Pests advancing “25km a decade” because of global warming..or..human transport..hmm?


Crop-damaging pests are moving towards the poles at a rate of more than 25km a decade, aided by global warming and human transport, posing a potential threat to world food security, a study showed on Sunday.

The spread of beetles, moths, bacteria, worms, funghi and other pests in a warming world may be quicker than for many types of wild animals and plants, perhaps because people are accidentally moving them with harvests, it said.

“We believe the spread is driven to a large degree by global warming,” lead author Daniel Bebber of Exeter University told Reuters of the findings in the journal Nature Climate Change. They wrote it was the first study to estimate how pests are moving because of a changing climate.

“Pest species are constantly being shifted around the world by trade…We are giving them a helping hand,” Bebber said.

“I’m not surprised,” by the faster rate than for wild animals and plants, said Gary Yohe, a professor at Wesleyan University in the United States who was co-author of the 2003 study that put the average pole wards shift at 6.1km.

A tiny pest is more likely than the average animal or plant to be carried inadvertently be taken on an train, truck or airplane to a new area, he noted. And he said the 2003 study was conservative.

Another possibility is that the rate of movement by wildlife “has really speeded up” in recent decades, said Michael Singer, a professor who works at both Plymouth University in England and the University of Texas.

And some insects pests may be getting more mobile since they are often forced to move by humans. “They have to be mobile because humans are constantly ploughing or otherwise modifying their habitats,” Singer said.

Sunday’s study said that there were many problems in determining how far climate was driving the pests’ movements.


another bullshit paper..accusing global warming of causing this mass exodus at 25km per decade of insects and then in the next breath saying it could be from insects getting onto transport like cars and trains etc..and admitting there are many problems with “determining how far climate was driving the pests’ movements” its a load of utter nonsense..maybe its all because of human transport..but thats not alarmist headline is it?


~ by seeker401 on September 4, 2013.

8 Responses to “Pests advancing “25km a decade” because of global warming..or..human transport..hmm?”

  1. Crop damaging pests? Maybe it’s just their GMO Frankenfood seeds.

    We’ve had so many new bugs we’ve never seen before in the states, coming in boxes and crates from all sorts of foreign countries we trade with now due to their globalization scheme.

    The worst pests of all, are these paid off lying sacks of garbage that call themselves authors and academians like those who vomited this nonsensical study at the public- again! Global warming whores!

  2. Quite impressive because there has been no warming for at least the last 10 years.



  3. 401,
    Here is a story for you.

    Proves global warming for sure! Not!

    I hope the Canadian Coast Guard lets these people freeze for a while because of their stupidity.



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