Russia hunts suspected female Sochi suicide bomber..fake threats came from Israel



Russian police in Sochi are hunting for a woman they fear may be planning to carry out a suicide bomb attack.

They have put up wanted posters in hostels around the town, which is hosting the Winter Olympics next month.

The woman, 23-year-old Ruzanna Ibragimova from Dagestan in the North Caucasus region, is believed to be the widow of an Islamist militant.

She is thought to have slipped into Sochi earlier this month, bypassing tight security ahead of the Games.

At least two other potential female suicide bombers are also at large in the region, other police posters state.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has launched one of the biggest security operations in Olympic history, and has personally inspected the sites.

More than 30,000 police and interior ministry troops have been deployed and access to the area limited.

Security fears were heightened after two suicide bomb attacks killed 34 people in the southern city of Volgograd on 29 and 30 December.

US President Barack Obama, in a telephone conversation with the Kremlin on Tuesday, offered America’s “full assistance” in making the Olympics “safe and secure”, the White House said.

The purported threats against the Sochi Olympic games appear to be at root the Obama regime in retaliation for the humiliation the regime faced over the Syrian roll back.

The key source in the ring of steel of security is that the Russian opposition is involved in this. They are shepherding the black widow through, who is quite real, but what is being transpired is to humiliate Vladamir Putin.

The target in this is Shia Muslim athletes. It relates to no specific nation, but their grouping.

There is something of a knife attack in the evening. It does not seem reliable in this not being a high pyrotechnic event, but it is a mass stabbing which is trending. It points to 15 dead. Athletes and political people.

It says the woman will be killed, but the attacker is male, a Russian of the opposition. First reports will state multiple attackers, but it will be sanitized to just back to the woman.

The attacker is someone Putin knows. It is all designed to link back to the leader for major problems.

The knife will be smuggled in, placed on a serving table.

Reading it as Doku Umarov, the leader is dead. This is run out of counter intelligence.

The Jinn  is staying away from the scene of the crime.,0,5978748.story#axzz2rAliif2b

U.S. and European national teams headed to the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, have received emailed threats of terrorist strikes on their athletes and supporters if they participate in the high-profile event that is Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s pet project, news agencies reported Wednesday.

Although the messages received by the national Olympics offices continued to sharpen concern about security at the Games next month, the International Olympic Committee said the anonymous warnings lacked credibility.

“I am very pleased to inform everyone that both the IOC and the Sochi organizing committee … declared after the analysis of the letter that this threat is not real,” Zsigmond Nagy of the Hungarian Olympic Committee was quoted as saying by the Reuters news agency.

U.S. Olympic Committee Chief Executive Scott Blackmun confirmed that the American team had also received a warning not to go to Sochi, which he said was relayed to security officials.

“We have received the email in question and we have forwarded the message to the appropriate authorities,” Blackmun told Reuters. “The safety and security of Team USA is our top priority.”

IOC officials told reporters at the organization’s Swiss headquarters that the emails had been sent from a location outside Russia by a person who previously has made empty threats.

“It’s a fake mail from a sender in Israel, who has been active with various threats for a few years,” Wolfgang Eichler, spokesman for the Austrian Olympic team, told his country’s APA news agency.

Britain, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Slovakia also reported receiving threatening emails, the Associated Press reported.


what a clusterfuck..fake israeli threats..use of the black widow false flag meme again..dead guys pointing fingers at the sky..olympic games in less than 2 really feels like something is going to happen..more so than any of the previous sporting event scares..

and if lame cherry is right i will bow down to her insider wisdom..its an interesting story though..


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2 Responses to “Russia hunts suspected female Sochi suicide bomber..fake threats came from Israel”

  1. Caucasian Knot had something on this as well a couple of days ago, and noted some strangeness in the reporting. It is actually a few months old/ in the making. As to why it might be disinterred now—by the US alone it might be noted, no mention of this appears in RT, Itar Tass, Ria Novosti—, perhaps it is meant as ground work for false flag terrorism but it is also a distraction from the significant damage the Sochi Olympics have done in the surrounding territories, entire villages have been demolished and their people forcibly relocated. These seizures appear to be permanent, making this a significant territory-resource grab. The Sochi Olympics have also been used as a means of cracking down on government opposition with hundreds if not thousands of arrests. So the distraction appears to be working in favor of Putin as it is covering for his crimes.

    Some examples: In Dagestan, Samur residents demand Samur nature reserve to be administered by federal authorities Postanyuk: records of phone calls prove Said Amirov’s innocence in preparing terror act MIA: “Vikhr-Anti-Terror” operation in Volgograd results in over 700 detainees

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