One thing that that has puzzled a lot of people since the selection of Pope Francis two years ago is how a left-leaning Pope could succeed two very serious conservative Popes—John Paul II and Benedict XVI—who you would have thought had stacked the ranks of the Cardinals with clergy that would perpetuate their theological and philosophical outlook. Was Benedict hounded out of office by some kind of internal Vatican scandal perhaps? Was there some ecclesiastical version of a coup?

There’s no evidence that I’m aware of—until now. Three days ago the National Catholic Register ran a very curious article about the contents of a newly published authorized biography of retired Belgian cardinal Godfried Danneels. The Register articlereports:

Further serious concerns are being raised about Cardinal Godfried Danneels, one of the papal delegates chosen to attend the upcoming Ordinary Synod on the Family, after the archbishop emeritus of Brussels confessed this week to being part of a radical “mafia” reformist group opposed to Benedict XVI. . .

At the launch of the book in Brussels this week, the cardinal said he was part of a secret club of cardinals opposed to Pope Benedict XVI.

He called it a “mafia” club that bore the name of St. Gallen. The group wanted a drastic reform of the Church, to make it “much more modern”, and for Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio to head it. The group, which also comprised Cardinal Walter Kasper and the late Jesuit Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, has been documented in Austen Ivereigh’s biography of Pope Francis, The Great Reformer.

Over at The American Conservative, Rod Dreher has gone to the trouble of translating an Italian report that is even more curious:

The Italian Vaticanist Marco Tosatti writes (in Italian; I’ve modified the Google translation):

The election of Jorge Bergoglio was the result of secret meetings that cardinals and bishops, organized by Carlo Maria Martini, held for years in St. Gallen, Switzerland. This, according to Jürgen Mettepenningen et Karim Schelkens, authors of a newly published biography of the Belgian Cardinal Godfried Danneels, who calls the group of cardinals and bishops a “Mafia club”.
Danneels according to the authors, worked for years to prepare for the election of Pope Francis, which took place in 2013. Danneels, moreover, in a video recorded during the presentation of the book in Brussels, admits that he was part of a secret club of cardinals who opposed Joseph Ratzinger. Laughing, he calls it “a Mafia club that  bore the name of St. Gallen”.
The group wanted a drastic reform of the Church, much more modern and current, with Jorge Bergoglio, Pope Francis, as its head. They got what they wanted. Besides Danneels and Martini, the group according to the book were part of the Dutch bishop Adriaan Van Luyn, the German cardinal Walter Kasper and Karl Lehman, the Italian Cardinal Achille Silvestrini and British Basil Hume, among others.

I underscore that this is not some secretly sourced claim, but it’s from an advance copy of Cardinal Danneels’ official biography, approved by himself. 

This is the first confirmation of rumors that had been going around for years about Benedict being thwarted by a liberal conspiracy, one that eventually forced him out. These men — Danneels, Van Luyn, Kasper, Lehman, and Hume, at least — all preside over dying churches. And they killed the Benedict papacy.

This might explain a few things. . .


thanks to intrigued for the link..

oh there was a coup..why do we have 2 popes alive at the same time?

why do we have the first jesuit pope now?

“He called it a “mafia” club that bore the name of St. Gallen”

image above is from the shire of st gallen where they with an axe..


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  1. Fasces

    Fasces (/ˈfæsiːz/, Latin pronunciation: [ˈfas.keːs], a plurale tantum, from the Latin word fascis, meaning “bundle”)[1] is a bound bundle of wooden rods, sometimes including an axe with its blade emerging. The fasces had its origin in the Etruscan civilization, and was passed on to ancient Rome, where it symbolized a magistrate’s power and jurisdiction. The image has survived in the modern world as a representation of magisterial or collective power. The fasces frequently occurs as a charge in heraldry, it is present on an older design of the United States ten cent coin and behind the podium in the United States House of Representatives, it is used as the symbol of a number of Italian syndicalist groups, including the Unione Sindacale Italiana, and it was the origin of the name of the National Fascist Party in Italy (from which the term fascism is derived).

  2. The real powers of the 0ctagon rear its ugly head

  3. It should not be a surprise that the name Capitol Hill derives from Capitoline Hill, which was the seat of government for the Roman Empire. If you look at the wall behind the podium in the House of Representatives, you will notice that on either side of the US flag is the depiction of bundles of sticks tied together with an axe.

    These are called fasci, the root word of fascism. This was the symbol of fascism in the Roman Empire, under the Nazis and it still is today. It is not a coincidence that these symbols are featured on the floor of Congress.

    • These are called fasci, the root word of fascism. This was the symbol of fascism in the Roman Empire, under the Nazis and it still is today. It is not a coincidence that these symbols are featured on the floor of Congress.

  4. The United States is Not What You Think It Is

    The following is the Vatican/Jesuit connection to Washington D.C. This information is not talked about many in the so-called “alternative media” for some reason.

    First, it’s time to look at some history. James II fled England since he was a Catholic and he went into France. In his time, Bloody Mary and other events showed tensions between Catholics and Protestants. James II was of the Stuart line and his allies were the Jacobites (who were pro-Jesuits). James II and the pro-Stuarts wanted a Catholic England. In fact, the Jacobites formed the foundation of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry (according to John Daniel’s the Grand Design book). Chevalier Andrew Michael Ramsey was one man involved in the Rite’s creation (as written in John Daniel’s “The Grand Design Exposed”).

    By 1773, competiting lodges in France created the Grand Orient. When, the Jesuits couldn’t defeat the Protestants by military means, they focused on infilitration. One tactic was colonization. Roman Catholic George Calvert or Lord Baltimore created a Catholic colony in Maryland. The Jesuit John Carroll was probably the richest man in America in the late 1700’s.

    Carroll allowed funding to construct D.C. (which is nicknamed “Rome on the Potomac”). In fact, Wikipedia and the Catholic Encyclopedia confirm Washington D.C.’s original name as Rome, Maryland. Also, a branch of the Potomac River was called “Tiber”, which is named after a river in Rome. This information was written in the 1902 edition of the Catholic Encyclopedia under the article on John Carroll.

    The owner of the land used to be Francis Pope and his priest was Jesuit Andrew White. Like Rome, Washington D.C. has 7 hills (whose names are Capital Hill, Meridian Hill, Floral Hills, Forest Hills Hillbrook, Hillcrest, and Knox Hill). Is this a coincidence? It doesn’t look like one to me. Roman Catholic John Carroll suggested that French architect Pierre-Charles L’Enfant to design D.C. A freeborn African American named Benjamin Bannaker also was apart of astronomy and architecture during that time. It’s said that Benjamin had a role in its construction.

    It’s a fact that Roman Catholic Charles Carroll was a signer of the Declaration of Independence. The Carroll family (who were run by the Pope plus the Jesuits of Rome) and the Freemasons were key in the American Revolution. John Carroll founded Georgetown University in 1789. Daniel Carroll owned land in D.C. Roman Catholic Pierre L’Enfant was apart of the creation of Washington D.C. as well. Roman Catholic Constantino Brumidi was the hired painter of occult pictures in the Capitol Dome.

    • Rev17…I am glac you posted this article referencing Rome, Maryland nka Washington, D.C. and the true person Pope Francis is named after…Francis Pope. No coincidence, no synchronity, just going according to their plan. I have been researching this for a few weeks and it has been transforming to say the least.

      This article ties up some more loose ends for those of us who are still breathing…even if half of this was true…

      In realizing this political conspiracy, the Supreme Law of the Land—the U.S. Constitution—had to be “altered and modified.” Enter the declared ratification of the 14th Amendment in 1868, the incorporation of Washington, D.C. in 1871 and the Supreme Court’s decision of the Slaughter Washington, D.C. was now “Rome on the Potomac,” the president was now “the Pope,” the Senate was now “the College of Cardinals” and the Supreme Court was now “the Pope’s Sacred Rota,” the States were now Roman Provinces, and the newly created 14th Amendment citizenship for both Whites and Blacks was now Roman Citizenship, the White and Black citizen/subject/serf merely enjoying privileges granted from the Federal and State governments—to the exclusion of God-given Common Law Rights!

      “Since there is no God, how can there be any God-given rights we in Washington must recognize, you White and Black niggas?” (It is a fact that no federal court acknowledges the possession of any common law right claimed by any 14th Amendment American Citizen! This fact was learned by your editor the hard way!) All is man-centered, thus all rights enjoyed by the Empire’s 14th Amendment Roman Citizens have been conferred by man—the Papal Roman Caesar!

      All the Jesuits needed now was a whole new population of Roman Citizens to populate their new Roman Empire of the West. The new American citizens (to replace over half a million “heretic and liberal” Protestants and Baptists murdered from 1861-65) would be first and foremost Roman Catholic citizens of “the Sovereign State of Vatican City” ruled by “the King of Rome”—the Pope.

