IMF: “Russia in recession”..they hope..


​Russia is experiencing recession, and the 2014 growth forecast has been cut to 0.2 percent from 1.3 percent, the International Monetary Fund mission chief to Moscow said on Wednesday.

Ukraine and Western-led sanctions are partly to blame, as political tension has dragged down the economic forecast for Russia, which at the beginning of the year, the IMF estimated could reach 3 percent.

However, Russia was already experiencing recession, IMF mission chief Antonio Spilimbergo told reporters Wednesday.

“If you understand by recession two quarters of negative economic growth then Russia is experiencing recession now,” Spilimbergo told reporters Wednesday, citing last year’s weak growth of 2013 as evidence.

Sanctions are hurting the Russian economy, the IMF said. This week both the US and the EU rolled out new sanctions against Moscow for a perceived ‘failure’ of peacekeeping in eastern Ukraine. Moscow maintains Kiev has done next to nothing to de-escalate the conflict.

Turmoil in Ukraine has caused instability in Russian stock markets, and has made investors uneasy about the region.

Capital outflows are a major concern, and the IMF estimates that in 2014, more than $100 billion will leave Russia.

The Russian government has estimated capital outflow in 2014 could reach between $70-80 billion. In the first 3 months of 2014, $50.6 billion trickled out of the Russian economy.

“The difficult situation and especially the uncertainty surrounding the geopolitical situation and follow up of sanctions and escalation of sanctions are weighing very negatively on the investment climate,” Spilimbergo said.

However, high oil prices continue to have a stabilizing effect on the domestic economy and state finances. Oil and gas export revenues account for more than half of the Russian budget.

The Washington-based IMF said that in order for Russia to offset the impact of the geopolitical tension in Ukraine, the country must ensure macroeconomic stability.

The ruble has lost more than 9 percent against the dollar since the beginning of 2014. Last week Russia’s Central Bank unexpectedly raised its key interest rate in order to combat inflation. The IMF chief forecast that consumer prices would rise 6 percent in 2014.


they are attempting to hobble a super power with economic sanctions..its a war but its fought with pixels..its still a war..and people will die just like they do in wars..


~ by seeker401 on May 8, 2014.

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  1. They’re just biding (wasting) time with these “sanctions”. While the U.S. and it’s allies (Axis and Allies ring a bell?) are hitting Russia with sanctions, Russia is making deals with China and other countries that will be part of the Axis. All actors on the world stage for you the audience to watch unfold as they read from their script. There is a time frame for WWIII to kick off because they do everything by a time frame but as far as the realness of WWIII it was in the design long ago. Notice the African front is already being formed with an al-qaeda linked group in Nigeria causing terrorist acts. With Russia, Syria and other countries coming from the north and then others coming from the south moving toward Israel, they are faking the “Gog and Magog” war – go anywhere on the web (except my site and sister sites) and they’ll tell you it is happening now but I’ll tell you Ezekiel 38-39 is much later (try 1000 years for those that understand the bible) and it’s all in the design for the greatest deception that will hit this planet… (no it’s not the banking system or even the NWO) stay tuned… coming soon to a sky near you.

  2. Funny isn’t it. The unelected IMF, EU, and anyone under the control of the US is running Russia down.
    Just like they do China and anyone else they are told to do a number on. Know what? I reckon they are all scared stiff of the Russian Bear. Why else would they be taking so much notice.

    • Russia is likewise run by the BIS-down banking cartel. The whole meme that any of these globalist plutocrats are actual enemies is just for show, so ordinary people will consent to their own nations’ abuse of them and fight their wars for them.
      “…Russia, like the United States, is utterly beholden to globalist financiers through organizations like the International Monetary Fund and the Bank for International Settlements. Russia’s global economic adviser in matters ranging from investment image to privatization is none other than Goldman Sachs.

      Goldman Sachs has also worked closely with the Ukrainian government since 2011, and it started its advisory work with Ukraine for free. (Whenever Goldman Sachs does something for free, one should take special note.) Banking elites have been working both sides of the fence during the Russia versus Ukraine charade.

      Russia has continued to borrow billions of dollars from Western banks, including Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse, year after year, proving that they are not averse in the slightest to working closely with “evil Western robber barons”.

      Russian President Vladimir Putin meets with Mr. New-World-Order himself, Henry Kissinger, on a regular basis; and according to Putin’s press secretary, they are “old friends.” Putin’s meetings with Kissinger began almost immediately after he first took power in 2000.

      Putin’s relationship with Kissinger has been so pronounced that the Russian Foreign Ministry gave Kissinger an honorary doctorate in diplomacy, and Putin placed Kissinger at the head of a bilateral “working group” — along with former KGB head and multilateralist (globalist) Gen. Yevgeny Primakov — dealing with foreign policy…”

      • “Goldman Sachs has also worked closely with the Ukrainian government since 2011, and it started its advisory work with Ukraine for free. (Whenever Goldman Sachs does something for free, one should take special note.)”

        truth above..

        kissinger and putin:


    • could be right..

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