Chemtrails the secret war

Antonio and Rosario Marciano administrators of the Italian website TANKER ENEMY produced the film “Chemtrails the secret war ”. This HD documentary film is the first Italian professional film on illegal geo-engineering aka chemtrails. It has been realized thanks to many friends and collaborators. For years this issue has been denied and mocked but the chemical spraying of our sky is still going on!

This documentary analyses, in a scientific and rigorous approach the main characteristics of this issue. The weather manipulation is only a collateral aspect of the phenomenon.

In September 2014, Jacques Daidié, a French activist, went to Italy and met Antonio and Rosario Marciano, well-known Italian activists against geo-engineering. The French translation is born from this meeting and has been realized by several members of the French association “Ciel voilé”, ( We thank them warmly and all those who have contributed to the translation: Jacques, Dominique from Avignon, Mary from Monteux, Sebastien from St Firmin in Valgaudemard and Danielle from Gap.


thanks to sus for the link..

great expose..there is no doubt they are spraying something up there all over first world we assume its over other countries as well but nobody is documenting images or stories?


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    Chemtrails = Medium , Nano Particulates and Frequency are the weapons. In the year 2016 NasA will launch a new satellite capable of monitoring Aerosol particulates from ground to a height of 900 feet. true Story.

  3. I believe chemtrails are an attempt to delay a pole shift.

  4. The aussie story about ‘Asthma Storm’ caught me by surprise..
    whadayya reckon? stormy wet weather usually washes the pollen away.. if the air is damp – the pollen gets heavy & drops to the gorund. sounds fishy.

  5. The spraying has intensify this last year..
    this is worldwide. I saw it was very milky over south east asia last week..

  6. watched a documentary called Overcast made by a swiss guy about chemtrails. it’s the only place where i’ve ever seen someone actually try to test the contents of a contrail/chemtrail.

    unfortunately, in the video he doesn’t get permission to fly high enough. in a separate video, he gets samples, but the control is opened accidentally. tests shows aluminum.

  7. operation SeaSpray,,,

    looks like ‘Aussie Flu’ is now making its rounds all over the world this year

    • This is very scary JoelH, my daughter’s mother in law had the ‘flu’ that is going around here. Ended up going to ER when she became weak and short of breath, they said it was pneumonia, before getting her in her room for observation, they said she was having a seizure, which they later called an ‘episode’, when the body experiences sudden shaking / chills, next thing we know, she is in the Intensive Care Unit. They have NO idea what kind of bacteria is running thru her body now, but she is experiencing septic shock. In less than twelve hours, her kidneys have failed, she is on a ventilator, and they are extremely concerned about her ‘sudden heart problem’, which she never had before today!!!!

      When I read the wiki on Operation Seaspray, I was astonished to see the coincidences in it all. Kidneys ( UTI) Heart Valve infections!! I know when I send this over to the family, they are going to think I’M the NUT to even suggest something like this – BUT, what are the odds at the same time the Chicagoland area is experiencing a flu plague, we suddenly get an outbreak of ‘dog flu’ which they claimed a couple years back, is airborne for dogs. They get it from other dogs who are outside in warm weather. We are under a mini ice age for the last couple weeks – I would think anything airborne would die off, and frankly, no one has their dogs sitting outside in this weather. We’re lucky to get them out the door!

      • That is terrible about your daughter’s mother in law. Very sad intriguedbyr. The onslaught of suffering and the severity of her condition is so sad.

        • Yes, it’s become a nightmare. She’s still on a ventilator, yet they went in and placed tubes in her lung to remove the fluid and sepsis within. Her blood sugar skyrocketed to 473, and this is an otherwise healthy lady. They gave her a round of dialysis today to relieve the swelling and to remove the toxins from the 5 antibiotics they were giving her by IV. To think, she had the ‘flu’, turned into pneumonia, was laughing with her son while waiting in the ER to have it all go so horribly in just a couple days. We just keep praying because they didn’t think she would get this far but they still remain ‘hopeful’, as the dialysis was a 50/50 chance of her coming thru due to her weakened state. Just horrible, but thanks for commenting adirondack.

    • dont blame us!

  8. Human’s Spread Black Plague, Rats Vindicated lol, I bet they did

  9. the fruits of geo-engineering

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