      The Order would then organize its invading, foreign Roman legions. It would import its Sicilian Roman Catholic Masonic Mafia to organize crime; the Company would found the Knights of Columbus (1882), and later the American Tongue of the Knights of Malta (1927), to gain political and commercial control of every major American city in the Northeast (“the liberal Eastern Establishment”) and, beginning with no later than pro-Roman Catholic, anti-Protestant, Masonic Theodore “Rex” Roosevelt, rule the White House from the new “West Wing Oval Office”—the vaginally-shaped, “Oval Office” of the Virgin Mary.

      The “American Pope,” Archbishop of Baltimore James Cardinal Gibbons, would lead the war-cry against “the Hun” of Germany. Cardinal Gibbons’ American Knights of Columbus, including Admiral William S. Benson, Chief of Naval Operations (left), would distinguish themselves “fighting the enemies of America,” thereby ingratiating themselves with and endearing themselves to Protestant American nationalists.

      Rome would use America’s emerging Military Industrial Complex to destroy Germany’s Protestant Second Reich by the end of World War I and to devastate apostate Protestant Lutheran Prussia by the end of World War II. Further, by the end of Gibbons’ reign in 1921, the Cardinal would have overseen the “extirpation” of three Protestant heretics of note—President Garfield, President McKinley and President Wilson.

      Meanwhile, the Order would create its Masonic Second White Ku Klux Klan in 1915, bringing into its ranks all anti-papal, White Protestant and Southern Baptist leaders and members—as the KKK was rightly anti-Roman Jesuit Papacy in its outward policy—only to then be neutralized by anti-Jewish fury incited by Masonic Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors from within.

      (Yes, the 30th Degree of Scottish-Rite Freemasonry (as re-written by Albert Pike, the Black Pope’s most powerful American Freemason)—the Knight Kadosh—informs the recipient that the Pope of Rome is the head of the Craft!)

      The White KKK would be used to create an open but false front against Knight of Columbus presidential candidate Al Smith in 1928, and again serving as an open but false front in the 1960s, adding a moral momentum to the Jesuit Order’s amalgamating Black Civil Rights Movement by acts of violence and murder perpetrated against White and Black “Freedom Riders” as well as against Black Baptist churches in the South.

      Indeed! The Pope’s White KKK (secretly aided by Rome’s FBI—then directed by Rome’s Grand Inquisitor, 33rd Degree Scottish Rite-Freemason and notorious sodomite, Mulatto J. Edgar Hoover) killed Black AV1611 Reformation Bible-reading “heretics and liberals” in accordance with the Black Pope’s Counter-Reformation Council of Trent!

      At this time after World War II, the Order would begin to import its fighting and fornicating, crime-ridden, culturally lower-classed, priest-ridden, fanatical Roman Catholic Latinos from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico and other Central and South American nations. Most of these Latino Roman Catholics would legally immigrate into the Pope’s 14th Amendment American Empire, but a fifth column within their midst would incite division through ceaseless, organized agitations such as the Chicano Movement, the anti-Jew Aztlan Movement and “La Raza”—”the Race”—

      They are financed by the Pope’s Ford Foundation, the former employer of

      Ann Dunham who is the late White mother of Jesuit-groomed, Mulatto Barry

      Davis Obama!

      Meanwhile, any honest White man sincerely opposing this overwhelming Latino Roman Catholic border crossing (legal or illegal) would be shouted down by the Pope’s CFR-controlled national press, intimidated with the epithets of “racist and bigot.”

      But let this scenario come as no surprise. The Pope’s plot to Catholicize America’s southern border was foretold by Miss Burke McCarty in her The Suppressed Truth About the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln (1924). On page 12 we read:

      “For over sixty years the Great Scheme the Vatican and its Jesuits have been working on is, in a nutshell, to form an ECCLESIASTICAL EMPIRE,

      [Could this, written in the early 1900s, be the forerunner of the Pope’s North American Roman Catholic Union? Clearly, the Jesuits rule Ottawa, Washington and Mexico City! Is Canada to be annexed by an American military invasion, much the same way as Hitler annexed Austria in 1938?]

      “The Tragedy of Quebec, a book written by a Protestant Canadian, exposes the PLAN in detail, and the facts and figures given by this writer who has been a close student of the subject for many years are startling.

      End of Part 1

  5. Is this why Benne was overthrown .. Demanding obedience from the Jesuits?

    Pope Benedict asks Jesuits to reflect deeply on their vow of obedience to him

    No new leaf to turn over with the pope, Jesuit says

  6. SO, Is this pope an Aaronide, a pagan high priest?

    intriguedbyr said this on October 6, 2015 at 10:35 AM | Reply

    First I want to make it clear I make a distinction between true Israelites and anyone who claims to be descended either racially or spiritually from the 12 tribes of Israel. In my opinion all such claims are false and true Israelites will be identified at an appointed time.

    An in-depth look at Frankie’s name is very revealing
    Some have suggested Frankie has taken the name of Francis of Assisi and some have suggested he is more likely to have taken the name of Francis Xavier friend of Ignatius of Loyola the founder of the Jesuits as Xavier was one of the first seven Jesuits. It is not likely Frankie would take the name of a Francisian an order he is not associated with but would honor a name associated with the founding of the Jesuits and that name is none of the above but that of Sabbatean/Frankist Jacob Frank.

    I do not necessarily agree with the author of this article but the personalities presented help to more clearly define Pope Francis as Frankie’s controversial comment, “Who am I to judge?” is more closely aligned with Sabbatean/Frankist doctrine.

    These Sabbatean actors would arise from within the Jewish faith, yet they would soon abandon the commands of the Torah and reject the God of Israel as they spread their messianic faith around the globe.  The quest of Shabbatai Tzevi was imbedded not only in medieval Judaism, but also in Islam, and within the heart of apostate Christianity. The very heart of mystical Judaism that came from the revelations of the true Jewish kabbalist’s “Tree of Life” as envisioned and revealed in print by the esteemed Jewish sage Rabbi Isaac Luria in the 16th century at Safed  was now ripped from its authentic Torah foundation, corrupted and remolded into the heart of Roman Catholicism by Jewish Jesuits ..

    According to Shabbatai Tzevi, the “messianic days of the redemption were upon us” and when this era arrived, “god” of the Sabbateans would permit everything.  All the prohibitions by the God of Israel in the Torah would be rescinded in the new messianic era.  In the Ten Commandments, it said, “Do not kill” but when the messiah comes, they were permitted to “Kill”.  These same 10 commands also said, “Do not commit adultery” yet in when the messiah comes, it was said that “you may commit adultery”.  These same commandments said, “Remember the Seventh Day (Seventh-day Sabbath Shabbat) to keep it holy”, yet when the messiah comes, any day you wish to worship could be your holy day.  It was also the “Chief Blessing” of the followers of the false Jewish messiah, Shabbatai Tzevi, called Sabbateans, when they said, “Blessed is he who permits the forbidden”….

    “The time of the end did not come and the millennial kingdom did not arrive.  The works and studies of Shabbatai Zevi went underground.  Fifty years later, Yakov ben Judah Leib Frankovich (1726-1791) was born to a Jewish rabbi in Podolia in old Poland in the region of modern Ukraine.  From Poland he traveled to the Middle East as a cloth merchant.  There in Turkey he was initiated into the secret Shabbatean rites of Donmeh Shabbataism.  When he returned to the Ashkenazi Polish Jews they thought he was a Turkish Sephardi Jew and called him frenk, which in Yiddish means a Sephardi Jew.  He soon assumed a new family name, ‘Frank’.   At the age of twenty nine (1755) Jacob Frank returned to Poland; he had been fully indoctrinated into the mystical anti-Torah, anti-Talmudic teachings of mystical Shabbataism.  He transmitted his teachings to central Europe.  He posed as an orthodox Sephardi Jew from whence came his name, Frank, which in Jewish Ashkenazi Yiddish means a Sephardi. There he founded the heretical Jewish sect called Frankists.”

    Now accepted by the Sephardi Jews in Poland, Jacob Frank convinced the Roman Catholic bishop of his province in Poland that his Sabbatean group was against the Jewish  and were not Jews, but were allies with the Roman Catholic Church in suppressing the Jews. Within his Catholic diocese, the bishop offered Jacob Frank and his followers protection from the Jews.  In verification and support of the Roman Catholic Jewish suppression by the Roman Catholics, there suddenly erupted numerous book burnings until all the Jewish Talmuds were destroyed in this Polish diocese. 

    This act was impressive to his Catholic benefactors for the Catholic hierarchy now felt that they had legitimate allies with the former Jewish Frankists…
    Suddenly the new wave of Catholic conversions came under the ministry of Jacob Frank and the Sabbateans as hundreds and even thousands of Jews were baptized in huge ceremonies.  What a revival these were. In one giant baptism ceremony, Jacob Frank officiated with the baptism of 5000 Jews into Jesuit Illuminati Catholicism but in secret they knew themselves as Frankists not necessarily Roman Catholic Christians.

