NASA claims Mars had water..mystery rock appears on Mars..mysterious triangular object also found on the moon


NASA’s decade-old Mars rover, Opportunity, has found evidence that life-friendly fresh water once pooled on the red planet’s surface, reinforcing similar discoveries made by newcomer Curiosity on the other side of the planet, scientists said on Thursday.

Opportunity, along with its now-defunct twin, Spirit, landed 10 years ago for concurrent 90-day missions to look for clues of the past existence of water.

Both rovers did so, confirming evidence collected by orbiting spacecraft that Mars, the planet believed to be most like Earth in the solar system, was not always the cold, dry desert that appears today.

In August 2012, Curiosity, equipped with an onboard chemistry lab, arrived for follow-up investigations to determine if Mars had other ingredients essential for supporting life.

The answer, returned very early in the ongoing mission, was a definite ‘yes’.

On the other side of the planet, meanwhile, Opportunity has been analyzing water-bearing rocks at the rim of an ancient impact crater called Endeavour.

Rather than the chemical fingerprints of acidic, salty water found at previous sites, Opportunity discovered telltale clays called smectites that form in Ph-neutral water.

“It’s like drinking water,” planetary scientist Ray Arvidson, with Washington University in St. Louis, said in an interview.

“This would have been a niche for whatever life at the time existed,” he said.

The finding adds to an emerging picture of a planet that spent its first billion years or so warmer than it is today, with pools of fresh water on its surface, scientists say.

Gradually, water activity declined and what did exist became acidic, scientific findings reveal, and then, beginning about 3 billion years ago, Mars dried up.

The small, round object suddenly popped up in pictures taken 12 days apart by the US space agency’s decade-old Opportunity rover.

On December 26, 2013, it was not there. On January 8, it was. But what is it?

“It looks like a jelly doughnut, white around the outside, red in the middle,” said Steve Squyres, the principal investigator of the Mars Exploration Rovers.

He described the tint as a “weird deep red color, not a Martian kind of red,” which is more of a rusty hue.

One thing is for sure. This is not a fried, sugary pastry.

“We have looked at it with our microscope. It is clearly a rock,” he told reporters in a briefing to mark 10 years since NASA’s solar-powered Opportunity landed on the Red Planet.

But it is a kind of rock no Earthling has seen before.

Squyres said scientists believe the rock, named “Pinnacle Island,” got there when the aging rover did a pirouette turn in the dusty Martian soil and knocked loose a chunk of bedrock that rolled a short distance downhill.


Images of a triangular mystery object on the surface of the moon were posted by a researcher under the username WowForReeel.

Man may not be the only one to have flown to the moon.

In good news for conspiracy theorists, images of a bizarre-looking, unexplained “alien spaceship” on the surface of the moon have emerged — and some scientists are confused.

The “craft” is triangular and appears to have seven light-like dots along its edges.


ok..that is not a rock..i dont know what it is but its not a rock in my opinion..and what the hell is that shape on the moon?..bizarre..

mars had water..yeah what?..doesnt mean humans or aliens lived there previously and it doesnt mean you have mastered the history of the fact we know virtually nothing about our universe compared to its size..and what we do is made up of theory and guesswork..those “habitable” earths you always hear about..thats not done with any surface monitoring..its all theory and wether a star has a shadow or gives off a glow..we are not that smart yet..dont be fooled..


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27 Responses to “NASA claims Mars had water..mystery rock appears on Mars..mysterious triangular object also found on the moon”

  1. mars have water and donuts hehe

  2. Probably fast food in aluminium cup cake dropped by one of the hoax staff.

  3. The Mars rock looks like something with a moderately rigid exterior that is deflated. It does not look natural to me.
    The moon-craft-object really does remind me of the SOTT articles ufos, a number of which showed v-arranged lights. It is even more obviously not natural than the donut-rock, though its proportions and geometry seem like something that humans might have made.
    I did not find the comparison with the Antarctica location convincing, the Antarctica one to me looks more like a tunnel with a cleaned surface in front of it, possibly for vehicles.

    • I saw one from Antarctica or Arctica about 3 years ago which looked like the moon one. Is that the one you mean?

      • yes, I thought the alien moon base vid showing antarctica looked like a tunnel with a parking area in front of it, I did not think it strongly resembled the weird 7 lighted thing.

  4. ok..its gets more interesting now:

    Is it proof of life on Mars, or just a simple rock? An astrobiologist has sued NASA in an effort to compel the space-exploration agency to offer more information on a mysterious stone that appeared on images taken by the Opportunity rover on Jan. 8.

