Hungary orders 100-mile Serbia border fence to keep out migrants



Hungary has unveiled plans to erect a fence along its border with Serbia as part of a controversial anti-immigration drive, saying it “cannot afford to wait any longer” for the European Union to come up with a solution to the migration crisis.

“The Hungarian government has instructed the interior ministry to physically close the border with Serbia,” Péter Szijjártó, the foreign minister said on Wednesday, adding that preparations would be completed within a week.

The fence will be four metres high, 110 miles long, and may employ barbed wire, officials said.

Hungary is one of the main points of entry for migrants into the Schengen passport free zone and is witnessing a spike in migration, with about 57,000 people entering the country illegally so far this year, up sharply from 43,000 in all of 2014. 95 percent of those cross from Serbia, which is not a member of the EU but has started accession talks. Last year, Hungary received more refugees per capita than any other EU country apart from Sweden.

Leaching voters to the far-Right party Jobbik, the government has increasingly lost patience with efforts in Brussels to reach a solution to the surging inflows into the EU. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has said that a proposal to distribute migrants evenly throughout the 28 member states “borders on insanity”, while Mr Szijjártó dismissed the EU’s ”rather long and time-consuming” negotiations as he announced the Hungarian move on Wednesday.

But the fence plan drew immediate condemnation at home and abroad, evoking memories of the days of the Iron Curtain. The United Nations Refugee Agency said it would “place too many barriers” to the “inalienable human right” to seek asylum.

“This is a scandal,” a former senior diplomat in the region told the Telegraph. “Hungary, which was the first Communist country to dismantle the Iron Curtain, is now building a new curtain on its southern border.”

“This is a very obvious diversionary tactic. There are many social and economic problems here. There are four million people (40 percent of Hungary’s population) living in poverty, ” the former diplomat said, speaking on condition of anonymity.


i wonder what fence building specialists will be contracted to build this?

“Hungary, which was the first Communist country to dismantle the Iron Curtain, is now building a new curtain on its southern border.”


~ by seeker401 on June 20, 2015.

5 Responses to “Hungary orders 100-mile Serbia border fence to keep out migrants”

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  2. this is crazY.. the east side is Romania – with a even longer border and has even more crooks and human peddlers.. ahh maybe they’ll build that one next

  3. Sadly the EU and the rest of the world did not bring the Islamic states under control and now they will have to build fences to save there nations or be over run by migrants and lose all there national identity completely

    • i see… what, they didnt bomb enough ‘islamics?’ they didn’t enact enough baby-killing sanctions? they didn’t appoint enough dictators? they didn’t draw the borders right?

      it’s ‘islamics’ that are running your banking system? it’s ‘islamics’ that came up with the anti-democratic EU?

      meanwhile, tel aviv is fucking you in the ass…. and, btw, do you think they praise “diversity” and non-jewish “immigration” in israel?

      who the fuck cares about the national sovereignty of european nations? they certainly never cared about the sovereignty of non-european countries. all they know how to do is kill kill kill. they even kill each other constantly… the *longest* period of peace in europe’s history is 1945-1992. other parts of the world had *centuries* of peace. they also eat fucking bland food and smell bad.

  4. Hungary MPs approve border fence and anti-migrant law

    Hungary’s parliament has passed new legislation tightening asylum rules, and backed plans to erect a border fence to keep out migrants.
    The new law allows the detention of migrants in temporary camps, speeding up of the asylum application review process and limiting the possibility for appeal.
    The move was criticised by the UN and human rights groups.
    Hungary has seen a rise in the number of migrants and asylum seekers in 2015.
    The government says about 54,000 migrants have entered the country so far this year, compared with 43,000 people in 2014.

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