Joe Biden: “Create a New World Order”




the truth..from their lips..


~ by seeker401 on April 8, 2013.

19 Responses to “Joe Biden: “Create a New World Order””

  1. Biden scares me a lot worse than Obama does. That’s why I honestly believe that they probably want to kill Barry so this dick head can take over, and if that happens we are really fucked.

    People need to wake up. I was driving down the interstate today and seen all the Obama/Biden 2012 signs still hanging up. Yeah ‘Obama Biden’ makes more sense cause Barry don’t do jack shit. Biden, Jarrett, and the rest of them are the real ones running the show. Wait what the hell am I saying? It’s all Bush’s fault, it’s still Bush’s fault, these people are great! They are trying to take our guns and they already fucked my healthcare up the ass, how much worse can it get?

  2. Everytime, every single time they’re mixing BS and truth, tinkle bell does:

    • They run their mouths, they only use the Constitution when they can manipulate people with it.

      Just the fact certain states can totally ban guns, shows you the Constitution is pretty meaningless now. No where in it does it say you are required to buy healthcare that is through the roof, yet they passed that bullshit anyway.

      Hey seek I heard from Obamacare, they are turning down cancer patients left and right now. Oops, guess they didn’t listen when EVERYONE said that was going to happen when the cost went up! I guess that is Bush’s fault too lol

      You know when Bush was the president, everyone could sling him through the mud and talk about how big of a jackass he was oh wait, except for that Dixie Chicks incident. However, if anyone says something bad about Obama, they get shut up very quick. The media never ever slings him through the mud, and when they do it is the dumb fuckers on Fox News like Bill O’Rielly who try to make everyone who hates him look like a racist redneck.

      • cancer patients are excess to requirements..once you have the disease you cease to be of use to the state and become reliant and a drag on the state..thats the awful truth..thats becoming real..eugenics just a step away..

  3. I think it would be great to create a NWO – however the first primary step toward such a thing would be to kill every bloody elitist scum from the old world order. haha if only.

    • yeah lets make it equal for getting rid of the top!..come spend some time with the “precariat”..

  4. These guys crack me up

  5. we cant advertise alcohol on our tv..but you can display it at the grounds the sports are played on..

    • You know I never understood why they mixed alcohol into sports. All it does is make people violent and dumb. You watch a football game, there is literally at least 5 beer commercials every break.

      If you are around sports fans drinking heavily and their team is losing, it can be ugly. I’ve seen some very bad violent incidents over the years. It’s amazing to see just how far someone will lose their mind over some rigged competition bullshit.


  7. gary…….

    mate….beeeeeerrrr…..and foooootyyy…….dont try and think. enjoy!! lol

  8. ding dong the witch is dead…


    During his speech at the Import-Export Bank
    Conference on April 5, 2013, Vice President Joe Biden
    outlined the following economic agenda of the Obama
    1. The creation of a “new world order”
    2. The creation of new financial institutions
    3. Update the global “rules of the road” to allow for
    sustainable economic growth
    4. Level the playing field to allow for the export of
    American products

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