Rouhani: “Imaginary Iranian threat propaganda dangerous for world security”


Iran poses absolutely no threat to the world President Hassan Rouhani said in his address to the UN General Assembly. At the same time, militarism of “some actors” and generalization of western values, he says, poses a true danger for the world security.

Mr. Rouhani stated that nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction have no place in Iran’s security doctrine in a sweeping speech, which also condemned the use of drones in the Middle East, as well as the enforcement of harmful and “violent” sanctions on Tehran.

“These sanctions are violent, pure and simple,” he told the assembly, comparing them to the punitive measures against Iraq under late Saddam Hussein rule. “The negative impact is not nearly limited to the intended victims of sanctions,” which means normal people, not political elites, ended up suffering because of these sanctions, Rouhani added.

The Iranian leader also addressed President Obama’s earlier UN address, and expressed hope for implementing a framework to manage relations with the US while expecting a “consistent voice” from Washington.

Rouhani also indicated that his country was ready to immediately engage in result-oriented talks over its nuclear program, which Israel has consistently believed to be aimed at producing weapons.

“Nuclear weapon and other weapons of mass destruction have no place in Iran’s security and defense doctrine, and contradict our fundamental religious and ethical convictions,” Rouhani said adding that it’s in Iran’s national interest to remove “any and all reasonable concerns about Iran’s peaceful nuclear program.”

But that objective, he said, cannot be reached without “acceptance of and respect for the implementation of the right to enrichment inside Iran and enjoyment of other related nuclear rights.” It is“unrealistic” to believe that the “peaceful nature” of Iran’s nuclear program – which has already reached“industrial scale” – can be “ensured through impeding the program via illegitimate pressures.”

Among other topics touched on by the Iranian President in an often accusatory speech was the alleged“assassination” of his country’s nuclear scientists. “For what crimes have they been assassinated? The United Nations and the Security Council should answer the question: have the perpetrators been condemned?”

Despite what some analysts believe has been a marked change in Iran’s posturing since the election of Mr. Rouhani, who is thought to be more of a reformist than his predecessor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Israel largely signaled its rejection, with the country’s delegation walking out of the UN chambers during the Iranian President’s address, as has been the custom in prior UN General Assemblies.

In a statement issued immediately after the speech on Tuesday, Netanyahu said the address was filled with “hypocrisy”.

However, the Israeli delegation was not in the hall during the speech.

“It’s a good thing the Israeli delegation wasn’t in the hall,” Netanyahu said, adding “I will not allow the Israeli delegation to be part of this cynical public relations…”

Netanyahu also said Iran wants to use the talks to buy time for its alleged nuclear weapons program.

“This is precisely the Iranian plan – to talk and buy time in order to develop the capability of achieving a nuclear weapon,” Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu said he would discuss the matter with Obama at a White House meeting next week.


the last thing israel wants is peace..that is not on the agenda..


“After meeting one-on-one with Iran’s foreign minister, Secretary of State John Kerry says he is pleased with a new positive tone from Iran on talks over its nuclear program.

But, he says one meeting with Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif is not going to resolve international concerns about Iran’s nuclear intentions. Kerry said Thursday that Iran had to demonstrate its willingness to come clean about its nuclear program with actions.”


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One Response to “Rouhani: “Imaginary Iranian threat propaganda dangerous for world security””

  1. israel has occupied Palestinian territories.israel army has chemical and nuclear wepoans and The leaders of Israel are crazy and War criminal.
    The most important gift of God to every human being has the right to life.
    why iran can be threat for all coutries , while Iran did not start any war In the last 100 years.
    When the Iranian leader said that if Israel attacks us, we will destroy Israel.It means that iran can destroy Israel’s military centers.

    Saudi Arabia[vahhabi kingdom] and qatar and u.a.e and other vahhabi’s governments supporting al-qaeda .
    and usa government[big evil] support Saudi Arabia[vahhabi kingdom] and qatar and u.a.e .
    all vahhabi’s group and al-qaeda are enemy of real islam.their leader is muhammad ben abdul vahhab [not hummand that is messenger].
    usa can stop Saudi and qatar in al-qaeda supporting [money-weapon support] .

    Do you know? about real islam[shia – twelve imams]
    Do you know? about muhammad’s miracles[his born has miracles, Prophet’s symbol[messenger’s mark] on his body ,last[final] messenger’s name in Gospel ]

    jesus in islam[quran]

    Blessing Blood of imam Hussain and Healing Jewish girl

    Once Imam Ali was friend with a Jewish man . Jewish man did not know Imam Ali and asked where to go?
     Imam Ali said that he goes to Kufa[city in iraq] . 
    Due to the long talking they passed Kufa but Imam was still with him.
    When Jewish man finished speaking,The Jewish man realized that he had crossed the line of kufa ,then said to imam Did not you go to kufa?
    imam said : yes , i went to kufa ,but for not stop your talking and Friendship’s right[companionship] that you have with me ,I was a little bit of you, now I try to going Kufa .man was amazed and asked, sir, Whether it is your religious agenda?
    amam said :yes , Our religion commands us to Escort our friends And that Do Friendship’s right .when jewish man See good behaving , he Accept islam .

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