    Dr. Rhawn Joseph filed a lawsuit in California this week against NASA and its administrator, Charles Bolden, calling for the agency to “thoroughly scientifically examine and investigate a putative biological organism.”

    NASA called the object a rock, saying that based on its supposed appearance in “after” photos of the spot but not in a “before” image, it was likely knocked into the rover’s purview by its wheels as it was maneuvering in the area.

    White around the outside and red on the inside, NASA scientists have said the rock looks a little like a jelly doughnut. Yet the agency ultimately dubbed the rock “Pinnacle Island.”

    “We have looked at it with our microscope. It is clearly a rock,” principal rover investigator Dr. Steve Squyres said last week during an event marking the 10th anniversary of Opportunity’s mission on Mars. “It appears that it may have flipped itself upside down.”

    Yet Joseph says this may be a hasty assessment. He believes the object looks like a “mushroom-like fungus, a composite organism consisting of colonies of lichen and cyanobacteria, and which on Earth is known as Apothecium,” he wrote in the filed petition.

    He also says the rock was present in the “before” photo NASA released. Joseph posted a magnified version of the earlier photo on, showing, he maintains, that the object is partially visible.

    Joseph also criticizes NASA for not releasing more close-up photos. That is, assuming they exist.

    “Any intelligent adult, adolescent, child, chimpanzee, monkey, dog, or rodent with even a modicum of curiosity, would approach, investigate and closely examine a bowl-shaped structure which appears just a few feet in front of them when 12 days earlier they hadn’t noticed it,” he wrote. “But not NASA and its rover team who have refused to take even a single close-up photo.”

    Joseph added that it would be “inexplicable, recklessly negligent, and bizarre” if NASA did not take microscopic, high-resolution photos from a variety of angles.

    NASA responded to the suit on Thursday saying it cannot discuss an ongoing legal matter, but that the agency has shared images with the public and is moving forward with research on Pinnacle Island’s composition.

    • “Any intelligent adult, adolescent, child, chimpanzee, monkey, dog, or rodent with even a modicum of curiosity, would approach, investigate and closely examine a bowl-shaped structure which appears just a few feet in front of them when 12 days earlier they hadn’t noticed it,” he wrote. “But not NASA and its rover team who have refused to take even a single close-up photo.”
      LMAO, I love that part.
      I might have rolled the rover, I’d have turned that thing around so fast to go see it up close. I have no idea what it is. I do believe we have rovers operating on Mars as well as unmanned spacecraft like europe’s Cassini and many others, and likely many of which we have never even heard, but I sure am not buying their theory of a kicked over rock.

  5. The squirrel will love that jam donut

  6. The thing is why would they want another photo of a jam donut in a cupcake – they put the rover in high gear in the opposite direction and told the cleaner to bin the litter.

  7. so why did it take so long to tell us this simple information? and where are the confirmation pictures? if they can see the track then show us..

    Questions were raised about the rock’s origin when it appeared in a photograph of the Martian surface taken January 8 — but there was nothing there in a photograph of the same piece of ground taken 12 days earlier.
    But now NASA has solved the mystery, determining the rock — officially known as “Pinnacle Island” — was part of a larger rock broken off when Opportunity drove over it.

    “Once we moved Opportunity a short distance, after inspecting Pinnacle Island, we could see directly uphill an overturned rock that has the same unusual appearance,” said Opportunity deputy principal investigator Ray Arvidson on Friday.
    Referred to as a “Jelly Doughnut” because of its white outer layers and red centre, Pinnacle Island sparked a controversy bordering on space-exploration scandal.
    But the truth of where the rock came from was not as exciting as the mystery.
    “We drove over it. We can see the track. That’s where Pinnacle Island came from,” Mr Arvidson said.

  8. Because a 408lbs (185.07kg) object with a top speed of 2” (5cm)/s generates ever so much force. [On Earth it would be ~68.0136ft-lb/s^2; ~(9.2535kg-m/s^2); but gravity on Mars is only 38% of Earth, so there’d be even less force available to destroy rocks. It must be Opportunity’s adamantium exoskelton. 🙄

    Take a look.

    • “According to NASA, Mars atmosphere is 95% carbon dioxide with only a trace amount of oxygen 0.13% – not enough to sustain life on Mars. Yet a series of Curiosity Rover photos have shown what appear to be small animals such as squirrels, lizards and ducks on Mars. If the Rover images do show such animals surviving on the Martian surface, then Waring is correct that NASA is actively preventing “the public from learning about life on Mars.”

      lost me there in his own contradiction about sustaining life..i aint seen any ducks waddling around either ! 🙂

  10. ok… add a sphinx on Mars 🙂

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