Oldest pyramids on earth found buried in Crimea


thanks to mureno9 for the link..

this is the twilight zone section of the day..check this video out..look at how the pyramids line up..look where they are!

do they contain some ancient portals? ley line energy? why are they so surrounded by russians at all times? why havent we heard more about them??


~ by seeker401 on March 6, 2014.

9 Responses to “Oldest pyramids on earth found buried in Crimea”

  1. Just a word on what seems to be the origin of the Pyramid story.

    As far as I can tell the Crimean News Agency is not a real organization.

    Their Facebook has some 300 likes (I would presume most of them were acquired after the current crisis in Ukraine) and in the ‘about’ section no information is offered.

    It is clearly not a real organization, and the story is ludicrously vague.

    The editorial direction seems to be very Pro EU anti-Putin, considering what we know about the Crimean region, I can’t help but wonder if this site is a Western front (the stories only go back to 2006) probably funded by one of the myriad NGO’s dotted around the Ukraine like The National Endowment for Democracy. It automatically opens in the English language so I think it is safe to assume that it is not meant to be read by Crimeans.

    A quick Google search of the scientist cited ‘Vitalii Goh’ reveals nothing other than trackbacks to the Crimea story.

    Now let’s take all of that as true, one has to wonder what a front group like this is trying to achieve in posting this story?

    Is it a cynical but adroit move to garner support for the West’s plans for Ukraine amongst the conspiracy-culture?

    • you are correct to be suspicious..i am interested in the pyramids only and if they are there and the significance of it all..now if someone tells me they dont exist..then i will openly declare the entire story to obviously be a propaganda piece..and remove it..please note that a lot of americans have an embedded hate/fear of russia that comes through in situations like this so that maybe why the direction seems to be pro-eu..even from rational sorts of people..they seem to get giddy when russia is involved..

    • from september 2012:


      august 2012:


      the spelling of gohs name has hidden information..i used this spelling “Vitalij Gokh” and found this:


      he found them in 1999 and told the world in 2002..so the story has been around a long time and has gained popularity now for obvious reasons..

      the pyramids exist..they are a tourist destination:


      “The place of our meeting will be agreed in advance. To the places we will go by my car and ther we will walk, so it’s better to have comfortable shoes. We will visit an ancient Greek town- Chersones, Sevastopol Pyramids, discovered in 2002 by Vitalij Gokh, cape of Fiolent- many legends are connected with this magic and beautiful place.”

    • italian piece from 2002 translated:


      “There is a group of structures very similar to those of Egypt, at Sevastopol? Panorama went to see.
      The reconstruction of the pyramid according to Captain Gokh is buried just outside Sevastopol: 45 meters high and 72 wide, was found during excavations for water. The other pyramids whose existence is assumed thanks to scans and groundwater surveys.
      A group of pyramids groundwater identified by chance, in the Crimea, during a series of water research. The news, to say the truth, has raised among Russian experts skepticism and impatience: yet another scoop of a provincial newspaper that “trying to get publicity to sell,” they commented. The announcement of the discovery near Sevastopol, the greatest and most secret military port in the Black Sea, 37 hidden pyramids and all oriented, such as those of Egypt and pre-Columbian, in fact appeared unlikely. Also suspicious of the coincidence of the discovery, made not by an archaeologist but by a physicist, with the awakening of interest in Russia in paranormal phenomena.
      Curiosity, however, prevailed on skepticism and Panorama decided to go to Sevastopol. Just arrived at the command of the navy, told us about the “hunter pyramids’, a nice gentleman on the 60-year-old Vitaly Anatoljevic Gokh, Captain at rest, an expert in technical sciences and groundwater surveys, a former teacher of the High School engineering of Sevastopol (the officers preparing engineers for the nuclear submarines”

  2. fwiw

  3. As I said – Indiana Jones stuff, haha!

    You might find some intersting thoughts about it in the comment sections…

    Iraq, Aden, this japanese/chinese island dispute…. would be a wonder if there is nothing to dig out there!

  4. btw, nice channel – looks like a lot of ancient stuff to check 🙂

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