Malaysia Airlines Flight 17


UKRAINIAN security services claim to have intercepted two phone conversations in which pro-Russian separatists discuss having just shot down a civilian plane.

A transcript of the phone intercept was made shortly after MH17 was shot down.

The participants are reportedly a Pro-Russian rebel, a Russian minister, and another a GRU (Russian intelligence) officer.

The transcript and audio of the reported phone call follows:

Igor Bezler: We have just shot down a plane. Group Minera. It fell down beyond Yenakievo.

Vasili Geranin: Pilots. Where are the pilots?

IB: Gone to search for and photograph the plane. It’s smoking.

VG: How many minutes ago?

IB: About 30 minutes ago.

SBU comment: After examining the site of the plane the terrorists come to the conclusion that they have shot down a civilian plane. The next part of the conversation took place about 40 minutes later.

“Major”: These are Chernukhin folks shot down the plane. From the Chernukhin check point. Those cossacks who are based in Chernukhino.

“Greek”: Yes, Major.

“Major”: The plane fell apart in the air. In the area of Petropavlovskaya mine. The first “200” (code word for dead person). We have found the first “200.” A Civilian.

Greek”: Well, what do you have there?

“Major”: In short, it was 100 per cent a passenger (civilian) aircraft.

“Greek”: Are many people there?

“Major”: Holy sh__t! The debris fell right into the yards (of homes).

“Greek”: What kind of aircraft?

“Major”: I haven’t ascertained this. I haven’t been to the main sight. I am only surveying the scene where the first bodies fell. There are the remains of internal brackets, seats, and bodies.

“Greek”: Is there anything left of the weapon?

“Major”: Absolutely nothing. Civilian items, medicinal stuff, towels, toilet paper.

“Greek”: Are there documents?

“Major”: Yes, of one Indonesian student. From a university in Thompson.

Even before the phone call was revealed, it was looking increasingly likely a Russian separatist movement was behind the shooting down of the flight as it passed over Ukraine toward the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur.

The Boeing 777-200 commercial MH-17 flight from Amsterdam, code sharing with Dutch national carrier KLM flight KL-4103, was carrying 295 people including 15 crew when it disappeared from radar.

The plane scattered over a wide area in fields near the village of Grabovo, 40km from the Russian border near the rebel-held regional capital Donetsk.

Russia’s state media avoided any mention of the controversial posts and instead reported militia leaders’ later charges that the Ukrainian air force had shot down the Boeing 777 liner instead.

The rebels first claimed to have downed at least one Ukrainian army plane over the strife-torn eastern rustbelt on late Thursday afternoon.

The VK social networking page of Igor Strelkov – “defence minister” of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic – first announced: “We just downed an An-26 near (the town of) Torez.”

“And here is a video confirming that a ‘bird fell’,” said the post.

The website then provides a link identical to that published by Ukrainian media in reports about the Malaysia Airlines jet.

The video shows locals referring to the same coal mine in the region mentioned by Strelkov.

The VK post was soon removed – but not before its screen grab was captured and distributed in an English-language press release by the military headquarters of Kiev’s eastern campaign.

The comments attributed to Strelkov did not identify what missile was used to down the craft at what Kiev said was an altitude of 10,000 metres.

Russian President Vladimir Putin opened a meeting with top economic advisers late Thursday with comments on the crash of a Malaysian airliner in Ukraine. The text of his remarks, as taken from the Kremlin website and translated by The Associated Press:

Dear colleagues!

You know that a terrible event occurred today in the sky over Ukraine, an awful tragedy — a civilian plane was killed, 285 people, according to preliminary information, were killed.

On behalf of the Russian leadership and the Russian government, we express condolences to the bereaved families, the governments of those countries whose nationals were on that plane. I ask you to honor their memory.

(A moment of silence)

In this regard, I want to note that this tragedy would not have happened if there were peace on this land, if the military actions had not been renewed in southeast Ukraine. And, certainly, the state over whose territory this occurred bears responsibility for this awful tragedy.

I have already given instructions to the military departments to provide all necessary assistance in the investigation of this crime.


Putin’s plane might have been the target for Ukrainian missile – sources

Malaysian Airlines MH17 plane was travelling almost the same route as Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s jet shortly before the crash that killed 295, Interfax news agency reports citing sources.

“I can say that Putin’s plane and the Malaysian Boeing intersected at the same point and the same echelon. That was close to Warsaw on 330-m echelon at the height of 10,100 meters. The presidential jet was there at 16:21 Moscow time and the Malaysian aircraft – 15:44 Moscow time,” a source told the news agency on condition of anonymity.

“The contours of the aircrafts are similar, linear dimensions are also very similar, as for the coloring, at a quite remote distance they are almost identical”, the source added.

Flight MH17 crashed in Ukraine on a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpar, and was carrying 295 people.

The passenger plane was expected to enter Russian airspace at 5:20pm local time, but never did, a Russian aviation industry source was cited by Reuters.

“The plane crashed 60km away from the border, the plane had an emergency beacon,” ITAR-TASS cited its source.


we dont really know who did this..i am skeptical of the lightning release of audio of pro-russians admitting to it but that could be legit..was it ukraine looking to get putin? was it a third party looking to distract from a ground invasion they have commenced?..or was it something unknown like a terrorist plot on board and blown up in flight over a strategic area?..RIP to the innocent victims of which 20 at least are from my country..


