Pentagon places order for 80,000 BlackBerry’s..why?


BlackBerry shares have leapt more than nine per cent as the troubled Canadian smartphone maker got a boost from news of a contract to supply the US military with 80,000 new handsets.

The stock gained 9.36 percent on Tuesday to end at $US9.93, capping a rally of about 30 per cent so far in 2014 and more than 60 per cent from its lows last month, when the company reported a quarterly loss of more than $4.55 billion.

The latest gains came after last week’s announcement from the Pentagon that it will include about 80,000 BlackBerry phones as part of a new “mobility” program for the Defense Department, which also includes devices made by Apple, Samsung and Motorola.

BlackBerry shares started a rebound last month after it announced plans to outsource its handset production to Taiwan-based Foxconn, which according to analysts could help the Canadian firm concentrate on software and services, and avoid many of the risks of the volatile smartphone segment.

Last year, the company said it was considering a sale or other strategic move, but later scrapped those plans and told customers it was staying in the smartphone business.

BlackBerry helped create a culture of mobile users glued to smartphones, but lost its lustre as many moved to iPhones or devices using Google’s Android software.

It still has some 70 million subscribers worldwide, but most of these are using older handsets, with newer devices on the BlackBerry 10 platform unveiled a year ago failing to gain traction.


fair question i would have thought? who will answer it for me?


~ by seeker401 on January 27, 2014.

12 Responses to “Pentagon places order for 80,000 BlackBerry’s..why?”

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  2. There is no order, it’s a mistake:

  3. Could be something like this?

    • “Programmers at LANL first worked with IBM to tweak the Cell in 2007, and have now fully integrated it into Roadrunner. LANL announced today that it has broken supercomputer speed records by performing 1.026 quadrillion calculations per second (in computing language, 10^15 calculations per second, a long coveted goal, is known as a petaflop). That’s more than twice as many as the world’s previous fastest supercomputer at Livermore National Laboratory California.

      The Roadrunner will be used to model climate-change problems before moving into classified research for the military that will test the effects of nuclear weaponry, potentially replacing dangerous real-world testing applications with virtual ones. ”

      climate change models?..get to work on Fukushima radiation fallout instead..

    • unlikely that the processor in a blackberry would be useful for such a purpose. as noted above, it was a mistake. they support 80k currently, not buying 80k more.

  4. 80,00 orders? Is the DoD now supplying all of it’s employee’s with Obama phones?

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