Davos: Iran to seek foreign investment in oil and gas industries



Iran will urge oil giants to invest in its oil and gas industries at the ongoing World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, local media quoted the oil minister as saying on Thursday.

Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh, who has participated in the World Economic Forum, is scheduled to negotiate with international firms to lure investment in Iran’s oil and gas projects, Tehran Times daily reported.

Before leaving Tehran for Davos on Wednesday, Zanganeh said that he would meet with senior officials of big international oil and gas companies to outline the new situation after the implementation of the Geneva deal on Iran’s nuclear program and to invite them to return to Iran’s oil market.

Since the new government took office, the Oil Ministry has focused efforts on regaining Iran’s status in the international markets, Zanganeh was also quoted as saying by Iran Daily on Thursday.

“It is expected that with the implementation of the contents of the (Geneva) agreement, Iran will reclaim its rights, particularly in oil and gas sectors,” he said, adding that to this end, “We intend to discuss the issue with the companies face to face in the Davos meeting.”

Earlier, Lord Lamont, the head of Britain-Iran Chamber of Commerce, also said Zanganeh had invited Shell and British Petroleum for cooperation. Major oil companies left Iran in the past years after the West put sanctions on Iran’s oil and gas industries over the country’s sensitive nuclear program.

On the sidelines of OPEC’s ministerial meeting in Vienna in early December 2013, Zanganeh said Tehran would like to see seven oil giants, including France’s Total, Royal Dutch Shell, Norway’s Statoil, Italy’s Eni, British Petroleum as well as U.S. Exxon and Conoco make investment in Iran’s energy sector once the international sanctions are lifted, according to Tehran Times.

“We will do anything necessary to get back Iran’s share in the oil market,” Zanganeh said, emphasizing that “Contacts have been made (with foreign energy companies) to that effect and all of them are willing to return.”


Isabelle Kumar, euronews: “President, many thanks for joining us on the programme. Your visit to Davos is historic: it’s your first visit to Europe as a head of state; the first visit of an Iranian president to the World Economic Forum in 10 years. You are coming here after many years of mistrust and you are meeting world leaders in business and politics: what are you saying to them?”

President of Iran, Hassan Rohani: “I too thank you and your television network for this opportunity. Davos is a very important forum. This is not a European summit, it is a global summit in which everybody takes part: from Asia; Europe; and other continents. It is important that different viewpoints, particularly economic ones, are put forth in this summit and this in turn can bring people’s opinions closer to each other. I came to the World Economic Forum to explain the new circumstances in Iran to its participants. I also wish to share Iran’s economic, political and cultural situation after the recent [presidential] elections and tell them about the future landscape of our country. That way, everybody will know that the current backdrop in Iran is suited to economic activities and Iran is ready to welcome entrepreneurs and big economic companies.”

euronews: “And of course, with Davos underway there are also very tense negotiations, also in Switzerland, about the future of Syria. Your invitation – Iran’s invitation – to those talks was withdrawn: what was your reaction to that?”

President Rohani: “Firstly, we consider it our human duty to do what we can to prevent the bloodshed in Syria and to assure the well-being of the Syrian people. Stability in the region is very important to us and the civil war in Syria is not something to be tolerated. But, regarding the invitation, we are ready to take part in any gathering that aims to help the Syrian people. I am disappointed about what happened. Not for ourselves or for Iran, I am disappointed for the United Nations and the Secretary General of that organisation, because of the damage done to their credibility. In the meantime, we consider it our duty to do everything we can to help the Syrian people.”

euronews: “Will there come a point, because we know that the Syrian regime is linked more and more to human rights abuses – grave human rights abuses – will there come a point when Iran questions its support for Bashar al-Assad and his regime?”

President Rohani: “It is not a discussion about Bashar al-Assad. Today, many dangerous terrorist groups are in operation in Syria. This is a danger to the whole region. It’s even dangerous for those who are supporting these terrorist groups today.

“What is important in Syria is not the issue of Bashar al-Assad, it is the issue of civil war. We should all work hard to isolate terrorism. We should all work towards putting an end to the civil war in Syria. The future of Syria belongs to the Syrian people. We will respect the view of the majority of the Syrian people, whatever that may be. No foreign official or government can or should make decisions for the Syrian people.

“Everybody should help the Syrian people. Everybody should help provide suitable circumstances, so the Syrian people feel comfortable enough to express their vote and their opinion about the future of their own country.”


“Tehran would like to see seven oil giants, including France’s Total, Royal Dutch Shell, Norway’s Statoil, Italy’s Eni, British Petroleum as well as U.S. Exxon and Conoco make investment in Iran’s energy sector”

all the heavies are back on board..

rhouhani has stated their position on assad, the election with assad in it is the decider:

“We will respect the view of the majority of the Syrian people, whatever that may be. “


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