    If we could see behind the inter-dimensional veil and behold the “Hand” of the Divine, would we see the finger of God, who was guiding each of these vast earth changing movements in the moments of their birth?  As the United States of America and the Order of the Illuminate were now approaching their 10th birthday we would now know that Adam Weishaupt was only 38 years old, Amschel Rothschild was 42 years old and Jacob Frank was 60 years old. ..
    There was no doubt that Meyer Amschel Rothschild was the financier.  His desire was to gain control of the world’s financial marketplace. Between the Jesuits, that were founded by Jewish bloodlines and the Sabbateans that were now underground Catholics also of Jewish bloodlines, they both would become the agents that could bring the “money” to the House of Rothschild, the best example of the ancient Jewish Sadducees.
    Adam Weishaupt already had the structural foundation for an international organization and Jacob Frank was quite adept at laying the mystical foundations.  He provided the underground cells for the future subversive acts by the Order of the Illuminati.  Their primary goal was to roll back the tide of the Protestant Reformation and to bring the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church back into full control of religious and spiritual life in Europe and the Americas. Working hand in hand, the Illuminati and the Jesuits were a powerful coalition seeking to return these two regions back into the fold of Rome.

    • Thanks Rev17 that makes a lot of sense to me.

      • Frankists and the Catholic Church

        Jacob Leib Frank was the founder of the Zoharist or Frankist movement, which was a movement that led many Jews out of the Sabbatean perversions of spirituality and Kabbalah towards a tikkun (reparation) for moral and spiritual perversion and towards a ‘belief in Jewish garments’ of Trinitarian, Marian and Messianic concepts. Frank led 60,000 European Jews around 1760 into baptism in the Catholic Church. A much greater number of his followers did not take this step and remained in the Jewish communities. Among the non-baptised group were those who relapsed into Sabbatean teachings and those such as Rebbe Nachman of Breslov and other Hasidim who continued in the tikkun taught by Jacob Frank (and also the Catholic converted Nathan of Gaza).

        The baptised Catholic Frankists split into two major groups- those under Eva Frank who united with the antinominian Prague Sabbateans – and those who followed the other daughters of Frank from his first marriage whose leadership became based in Italy, Spain and Ireland and they became a leaven in the Catholic Church for a Rome-focused mystical, liturgical and devotional renewal of Catholicism. Beginning in about 1790 some of the non-baptised Hasidic secret Frankists joined the Catholic devotional Frankists in the Catholic Church and there was a further influx in 1820 under the son of the Alter Rebbe- Reb Moshe ben Zalman (Leon). These anti-Sabbatean Frankists or Zoharists can also be called Papal Frankists….

        HaMoranu Jacob Leib Frank

        Jacob Frank said that the reason that Poland was the first place that the Frankists chose to become Catholics is because they were the nation that understood the Mother best. The Papal Frankists who went to Ireland were to bring this intense Marian focus with them and under the Papal Frankist priests, Bishops, nuns and laity they inaugurated a new era of Marian fervour in Irish Catholicism. It was the hidden Frankists in the Church of Europe that pushed for the dogmas of the Immaculate Conception and Papal infallibility.

        At the same time the Masonic Sabbatean-Frankists were working to oppose the agendas of the Papal Frankists and were working for an occultic, masonic and modernist take over of the structures of the Catholic Church. However by the late 1800’s families from both sides were starting to forget their Jewish and Frankist origins, identity and customs and had assimilated fully into the Gentile cultures of Church and State. Jacob Frank had sought permission for the Frankists to maintain openly their Jewish customs and practices in the Church as a Jewish rite similar to the Chinese rites proposed by the Jesuits in China. However the anti-semitic and anti-Jesuit forces in the Church of the 18th century prevailed on the Bishops to deny this request. This was when Frank decided that the Frankists must remain in silence and hiddeness as a Jewish mystical leaven in the Church to prepare it to become the Church of the new era that would be truly mystical and universal.

        • Thanks Rev for all the info- on the crypto jews into the Catholic church.

          I confess I got lost though: “the Masonic Sabbatean-Frankists opposed to the Papal Frankists/Zoharists within the structures of the Catholic Church.”…
          Could you please try to sum up (sorry, I couldn’t read&listen all the links you posted 😦 ):
          – what do ones want to achieve and what the others?
          – which line are the jesuits part of? and so, whom “pope” Francis do represent?
          – was/is pope Ratzinger part of some of those streams?

          thank you, as always, for your inquisitive and documented insight..

          • Maria,
            It could be said the Vatican coup started when the Edomite king Herod killed the high priest at the temple in Jerusalem and replaced him with an Edomite priest from Babylon .. imo under the robes of every pope is a circumcised Edomite jew, the Roman Catholic Church is a hoax, a counterfeit religion no more than a deceptive Edomite jewish sect created under Constantine.
            The Edomite descendants of Esau are possessed of an unrelenting claim on an inheritance .. the supposed right to rule the earth.

            Righteous Blood Part XI – “Not so Fasce – In Your Mace”


            • My question was about the masonic Sabbatean Frankists vs. the papal Frankists, and whether the last 2 popes were part of those conspiracies…
              I don’t understand how the replacement of the high priest of Jerusalem in 36 b.c. could be a coup to the Christianity, being the latter constructed 1º and foremost over the New Testament.
              It makes sense the coup possibly occured at the 1º council of Nicaea (IV c.), which you illustrated very well.. (
              But if so, if the coup has been consumed back in the IVº c, what about the Orthodox churches? Are all of them “a hoax” as well as stated about the Roman Catholic church (i.e. the Vatican)?


              ..The link “Not so Fasce..” is very tendencious, among others states that the word “Vatican” comes from “can” – serpent …¿?¿…a total nonsense (
              …so I’d be very cautious with its overall message…divide et impera could take various forms…just a thought..

              • Maria I hope this helps ..

                When the temple was looted and destroyed by the Babylonians the ark of the covenant was never recovered. Although the Israelites returned from exile in Babylon and rebuilt the temple, without the ark of the covenant, the religion as proscribed by Moses was no longer valid. The ark of the covenant known as the Mercy Seat symbolized the presence of God and the high priest would sprinkle the blood of a lamb on the Mercy Seat. But the disappearance of the ark symbolized the the departure of Gods presence and the sacrifice no longer acceptable.

                When Herod staged a coup he killed all the priests that opposed him including the Sanhedrin replacing them with his own Edomite supporters. Herod descended from Esau was reclaiming the inheritance sold to Jacob/Israel

                When Jesus arrived on the scene He rejected the priesthood and their religious system they in turn rejected Him as Messiah and planned to kill Him. In predicting the destruction of the temple the ‘religion’ taught by Jesus did not require a temple or rituals or even a priesthood and in fact was not a religion but a community of people who held all things in common providing for each others needs. This powerful concept spread like wildfire and was seen as a threat to religious system of the Edomites who no longer had a temple and persecution failed to restrain the growth. Attempts were made to infiltrate the community of believers and bring them back under the control of the religious system but they were often exposed.

                Eventually Constantine attempted to recruit the leaders sending out 1000 invitations to the Council of Nicea but only 300 responded. The Edomite priesthood was transformed into the Roman Catholic Church, it is not difficult to recognize the structure of a religion that no longer served a purpose but to enslave people. In the attempt to preserve the power and prestige of their religion the ark of the covenant has been replaced by the ‘tabernacle’ present in every catholic church, inside the ‘tabernacle’ is the supposed body of Jesus used to perform the sacred ritual sacrifice of the mass performed daily by every priest. The high priest became a pope, the seventy members of the Sanhedrin became Cardinals. The doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church is in direct opposition to the New Testament and this has never been clearer with Frankies comment regarding homosexuality .. “Who am I to judge” and reveals his Frankist doctrine. The bible is very clear both old and new testaments declaring homosexuality to be an abomination. I have no doubt Frankie is steering the RCC towards acceptance of homosexuality and eventual marriage performed by gay priests.

                So to answer your question regarding the two popes .. imo both are Edomites and Frankie clearly identified as Frankist and imo the coup has simply been evolving since the days of Herod.

                Re: the link Not so Fasce, I thought the meaning of Vatican was a real stretch and not to be taken seriously.

