    North Korea: Paris is considering the situation with severity, she is not considering repatriation.
    Another oxymoron. We are ruled by oxy-morons. Bitter Morons.

    • He speaks in tongues?

      • Had to look for the meaning of speaking in tongues, didn’t know it.
        Is it: that he speaks lalalalala? or that he sends codes?

        • Supposedly when the disciples spoke in tongues all could understand what they were saying no matter the language spoken by the listener.

      • Cheers mate. English ain’t my mother tongue, she speaks better molière than shakespeare. As for David, your blog wouldn’t be of any use if he did not speak tongues. Thanks for the work

  5. ’33’ Billion Pounds in Military Defense Budget hmmmm

  6. It’s not a coincidences to have a movie in the theaters a bout Koreans attacking the white house in the same time.

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