~ by seeker401 on July 18, 2014.

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  1. Video was dated yesterday …

    • !

    • because it is a false flag and planned, and this whole thing is a charade to obscure the story of Al Baghdadi being trained by mossad and the whole ISIS caliphate shit being fraudulent. The whole Ukraine-Crimea split nd associated divisions were decided long ago before this whole thing ever even started. Crimea is the payment to Russia for losing its bases in Syria. This New Cold War is a fucking psyops serving as cover for Israel’s land grab for Eretz Israel. It is a new Sykes Picot.

  2. destination Kuala Lumpur

    nice towers and compass or unfinished pyramid?

  3. IT IS BLAME RUSSIA/Russians time.
    watch the major news’ talking heads spin…

  4. some more to read btw liness scroll down

  5. It has certainly knocked any coverage of Al Baghdadi being trained by Mossad and the Islamic State operating out of the Turkish Consulate in Mosul right out of the headlines.
    The date is also a bit peculiar MH17 shot down on 7/17, much as was MH370 disappeared on 3/7.

  6. Allianz is Lead Insurer of Malaysian Plane

    • The Titanic Guys – Willis Group brokered the deal


      Another scenario for the downed airliner could involve an air-to-air missile launched from a fighter jet, though there has been no indication of a warplane nearby at the same time.

      The Buk surface-to-air missiles are in wide use. Before the conflict in Ukraine erupted, Kiev government forces had about six to eight batteries, Mr Hunt said.

      But the missiles are not simple to operate like shoulder-launched weapons and it would be unlikely for pro-Moscow separatists in Ukraine to be operating the Buk batteries.

      “They’re normally not seen within insurgent or separatist forces for the very reason they’re quite manpower intensive, training intensive and spare parts intensive,” Mr Hunt said.

      The Buk missiles are mobile systems installed on vehicles and are designed to strike aircraft, cruise missiles, helicopters and other targets.

  7. The pieces were so freaking small, it looked like semtex bomb not a missile at all


  9. Oh Snap! Remember this? the Magic 7’s?

    Published on May 24, 2014
    “7” references:
    1:22 – “Now I’m going to test your numerology skills by asking you to think about the magic seven”
    1:34 – “Most of you will know that seven is quite a number
    2:24 – “2014, you drop the zero, fourteen, two times, seven”
    4:08 – “It will mark the 70th anniversary, 70th anniversary, drop the zero, seven, of the Bretton Woods Conference that actually gave birth to the IMF” (7 + 0 = 7)
    4:22 – “And it will be the 25th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall, 25th..” (2 + 5 = 7)
    4:38 – “It will also mark the 7th anniversary of the financial market jietters”
    5:08 – “After those seven miserable years, weak and fragile”
    5:14 – “We have seven strong years”
    5:43 – “Now I don’t know if the G7 will have anything to do with it” (G is also the 7th letter of the alphabet)


  11. and is more maybe?

    • “The only other possibility is destabilization of the region and to push for a world war. It is reasonable to suggest that an Israeli plane was involved because we know they have the only clandestine capability within the region.
      As to the plot or reason, simply blaming Israel is not supportable, no more than blaming Hamas for murdering the 3 children a few short weeks ago.
      Thus, we assume these as high probability:
      An aircraft was used, most likely an American built F15 because of range and capability.
      Azerbaijan was used because we know of clandestine bases there, which were confirmed by military officers who defected to Iran in 2013.
      We know Israel has some role, yet undefined, because they are spreading stories blaming Russia.
      As this is a second Malaysian Airlines plane to go down, we look for false stories regarding Israel and Malaysian planes and reassess their meaning.
      As is always the case, que bono, who benefits?”

  12. so who is Igor..? CIA background?

  13. Remote control? .. Drone? .. You know who?

    Was Flight MH-17 Diverted Over Restricted Airspace?

  14. Again too much Propaganda from both sides, so it’s hard to see a clear Picture today. One is clear: it stinks.

    I read some press and Forums today and to my surprise something is totally let out!


    The NATO manouvre was planned to this time of the year in the Ucraine and was then postponed on short notice with whatever reasons.

    maybe someone will dig into this one 🙂


  16. the crash that was just as the mysterious as 37O..
    (all images from sd cards/cameras are from 2013?? )

    • warning – the above vid contains scenes with dead bodies + parts – do not view on a full stomach..

      Notable things pointed out by one of the investigators who reached the scene first —
      1) Glowing fluorescent dye near 1st body
      2) Strong smell of formaldehyde in air
      3) Absence of blood on and around corpses
      4) Bloated damp corpses
      5) Victims not European looking- she states that most looked Asian
      6) Strange dead birds, including a blue and yellow Macaw that is, ironically, the same color as the Ukrainian flag at the 3:10 mark. This is a tropical bird which makes one wonder why it was flying on a plane from Amsterdam to Southeast Asia. Normally, one would expect that such an occurrence may take place the other way round.
      7) She states that the cell phone data had no 2014 photos, only photos from 2013.
      8) Bluish/black lips on victims
      9) She states the passports were all brand new and undamaged
      10) Most victims were completely naked with only 20 or so wearing clothes
      11) She states that all the suitcases were packed with winter clothes (when their destination is south east asia -in any case July is summer in europe )
      12) She only saw 6 or 7 children bodies


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