              • thanks for the info, Rev.
                So your point is that from the very beginning the powers-to-be – Herod (=edomites), Constantine, then the ones who infiltrated the church as institution…have always tried to corrupt Jesus’ work and legacy which was in fact exactly against any terrestrial power-to-be.
                “Ecclesia” (“iglesia”, esp, “chiesa”, it.) really means “the congregation of the believers in Christ, the christians” and has nothing to do with “Church”, which is the institution, a political body:
                You say that the edomites (Esau heirs), just like today, have always tried to usurp – the more, the better – the main political structure of the society, which until the last century was the christian church.
                (I know fervent believers who sustain that Paul the VI surely went to hell for his deeds at the II Vatican Council..and “pope” Francis is considered directly “pfu!”)
                But do I understand you correctly, do you say that every christian religious institution, every christian church is prostituted by the Edomites? Or only the Roman Catholic Church? Why? what about the Orthodox autocephalic churches, the Russian included? (the link above) They are the heirs of the Bizantian Christian church, legalised by Constantine (who obviously was thriving a political reinforcement of his power declaring the more and more popular Christianity one of the recognised religions in the Empire – Edict of Milan, 313; the official state religion Christianity became under Theodosius, 380)
                The Council of Nicea gave equal legitimacy to Rome, Alexandria and Antioch as “Petrine sees”…The eastern christian churches have never recognised the supremacy the Vatican has claimed since the V-IV c., to the extent – due to entirely political reasons IMO, everyone wanted to “be the boss” – the Schism of the Orient has been consumed, 1054.
                Still all of those churches – the Roman Catholic ( = “universal”) Church and the Orthodox (= “truthful with the Lord’s word”, “real”) churches are a. institutions, b. have their legitimacy in the Council of Nicaea & co….Are all of them Edomite usurped?

                ps. what do you think the ark of the covenant really was?

                • Rome and the Orthodox Church

                  Both the Russian Orthodox and Greek Orthodox churches have held extensive ecumenical discussions with Rome, and the patriarchs of both these churches have sought reconciliation with Rome.

                  Pope John Paul II visited Turkey in 1979 in support of the patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Church. In exchange for the support, the Pope was permitted to make a speech in the Orthodox Cathedral wherein he alluded to the primacy of the Papacy, without a word of disagreement from the Orthodox patriarch.


                  Did Constantine Change the Sabbath?

                  In 312 A.D., prior to his pivotal victory over his rival Maxentius at the Battle of Milvian Bridge, Constantine became a “Christian” after claiming to see in broad daylight a vision of “a cross above the sun” with these words emblazoned, “in hoc signo vinces” (by this sign conquer”). After defeating his enemies and becoming Emperor of Rome, Constantine presided in full royal pomp over the “First Council of Nicea” in 325 A.D.

                  As a shrewd political genius, his scheme was to unite Christianity and paganism in an effort to strengthen his disintegrating empire. Constantine knew that pagans throughout the empire worshiped the sun on “the first day of the week,” and he discovered that many Christians and especially in Rome and Alexandria also kept Sunday because Christ rose from the dead on that day. So Constantine developed a plan to unite both groups on the common platform of Sunday keeping. On March 7, 321 A.D., he passed his famous national Sunday law: ….

                  Again, Constantine’s promotion of Sunday observance was part of his definite strategy to combine paganism with Christianity: “The retention of the old pagan name of dies Solis, or ‘Sunday,’ for the weekly Christian festival, is in great measure owing to the union of pagan and Christian sentiment with which the first day of the week was recommended by Constantine to his subjects, pagan and Christian alike, as the ‘venerable day of the Sun.’” – Stanley’s History of the Eastern Church, p. 184….

                  In 330 A.D., Constantine moved his capital from Rome to Constantinople (modern Istanbul), thus preparing the way for the Roman Catholic Popes to reign in Rome as the successors of Constantine. As the Papal Church grew in power, it opposed Sabbath observance in favour of Sunday sacredness and made the day change official in the Council of Laodicea (A.D. 363-364). Constantine’s law had now been fully integrated into the Papal Church and the final step of the Sabbath to Sunday change was complete….

                  So one can understand why Rome and Alexandria did not bother to keep the true Sabbath as they had not done so for 200 years. Throughout the entire history of the changeover from Sabbath to Sunday, Rome and Alexandria had worked together. Alexandria provided the philosophical reasons for the changes and Rome provided the decrees and anathemas. Constantine’s help was given only to the worldly Church leaders at Rome and those Christians that resisted the errors that were being introduced into the Church met with his opposition. “Unite with the bishop of Rome or be destroyed,” was Constantine’s position.


                  Is the Church in the Bible?


          • The Jewish Moravian Ancestry of Pope Benedict XVI linked to the Maharal of Prague –

      • The Frankist Archbishop Daniel Murray (Murzynski) of Dublin

        A secret war began in the Catholic Church between the two groups -the Sabbatean Frankists who were those who followed Frank’s cousin the Masonic and revolutionary Moses Drobuschka and Adam Weishaupt the founder of the Illuminati and their opponents the Catholic Zoharist Frankists under the leadership of the Frankist Irish, Spanish and Italian bishops and Cardinals (such as Cardinals Fransoni of Italy, Cullen of Ireland and Moran of Australia). St. Pope Pius X was also from a Frankist Jewish family.

      • The Frankist Cardinal Patrick Francis Moran of Sydney

        Patrick Moran the grandson of Jacob Frank had a brother James Moran of Liverpool.

        “James’ Hebrew name was Jacob in honour of his grandfather. The name Moran means teacher in Hebrew. Morenu or moranu means Our Teacher and is usually a title given to a Jewish Rebbe or Tzadik. James was the grandson of Jacob Frank who was known as Hamorenu Jacob Frank to many of his followers. James was the leader/ teacher of a group of Zoharists (Frankists) in Liverpool. He married a pretty Mexican Marrano dark-haired girl who was a gifted healer and midwife among the crypto-Jewish and Frankist communities. In accord with Frankist tradition James taught his daughter Helena as well as his son to read, write and study. The auburn hair found in his descendants is believed to have come via his mother Eva Rivlin.James was born in Europe in 1778 the son a Jewish Rabbi who was a son of Jacob Frank. He was trained as a Frankist Rebbe and led a group of Frankists in Liverpool. He also lived with his daughter Helen in Athlone Ireland and his son Simon in Wicklow, Ireland. His grandson Patrick Moran became a Catholic Bishop in South Africa and New Zealand.”

        James Moran’s wife was Johanna (Juana/ Judith) Rodriguez Galvan de Leon.

        “Juana was either born in Mexico or the Caribbean of a Mexican family of Marranoes who had been Catholics for many years. They left Mexico to escape the continual threat of the Inquisition. Her family and relatives firstly settled in the Caribbean as merchants and the family gradually spread to England (London and Liverpool) and Ireland (Dublin, Athlone and Killarney). In the Caribbean they returned to open Judaism but in England and Ireland they reverted to Catholic practice under the influence of the Frankists who they intermarried with while still maintaining Jewish traditions and learning in the home and in secret meetings. Her Hebrew name was Judith. Juana was a talented and gifted healer and midwife among the Crypto-Jewish and Frankist communities. She performed many circumcisions in secret according to Marrano custom where the women of the community (rather than the men) would gather on the 8th day after birth when the midwife would hang a red scarf from the window of the mother’s house as a sign to gather. The ritual would invoke the Queen Shekhinah/ Matronita and all her Angels especially Raphael as the Archangel of Healing to come with Elijah to assist at the Circumcision (Brit Milah). The prayers also alluded to Miriam, Esther and Judith.”

        • Wow, some very eye opening info. Thanks Rev for all of the enlightening info you bring us.

          • There is no doubt Pope Frank is a Frankist .. “Who am I to judge”..
            It was also the “Chief Blessing” of the followers of the false Jewish messiah, Shabbatai Tzevi, called Sabbateans, when they said, “Blessed is he who permits the forbidden”….

          • I further suspect Frankie may be a direct bloodline descendant of HaMoranu Jacob Leib Frank


    a long, but interesting article about the Jews and the Catholic Church

  8. University of Hidden History – Jesuits 101 #1

  9. A secret plot to control the Synod? No; it’s not secret at all.
    By Phil Lawler (bio – articles – email) | Oct 08, 2015

    In an unscheduled address to the Synod of Bishops yesterday, we’re told, Pope Francis told the participants that they should not indulge in conspiracy theories about secret plots to manipulate the result of the Synod. The Holy Father is absolutely right. What’s happening at this Synod is no secret at all.

    Pope Francis was evidently reacting to complaints voiced during the first day of Synod discussions, by prelates who said that the working document was flawed and the new “ground rules” for the discussion made serious debate difficult. Those complaints have been aired in Rome frequently this week, reflecting an undercurrent of dissatisfaction that arose last year, at the extraordinary meeting of the Synod that set the stage for this month’s showdown.

    The Synod, as a deliberative body, should give all the world’s bishops an equal opportunity to express their views. But the critics charge that at this Synod, as in Orwell’s Animal Farm, some bishops—and their opinions—are more equal than others. The redoubtable Australian Cardinal George Pell allegedly rose to question whether the committee selected to prepare the Synod’s final message was a truly representative group. (Of the ten prelates on that committee, seven are attending the Synod because they were appointed by the Pope, rather than elected by their episcopal conferences.) Some Vatican-watchers saw the Pope’s unusual intervention on Tuesday as a direct response to Cardinal Pell’s concern.

    The suspicions remain, and will continue to play a role in the discussions of the next two weeks. But there is, and will be, no secret conspiracy. The procedural rules have been announced, and the bishops are free to object—as indeed quite a few have objected. The Synod staff will continue to filter information about the bishops’ discussions. And in the end, the final statement from the Synod will be made by Pope Francis.

