“Naming the Dead”: New project lists people killed by US drones in Pakistan



US drone strikes that the CIA claims target only al-Qaeda militants have killed at least 400 civilians in Pakistan over the past decade. That’s according to “Naming the Dead,” a new project that aims to identify and collect data on those killed by drones.

The number of those killed in the tribal regions of northwest Pakistan by the US drones over the last nine years has been estimated at more than 2,500 people.  In most cases, there is little or no information available on the victims of the attacks.

Naming the Dead is an initiative of the London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ). The two-year-old project is aimed at tracking drone victims and “to increase the transparency around this conflict and inform the public debate.”

The US has ordered more than 350 drone strikes since 2006 as the CIA has sought to eliminate al-Qaeda militants. In that time, drones have hit homes, cars, schools, shops and public gatherings.

However, the Obama administration has been reluctant to acknowledge that innocent civilians have been the victims of its drone attacks, claiming that the missiles have only killed militants.

In April 2012, John Brennan, then Obama’s chief counterterrorism advisor and currently director of the CIA, called drones an essential “counterterrorism tool.”

He was hailing the “benefit of technology,” which because of its remote control “gives a clearer picture of the target and its surroundings, including the presence of innocent civilians.”

“It’s this surgical precision – the ability, with laser-like focus, to eliminate the cancerous tumor called an al-Qaeda terrorist while limiting damage to the tissue around it,” Brennan said at the time.

The CIA has claimed a high rate of killings of militants, estimating that since May 2010 strikes have killed more than 600 militants, but no civilians.

But by analyzing credible media reports, court documents and other sources (including leaked US intelligence reports, WikiLeaks diplomatic cables and even “wanted lists”), TBIJ found out about at least 400 civilians, who were “unlucky enough to be nearby when militants were attacked.”


“estimating that since May 2010 strikes have killed more than 600 militants, but no civilians.”

seriously..the CIA are blatant liars..obamas drone wars are alive and well..


~ by seeker401 on September 27, 2013.

3 Responses to ““Naming the Dead”: New project lists people killed by US drones in Pakistan”

  1. No one in America gives a flying fuck how many people this country murders, but we still hear about 9/11 10 fucking years later. Oh the irony!

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