Royal baby revealed to be 23rd cousin twice-removed with Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter


The son or daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will have not only the blood of actual British royalty running through his or her veins, but also the (slightly more diluted) blood of American music royalty. And Hollywood royalty, too.

It has been revealed that the Royal baby, who will be known as HRH Prince or Princess [first name] of Cambridge, will be a distant relative of celebrity couples Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, and all their respective children.

The baby prince or princess, believed to be due on Saturday, 13 July, will be 23rd cousins twice-removed with Beyonce’s baby Blue Ivy Carter.

Kate and William’s first child will also be related to a host of Hollywood stars, including Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, according to family-tracing website

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s baby will also be distant cousins with Celine Dion’s three children, as well as the children of Maggie Gyllenhaal, star The Dark Knight, and Kill Bill actress Uma Thurman.

Records show that the future royal’s 23rd cousin twice-removed is Blue Ivy Carter, the daughter of musical couple Beyoncé Knowles and Jay-Z, through Blue Ivy’s relation to the Queen through French royal heritage.

Celine Dion’s three children will be 26th cousins thrice-removed, while the three children of Jennifer Garner and Oscar-winner Ben Affleck will be the closest relatives – 11th cousins, due to family lines connecting through Affleck and Princess Diana.

And Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s six children will be 27th cousins to the baby, linked through both parents’ family ancestry.

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Uma Thurman are also on the Royal family tree, as their children will be 20th cousins twice-removed and 22nd cousins, respectively.

There were even Royal-Hollywood links found as far back as the 13th century, with King Edward III being distantly related to Hollywood mother Hilary Duff, making her son Luca 19th cousin to the Royal baby.

Using published research from the leading authorities on royal descents, studied the ancestry of each celebrity through a computer genealogy database programme.

Researchers looked at the ancestry of Queen Elizabeth II, the Duchess of Cambridge and Diana, Princess of Wales, to uncover their relationships to various celebrities.

Debra Chatfield, a family historian at said: ‘It’s long been said that the USA and UK have a special relationship, and that is certainly the case between Hollywood’s elite and the Royal Family.

‘The closest relation we found to the Hollywood children was the late Princess Diana.

‘Diana’s ancestry includes a number of early settlers on the east coast of the USA that can be traced right up to the modern day.

‘There are 1.6 billion records on that people can search through, so they can trace their own family ties. There is always a chance people may find their own Hollywood connection.’


keeping it in the family, royals and hollywood celebrities..truth is always stranger than fiction..the connections go race or set of humans seem to get all the luck come their way eh? 😉

this article was written before the birth keep in all goes back to the original english settlers in america of course..


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    Jews have long ago infiltrated the royal blood line.

  2. So I’m thinking the Hollywood royalty must be the bastards of the papal bloodline families, ya think? Why else would they, along with so many American politicians, prostitute themselves for Rome if they were not, even in their own families, considered to be beneath those who call themselves ‘royal’.

    It’s probably why so many of them are ‘monarch’ butterflies, lol.

  3. rollingwriter here you go mate

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