    The Pope ultimately controls the process. The Pope will ultimately control the product. There may be heated debates during this October session; the Pope has insisted he would welcome them. But it should be no mystery that the Pope is in control.

  10. Pope Warns Against Conspiracy Theories Vatican Skullduggery

    Vatican City (AFP) – Pope Francis has warned bishops at a global Church meeting on the family not to be taken in by conspiracy theories, as conservatives and liberals reportedly engage in Machiavellian attempts to manipulate the synod.

    Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi on Thursday confirmed reports that the pontiff had warned Catholic bishops and cardinals behind closed doors on Tuesday not to get caught up in “the hermeneutic of conspiracy”.

    The phrase, better translated as conspiracy theories or a conspiratorial mentality, comes amid concerns within the conservative camp that new methodology being used in the three-week synod — approved by Francis — favours the liberal wing who want the Church to be more welcoming to homosexuals and remarried divorced people.


    Indeed, he warned, in the end “the synod may be defined not just by disagreements on substance, but also suspicions of Machiavellian manoeuvres along the way”.

  11. Rabbi Francis

    Rabbi Francis allowed Rabbi Bergman to say Talmudic prayers in the Holy Sepulcher of St. Peter

    Dear readers are you wondering why the strange mid-term report from the Synod on the Family and then the closing speech by Francis in which he criticizes everyone, allowing both sides to claim victory? An anonymous reader of Call Me Jorge… provided the article below and a quote in a book which give some insight into this matter. The Talmudists are having a good laugh in the shadows as they watch Francis finish the demolition of the church started by John XXIII.

  12. Francis the ‘humble’ Marxist

    The hammer & sickle crucifix, hand carved by and used by the late Fr. Luis Espinal Camps, S.J. It is kept at the Jesuit headquarters in La Paz, Bolivia.

    The two medals presented to Francis by Evo Morales. Notice the same hammer & sickle crucifix as the emblem on the top one. Also, the two co-official flags of Bolivia. Since 2009, Bolivia has had two flags. The rainbow colored flag is called the Wiphala of Qullasuyu or the Túpac Katari Wisphala and the rainbow supposedly stands for the indigenous people and the land they live in. Coincidentally, the flag has 7 colors as does the Noahide Rainbow. The Tupac Katari Guerrilla Army (Ejército Guerrillero Túpac Katari) traces its origins to the revolutionaries trained by Che Guevara. We bring this last point up only because one of the Tupac Katari Guerrilla Army’s former members, Álvaro García Linera, is the current vice-president of Bolivia.

  13. The Plot Against the Church

    The Plot Against the Church.
    The Plot Against the Church is a book published first in 1962, which documents the two-thousand year holy war and civilisational struggle between the Catholic Church and Talmudic Judaism. It was authored anonymously by a group of Catholic clergymen and released under the name of Maurice Pinay, intended to act as a forewarning to attending bishops at the Second Vatican Council. The authors believed there to be and set out to document a Jewish-Masonic-Satanic conspiracy to destroy the Catholic Church and Christianity.

    The book was originally published in Spanish in October 1962, but has since been translated into other languages. According to internet sources, Maurice Pinay is a pseudo name, the book is in fact work of Spanish speaking priests and monks. It begins by exposing modern political movements, for instance the Jews behind Communism, the Jewish involvement in Freemasonry and its anti-Christian crimes. The book then traces the seed of this deep back into history to what it calls the Synagogue of Satan (the Talmudic religion); the Jewish deicide of Jesus Christ, early murders of Christians and persecution of the Apostles. It also states the Jews were behind the persecutions of the Roman Empire under Nero, through influence over his wife. It documents how the Jews attempted to undermine Christianity through infiltration of the clergy and acted as a fifth column, promoting heresies such as Arianism in alliance with the Jews of Alexandria.

    Christians fighting back are cited as St. John Chrysostom, St. Ambrose and St. Cyril. The general struggle in the Middle Ages is documented, focusing on Spain and northern Italy amongs other places. It speaks highly of the Dominican Order as the Church’s most efficient defenders in history against the Jewish conspiracy and states that although the initial purpose of the Jesuit Order was positive, it suffered Judeo-masonic infiltration. It criticises National Socialism based on opposition to percieved anti-Slavic “racial-chauvinism”, suggesting that had the Germans done more to enlist the Poles and Ukrainians as genuine allies, the Satanic Jews and Bolshevism may have been defeated.


    Pope gave Dolan a gift in Sept. wth is on that ‘chalice’?? zoomed in as much as I could, looks like a little alien guy to me on upper portion, but can’t quite make out the bottom figure.

  15. Cardinal Timothy Dolan Confers a Rare Papal Knighthood on Rabbi Arthur Schneier
    Rabbi Schneier, 85, is the senior rabbi of Park East Synagogue on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, which was chosen as the first Jewish place of worship in the United States to be visited by a Roman Catholic pontiff when Pope Benedict XVI came to New York in 2008. Rabbi Schneier, a Holocaust survivor, has had private audiences with Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II, and welcomed Pope Francis to the Western Wall in Jerusalem last year.

    And, as was noted at a ceremony at the residence of the Vatican’s permanent observer to the United Nations, Rabbi Schneier has been a presence at conferences in world trouble spots to promote tolerance and resolve ethnic and religious conflicts. He founded the interfaith Appeal of Conscience Foundation in 1965.

    “You know this award to our beloved Rabbi Schneier comes from Pope Francis,” Cardinal Dolan said before pinning a Knight’s Cross on the rabbi. “It’s Pope Francis’s very touching, very tender way of confirming him in the good works that he’s done on behalf of religious freedom, international peace and justice.”

    Rocco Palmo, who follows the church hierarchy for the Catholic news blog Whispers in the Loggia, said that papal knighthoods were “rarely granted” and that it was unusual for a non-Catholic to receive such a title.

    “Overwhelmingly, it’s to Catholics,” he said. “Ninety-nine-point-seven percent of these go to Catholics, but there have been cases in the last 25 years dating to the pontificate of John Paul II, who made better relations with Jews a priority, that Jews who have been supportive of the church’s work have been recommended for and received papal knighthoods.”

    Respect between Catholics and Jews has increased in the 50 years since the Second Vatican Council. Rabbi Schneier called the document that reoriented the Catholic approach to Jews — “Nostra Aetate” (“In Our Age”) — “a turning point in Catholic-Jewish relations.”
    He said past recipients of papal knighthood had included William J. Donovan, director of the Office of Strategic Services during World War II. The archbishop said Pope John Paul II had conferred knighthood on Bob Hope, Roy E. Disney and Rupert Murdoch.

    Rabbi Schneier said he had a problem with the notion of a sword.

    “I am for gun control, and sword control,” he said. “I’m for peace, not for swords, so what do I do?”

    Cardinal Dolan replied, “Beat it into a plowshare.”

    hmm OSS William Donovan, Bob Hope, Roy Disney and Murdoch also received papal knighthood……seems these are the fascists of the vatican?

  16. One thing for sure, the above article proves the ‘pillars of the global community’ all belong to the Vatican.

  17. The show “From the Inferno — The Jewish People: Propagator of the Satan Cult” quoted from the anti-Semitic book “Plot Against the Church,” which ties Jews to Satan and demonology.

    ADL slams Spanish government for allowing ‘half hour of pure anti-Semitism’ on state radio

    Presenters quoted from the 1962 book Plot Against the Church which linked demonology and the Satanic cult to Jews.

    The synopsis on RTVE’s website for the show, part of its A La Carta series, stated: “The Jewish founders of the occult and masonry society introduced the cult of Lucifer” to some organizations.

    In a letter to Spain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo, the ADL urged the Spanish Government to condemn the broadcast and punish “RTVE’s poisoning of the airwaves with pure anti-Semitism”

    The program began with ominous music, followed by a gravel-voiced announcer who quotes from Jacob Frank, an 18th century Jew from Poland who had been excommunicated by his community for his heretic Kabalistic interpretations. “The Jews first propagated the cult of Lucifer in several secret satanical societies,” the monologue continues.


    • is milingo still alive?

      • Seems so

        Emmanuel Milingo (born June 13, 1930) is a former Roman Catholic archbishop from Zambia. In 1969, aged 39, Milingo was consecrated by Pope Paul VI as the bishop of the Archdiocese of Lusaka.[1]

        In 1983, he stepped down from his position as Archbishop of Lusaka after criticism for exorcism and faith healing practices unapproved by church authorities.[2]

        In 2001, when Milingo was 71, he received a marriage blessing from Sun Myung Moon, the leader of the Unification Church, despite the prohibition on marriage for ordained priests.

        In July 2006, he established Married Priests Now!, an advocacy organization to promote the acceptance of married priests in the Roman Catholic Church. On September 24, 2006, Milingo ordained four men as bishops without a papal mandate. The Holy See Press Office announced in an unsigned statement two days later that Milingo had been automatically excommunicated by that act.[3] All four men were married at the time of their ordination.

        On December 17, 2009, the Holy See Press Office announced that Milingo had been reduced to the lay state, making him no longer a member of the Catholic clergy.[4]

        He retired from ministry in his movement for married priests in March 2013, appointing Peter Paul Brennan to take his place.

  19. Saturday, November 7, 2015
    Ever deepening ‘Judeo-Christian relations’ rudely shoves Jesus Christ out of the picture
    “Nostra Aetate established a new era of friendship in Catholic-Jewish relations, and nowhere is that more evident than here in New York. My thanks to AJC for this honor, and, even more, for the spirit of brotherhood that they do so much to promote,” said Cardinal Dolan

    Cardinal Dolan receives ‘Isaiah Award’ from the AJC Nov. 2, 2015

    The AJC is a Judeo-supremacist bolshevik organization with a deep hatred for Christ which advances its destruction of the formerly Christian West through ‘dialogue,’ ‘friendship,’ ‘brotherhood,’ ‘deepening relations’ and other such disarming ruses. Cardinal Dolan is their New York-based satrap.

    • The AJC is a Judeo-supremacist bolshevik organization with a deep hatred for Christ which advances its destruction of the formerly Christian West through ‘dialogue,’ ‘friendship,’ ‘brotherhood,’ ‘deepening relations’ and other such disarming ruses.

  20. Saturday, October 24, 2015
    Humble Pope Francis of the ‘poor Church’ to celebrate 50th Anniversary of Nostra Aetate with Scion of Rothschild Usury Dynasty and Multibillionaire Ronald Lauder
    Baron David René James de Rothschild is ‘chairman of the Governing Board of the World Jewish Congress.’ Some of his other cryptocrat credentials are below (taken from pg. 71 of Rothschild & Co. Annual Report 2014-2015 HERE):

  21. “Islam is only part of the picture. There is a hidden nemesis behind the more obvious one. Our most ancient of all enemies is not Islam. Christianity’s oldest foe is the one which, for all their chest-pounding bluster, timid Right wing super-patriots dare not mention, lest they lose their reputations and their jobs.

    Having lost both, this writer is free to name the arch-enemy: Orthodox Judaism, which declares that Palestinians (many of whom, science will eventually show, are genetically Israelites), have no rights in the land of Palestine and can be robbed and killed at will. The West’s alliance with the killers of the Palestinians is a fatal one. “Conservatives” who drag the name of Jesus into their bloody alliance with the Rabbinic Antichrist are making common cause with the spiritual heirs of their Savior’s killers; something as double-minded as this has about it the contours of the occult.”

  22. The Vatican and the O.T.O.

  23. Hello Rev!
    What do you think about The Secret Book of John?
    It was the main religious book to the bogomils /later cathars (X-XII s.), an heresy for the catholic church, whose moto was “Liberty, equality, fraternity THROUGH LOVE”
    I would appreciate very much your thoughts…


  25. Cruz And His Seven Mountain Dominionism Is Not In My Bible….Is it in yours?

    As a Christian I cannot support anyone who has the theology of the Seven Mountains of Dominionism. I do not believe we are to perfect the world and rid it of all nonbelievers before the Lord returns. I do not believe that God’s people are to become perfected and rule the world in peace before the Lord returns. I do not believe that Christians who believe the Lord returns to rid the world of the ungodly and all their ungodly deeds as the Bible says in Jude and throughout are wrong teachings. Therefore, I cannot follow one who teaches and believes these things.

    If you are a Christian and you believe the teachings of the Seven Mountains of Dominionism then Cruz is your guy. For this is his religion and this is his concept of Christianity. He also has been anointed by his father, Rafael to be the one to rule society to usher in this utopia so the Lord will return.

    This is not my trashing of Cruz, this is my WARNING to all who believe that his evangelical roots are the same as yours. Always look at the roots, don’t be confused by the branches. All trees have them. Look at the roots. If you believe in these things, so be it. I can not follow anyone who has come to me with another doctrine than the one in the gospel.

    These are SCARY people!

  26. Ted Cruz’s campaign is fueled by a dominionist vision for America

    John Fea | February 4, 2016

    Cruz resonates with the evangelical culture warriors. He mixes what New York Times columnist David Brooks describes as political “brutalism” with a belief that he is engaged in a fight with the devil for the soul of the nation. It is only a matter of time before Cruz assumes the role of the Old Testament prophet Elijah and tries to cast down fire from heaven to destroy the “prophets of Baal” who oppose his campaign.

    When Cruz says he wants to “reclaim” or “restore” America, he does not only have the Obama administration in mind. This agenda takes him much deeper into the American past. Cruz wants to “restore” the United States to what he believes is its original identity: a Christian nation.

  27. Stay away from this preacher too, I think she might be one of those lying
    ministering spirits the bible talks about.

  28. It seems there was an agreement previous to Ratzinger’s election that he would stay in charge some years and then step away. The 2 parties were Ratzinger and “his” cardinals vs. Bergoglio and his’…

  29. although it has been my suspicion for some time this is the first time I have come across supporting documentation ..

    Remember that the Roman emperor Constantine actually ruled, not from Rome, as might be assumed, but from Byzantium, an ancient city on the Bosporus that became the capital of the Roman empire in 330 A.D. The city rebuilt on this site was named Constantinople in honor of the emperor, and is today known as Istanbul.
    There exists a very intriguing connection between Edom, Babylon, and Rome, an association that was perpetuated and developed even further at the time when the Roman empire rose to great power in the world. Indeed, Rome has been related to Babylon in the minds of many people since the time of Julius Caesar, or at least since the era of Constantine, for it was under his authority that the encroaching Babylonian mystery religion was adopted and given a Christian facade with the formation of the Roman Catholic Church.
    In addition, the Jewish rabbinic scholars, both before and after the time of Messiah, associated Edom with Rome and things Roman. In one sense of the word, Edom was considered the first Rome, and thus Byzantium or Constantinople in what we today call Turkey became the second Rome. In fact, Constantinople and the Byzantine empire was literally called Nova Roma, or New Rome. Indeed, in 451 A.D., the Council of Chalcedon gave New Rome and its Patriarch equal ecclesiastical status with Old Rome.

    Earlier we read Psalms 137, which contains the lament of the Jewish exiles in Babylonian captivity, and their petition to the Almighty for revenge upon both Babylon and Edom. One has to wonder, however, if there is not also an association with Rome implied in this passage. Let’s look at the pertinent portion once again:

    “Remember, O Lord, the children of EDOM in the day of Jerusalem; who said, RAZE IT, RAZE IT, even to the foundation thereof. O DAUGHTER OF BABYLON, who are to be destroyed; happy shall he be, that rewards you as you have served us” (Psa. 137:7-8).

    Now clearly we understand that the initial level of interpreting this passage has to do with the first destruction of Jerusalem by the actual nation of Babylon, and includes the integral part played in that devastation by the Edomites, calling upon Yahweh to avenge these enemies of His people. We must also remember, however, that Jerusalem was destroyed not once, but twice, the second time by the Roman armies of General Titus. Yahshua/Jesus predicted of that time, saying:

    “See you not all these things? Verily I say unto you, There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down” (Matt. 24:2).
    Note again how the Edomites are characterized as speaking against Jerusalem–they cry for its utter destruction, saying, “Raze it, raze it!” To raze means to utterly level to the ground, scrape bare. See how they say, “Raze it, raze it, even UNTO THE FOUNDATION THEREOF.” In other words, just as the Messiah predicted, “There shall not be left here one stone upon another that shall not be THROWN DOWN.

    And finally, notice to whom the Edomites are charged with directing their evil words–“the DAUGHTER OF BABYLON.” One has to wonder if indeed the daughter of Babylon is mentioned in this instance to give us a hint that the prophecy is dual in nature, applying both to the destruction by ancient Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar, and that of later Babylon under Rome! This would, in fact, seem to be precisely the reasoning behind such a wording.
    In both cases, Edom is guilty of being involved, of instigating trouble, and in the manner at which they had become notorious masters–that of working behind the scenes, using others to do their dirty deeds, to prevail against their enemies, while they reap the rewards.

    This leads us to a pertinent question–Is it possible that some of the Roman emperors were not actually Roman at all, but rather of Edomite extraction–especially the emperor Constantine? This may not be able to be proved outright, but it is a serious consideration. Some of the Jewish rabbis indeed did think that this was true, and it remains an intriguing, and indeed even a likely, possibility, as we will shall see.

    If all of these various connections are correct, and there is every reason to believe that certainly most of them are, then Edom, Babylon, Rome, and organized Christianity in the initial form of the Catholic Church are all related, and, at times, synonymous.
    In order to solidify his political position, Constantine, near the end of his life, professed to be a believer in Christ, and indeed made it the official state religion of the Roman Empire. It was not, however, the pure religion of the Scriptures, nor was the true Messiah the object of worship. The emperor first encouraged, then enforced, the amalgamation of the Babylonian mystery religion into his newly adopted Christianity. The ancient Pantheon became a church. The statutes of the gods and demi-gods were retained and became objects of worship within the Roman system. The true day of Godly worship was changed from the seventh to the first day–the day of the venerable sun, for Constantine had indeed been a sun-worshiper before his supposed conversion. The annual feast days inaugurated by Yahweh were replaced by all the old pagan festivals (Jan. 1- the New Year, Feb. 14 – Valentine’s Day, Easter, Hallowe’en, Dec. 25- Christmas (the mass of Christ, etc.). Thus Edom, Rome, and Roman Christianity actually are cloaks, hiding their true Babylonian origins and content, which, from that time until the end of the age, is a mystical union that has come to dominate the entire world.

    The Jewish scholar, Rabbi David Kimchi (1160-1235 A.D.), makes an interesting statement in his commentary on the following passage of Scripture in Joel 3:19:

    “Egypt shall be a desolation, and Edom shall be a desolate wilderness, for their violence against the children of Judah.”

    “The prophet mentions Egypt and Edom; Egypt on account of the TURKS, and Edom on account of the ROMAN EMPIRE; and these two have now had the dominion for a long time, and will continue until the redemption. This is the fourth beast in the vision of Daniel. And this is said because the majority is composed of EDOMITES. For although many other nations are mixed among them, as is also the case with the Turkish Empire, they are called from their root.”

    In like manner, Maimonides, the great Jewish commentator of the 12 century, makes the following statement concerning this subject:

    “The Edomites are idolaters, and Sunday, the first day of the week, is the day of their festival, therefore it is forbidden to have commerce with them in the land of Israel.”

    The fact of the matter is that the early emperors of the Roman Empire were not really Roman at all. In fact, none of them were even from Italy, but rather from the Balkans, an area closely associated with certain branches of the house of Esau, or Phoenicia and the kingdom ruled by Tyre, which Jewish records indicate was also descended from Edom. The chief god of the Phoenicians was, believe it or not, one Ousoos, or none other than Esau! As Dr. Ernest Martin comments,

    “The truth is, Rome by this time (Constantine) in history had become a SEMITIC (Edomite) EMPIRE for all practical purposes. The Jewish historians and scholars saw these things happening in front of their eyes, and they called attention to them
    in various ways in their later writings.”

    According to The Historians’ History of the World:

    “Diocletian permanently introduced eastern forms of government. Until his time the outward appearance of the emperor had only a passing air of easternism, but with Diocletian this character of government was established for all time to come. From Diocletian the white bandeau or diadem, borrowed from the east, became the distinctive sign of the ruler, while formerly the purple raiment had been the sole sign. Diocletian and his successor Constantine introduced the remaining eastern regal ornaments. The emperor Aurelian had indeed set them the example here” (Dr. H. W. Williams, Vol. 6, p. 435).

    By the time Constantine moved the capital of the empire from Rome to Constantinople, the whole court was essentially Babylonian/Edomite in its structure, ornaments, trappings, and religion. Note the following quotation by Adam Clark in his Commentary on the prophecy of Isaiah 34, which we will investigate a little later:

    “Now the major part of the ROMANS are EDOMITES, who profess [falsely] the law of Jesus. The Emperor Caesar CONSTANTINE was an EDOMITE, and so were ALL the EMPERORS AFTER HIM. The destruction of the TURKISH EMPIRE is also comprehended in this prophecy” (Adam Clarke Commentary, Book of Isaiah, p. 237).

    The spirit of Esau is a lust for power and money, even as the spirit of Ishmael is the desire for pleasure. These two rejected sons from the Abrahamic lineage, anciently joined together through marriage, have spread their evil throughout the world. We see it coming to great influence in the Hellenistic culture foisted off on the nations by Alexander the Great. Beginning with Constantine and the Roman empire centered in the east (Turkey), the spirit of Edom is even more prominently demonstrated, complete with ecclesiastical authority.

    The second Rome, headquartered in Constantinople, did not suffer the defeat that the first Rome experienced. After the fall of Rome in Italy to the barbaric hordes of Huns, Visigoths, and Ostrogoths in the fifth century A.D. that swept in like waves crashing on the shore, Justinian restored the empire to glory in the east. The Eastern Orthodox Church came to view itself as the bastion of true apostolic authority and purity, whereas the Roman Church, though ultimately stronger, was considered paganized and by some even apostate. The Eastern church, however, was also subject to corruption, and in this part of the world many heresies flourished. Arianism, Nesorianism, and Monophysitism all drew on the rich Greek metaphysical tradition and clashed with the emerging Roman Catholic Church. The Greek Orthodox Church of the eastern Roman (Byzantine) empire that was established during this critical period from 330-518 A.D. would bridge Asia and Europe for centuries, and set the stage for what history now views as the third Rome,….

    • This leads us to a pertinent question–Is it possible that some of the Roman emperors were not actually Roman at all, but rather of Edomite extraction–especially the emperor Constantine? This may not be able to be proved outright, but it is a serious consideration. Some of the Jewish rabbis indeed did think that this was true, and it remains an intriguing, and indeed even a likely, possibility, as we will shall see.

      If all of these various connections are correct, and there is every reason to believe that certainly most of them are, then Edom, Babylon, Rome, and organized Christianity in the initial form of the Catholic Church are all related, and, at times, synonymous.

  30. I have always been puzzled as to why the New Testament is translated from the Greek when the Aramaic was known to exist .. the name of the man commonly known as Jesus comes to us from the Greek transliteration of Yahshua .. it has been suggested the Greeks worshipped Zeus implying ‘son of Zeus’ .. it seems the coup was successful

    Esau Have I Hated!

    That Esau and the Edomites were directly connected to the Phoenicians is a virtual given.  One of the chief gods in the Phoenician pantheon bore the name of Ousoos, unequivocally identified with Esau.  The Dictionary of Religion & Ethics states:
    “There is no question but that this Usous (Ousoos) within the Phoenician pantheon was the Biblical Esau” (vol. XI, p. 179).
                Even Tyre itself was at one time known as Ushu, without doubt etymologically connected to the name of Esau.  As stated earlier, it was the Greeks who called the inhabitants of the Levant Phoenicians.  But why such a name?  Perhaps it should not come as any great surprise to learn that the definition of the word Phoenicia is the color red!  Thus both Edom and Phoenicia have the same meaning!

    And lest we forget, please be reminded that Isaac’s firstborn son, Esau, against the will of God and to the everlasting displeasure and sorrow of his parents, married into the evil Canaanites by taking two of the daughters of Heth, progenitor of the powerful Hittite empire.  Under no circumstances can Esau’s cursed Canaanite relations be relegated to a mere error in human judgment.  These marriages were carefully and specifically contrived by Esau who, having lost both his birthright and firstborn blessings, sought advantageous ties with the Hittites in order to secure for himself and his progeny a strong financial and military base from which to operate.  Certain branches of the Edomites established seaports at Aqaba and other locations on the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf.  They gained all the necessary sailing skills required of a seafaring people, thus the Edomite clan that migrated into Phoenicia arrived already well educated in the ways of ocean travel and commerce.

    Although I do not claim to be an expert in the etymology of words, I do find it very interesting and intriguing that the words Esau, Ousoos, Usous, Esus (the lord or master of the Druid trinity, which we will show later has a distinctive connection with Esau and Edom), and Zeus all share a very striking similarity, and, based upon the information at our disposal, each of these terms is indeed a name for the Biblical character Esau himself!  Frankly, one is even compelled to consider the Greek Iesous, from which is rendered the familiar name Jesus.  Just comparing these various words,  Esau, Ousoos, Usous, Esus, Zeus, Iesous, and Jesus, cannot help but cause one to wonder about the relationship that they potentially share.  If indeed the original of these terms goes back to Esau, we have a situation that truly shatters previously held conceptions, for such information would indicate that  Esau, the great perpetual enemy of the true Messianic line of Jacob, and Judah in particular, may well have through the centuries been palmed off as the true Savior, and may even to this day still be worshiped in his very own name!  Although I have great respect for the Hebrew name of the Messiah, I have never been a supporter of the idea espoused by some that the word Jesus may be of pagan origin, but, quite frankly, I had never really associated it with Esau, whom I now clearly see as the ultimate rejecter of the true Messiah, and very likely the one historical individual who saw himself as the world messiah, and sought to perpetuate this concept through his descendants.  This possibility certainly gives one reason to pause and consider carefully the implications raised by such a notion.

    • Although I do not claim to be an expert in the etymology of words, I do find it very interesting and intriguing that the words Esau, Ousoos, Usous, Esus (the lord or master of the Druid trinity, which we will show later has a distinctive connection with Esau and Edom), and Zeus all share a very striking similarity, and, based upon the information at our disposal, each of these terms is indeed a name for the Biblical character Esau himself! Frankly, one is even compelled to consider the Greek Iesous, from which is rendered the familiar name Jesus. Just comparing these various words, Esau, Ousoos, Usous, Esus, Zeus, Iesous, and Jesus, cannot help but cause one to wonder about the relationship that they potentially share.

      • “But what does “Iesous” mean in Greek. It has no meaning in Hebrew; as it is not a Hebrew word. In Greek, “Iesous” literally translated means “Hail Zeus”. The name “Jesus” didn’t even exist until the 4th Century and was a later derivative of the late Latin Isus.”
        “This name of the true Messiah, Jahshuwah (Jehoshua), being Hebrew, was objectionable to the Greeks and Romans, who hated the Judeans (Jews), and so it was deleted from the records, and a new name inserted. Jahshuwah (Jehoshua) was thus replaced by Ie-Sous (hail Zeus), now known to us as Jesus.”

        • Those that are acquainted with the facts know Christendom is made up of Christian nations, whose faith was founded not by the Savior of Nazareth, but by pagan philosophers a generation after the death of Messiah’s immediate followers. Christianity is an apostate, as we can readily prove. The denominations, sects, churches or factions, which make up Christianity, are not followers of the Savior of the world. The doctrine He taught, the life He lived, the worship He practiced, are not those of modern Christianity.

          Christianity is Hellenic paganism, nationalized by Roman emperors for national solidarity. It was molded from the doctrines of Plato, Socrates and the Gnostic Grecian philosophers. PlatoChristianity is but a newer name of the old religion of the philosophers. It is molded after them in doctrine, in practice, in worship and in name !

          The Encyclopedia Britannica has this to say relative to this appeasement policy of the ( apostate ) church:

          ” Nothing perhaps has tended more thoroughly to corrupt Christianity than the introduction into it of superstitions which are really pagan themselves, or have been suggested by pagan practices. Paganism, unable to oppose Christianity successfully, had done much to corrupt it, and in numberless ways had made inroads into its purity.”

          Christianity, as such, was not firmly established as a religion until the time of Constantine the Great, who needed a national religion to solidify his empire. ( Same as Jeroboam 1 Kings 12; 26-33 ) He, therefore, adopted the new religion then going into apostasy, and made it into a national sect. He not only caused its acceptance as the one and only religion of the empire, but he formulated its policies, and caused to be accepted its doctrines, and stigmatized as Constantine the Greatheretics those who would not accept the new religion, banishing them from his kingdom, or putting them to death. Anyone may verify the above by referring to any religious encyclopedia on the life of Constantine. Thus began the Roman Catholic Church, from whence sprang the church daughters making up the sects of Christianity.

          When the Messiah was born into the world, His mother was a maid of Israel, of the tribe of Judah. He was born into a holy household, one which worshiped the Almighty according to the doctrine and ritual given by the Most High through the Holy Spirit to the prophets. There is not one iota of evidence in New Testament records that the Savior ever departed from the religion of his people, which was the Scriptural worship of the prophets ( that is the Holy Scripture ), but, rather to obey them, fulfilling them in every yod and title. ” Think not I am come to destroy, but to fulfill.” – Matt. 5; 17.

          He taught the same precepts of holiness, practiced the same life of righteousness, observed the same sacred feasts, hallowed the same weekly Sabbath day, as did the patriarchs and the prophets before Him. But, for the apostate church of His day, he emphasized the power of a life of holiness so lived that its influence would change the vilest sinner, making him whole in body and spirit again. It was the message of the prophets placed into practice of H

  31. Now you understand why I refer to ‘the man commonly known as Jesus’ and why I doubt ‘Jesus Saves’

  32. If you claim to be God .. you can raise the dead ..

    The Criminal History of The Papacy

    In this brief evaluation of just a few popes of these centuries, we read: “On the death of Pope Formosus (896) there began for the papacy a time of the deepest humiliation, such as it has never been experienced before or since. After the successor of Formosus, Boniface VI, had ruled only fifteen days, Stephen VII [VI] was raised to the papal chair. In his blind rage, Stephen not only abused the memory of Formosus but also treated his body with indignity. Pope Stephen was strangled in prison in the summer of 897, and the six following popes (to 904) owed their elevation to the struggles of the rival political parties. Christophorus, the last of them, was overthrown by Sergius III (904–911).” (Catholic Encyclopedia, ii, p. 147)

    Such periods of “deepest humiliation” to the papacy were quite recurrent, and have been even into the 21st century when the extent of priesthood paedophilia was publicly exposed (Apology of Pope John Paul II, March 2002). It was Pope Stephen VII (VI), “a gouty and gluttonous old priest” (Bishop Liutprand of Cremona, c. 922–972), who ordered the rotting corpse of Pope Formosus to be exhumed from its grave of eight months, tied upright in a chair and put on trial for transgressions of the canons. In front of his putrefying body and dressed in purple and gold regalia stood the pope, his bishops, the nobles of Rome and Lamberto of Tuscany.

    The “trial” was a grotesque and obscene farce. The pope paced backwards and forwards and shrieked at the corpse, declaring it guilty. A deacon, standing beside the decomposing body of the ex-pope, answered on its behalf. In this macabre incident, today piously called the “Cadaver Synod”, the deceased pope was duly condemned, stripped of his vestments, three fingers cut from his right hand and his remains dumped into the River Tiber. “In this disgusting business, he [Pope Stephen VII (VI)] cannot be excused for what followed. In declaring the dead pope deposed he also annulled all his acts, including his ordinations. His grim and grisly role provoked a violent reaction in Rome, and in late July or early August Pope Stephen was imprisoned and later strangled.” (The Popes: A Concise Biographical History, ibid., p. 160)

    • It was Pope Stephen VII (VI), “a gouty and gluttonous old priest” (Bishop Liutprand of Cremona, c. 922–972), who ordered the rotting corpse of Pope Formosus to be exhumed from its grave of eight months, tied upright in a chair and put on trial for transgressions of the canons. In front of his putrefying body and dressed in purple and gold regalia stood the pope, his bishops, the nobles of Rome and Lamberto of Tuscany.


  33. Jesuit Marxist liberation theologian crypto-jew from south America.

    • wsdfgh

    • “Jesuit priest James Martin, replied to the Nashville Statement with his own set of affirmations and denials, beginning with “I affirm: That God loves all LGBT people.”

      • Jesuit Martin is against the Nashville statement and as read below, is a close appointee of the Pope. See the wiki above, for more on who is against the Statement. The stirring by some against it demonstrates the day and age in which we live.

        Another godly, historic round of the clear separation of the wheat and the chaff taking place.

    • “On April 12, 2017, Pope Francis appointed [Jesuit James ] Martin and EWTN leader Michael Warsaw as consultants to the Vatican’s Secretariat for Communications.

      “James J. Martin SJ (born December 29, 1960), also known as Jim Martin, is an American Jesuit priest, a writer, and editor-at-large of the Jesuit magazine America. He grew up in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, and now lives in the America House Jesuit Community in midtown Manhattan.”

      “worked in corporate finance at General Electric for six years”

      “He is a frequent commentator for CNN, NPR, Fox News Channel, Time magazine, The Huffington Post,[9] and other news outlets, and has written several op-ed pieces and blogged for The New York Times. Martin appeared several times on The Colbert Report.”

    • Nashville Statement Signed August 29, 2017

      “To be clear: Christians understand the brokenness of the world. We signers know ourselves, like all humanity, to be broken by sin. We have no right to face the world from a claim of moral superiority. We know and confess that Christians have often failed to speak the truth in love.
      In releasing the Nashville Statement, we in fact are acting out of love and concern for people who are increasingly confused about what God has clarified in Holy Scripture.

      “Evangelical Christians believe that God has spoken in the Bible, and that obedience to what he has spoken is both true and essential for human wholeness, freedom, and fulfillment — for human flourishing.

      “The “Nashville Statement,” like many other doctrinal declarations common to Christian history, seeks to summarize, clarify, and affirm what Holy Scripture reveals. In this case, we find ourselves clarifying what no previous generation of Christians has been called upon to clarify. We must now clarify and specify what the Bible teaches about human sexuality, marriage, and what it means to be made male and female.

      “The main goal of the “Nashville Statement” is to point all persons, regardless of the form of our struggles over sexuality or self-identity, to salvation and wholeness in Christ. With all our hearts, we believe that the sexual revolution cannot deliver on its promises, but that Christ always delivers on his.”

  34. THEY-ZUCKO in Rome for honeymoon & now for blessings ?
    thx zeitgeist seem is all that eh?

  35. yes, there was a Vatican coup / complot to oust Ratzinger in order to “modernise” RCC:

    cardinal Daneels:

    …meanwhile…more and more old-styled cardinals, Pope John Paul II style openly opposing Bergoglio’s reforms, pass away…while expecting – without succeeding – to be received by Francis-the-Fake:


      “Caffarra is the second of the “dubia cardinals” to die. Joachim Meisner passed away only two months ago, on July 5 of this year. This leaves only two “dubia cardinals” still alive: Walter Brandmuller and Raymond Burke. Brandmuller is 88, and Burke is 69.

      Caffarra’s death certainly comes as an extreme convenience to Francis, who has been refusing for months even so much as to grant an audience to the authors of the dubia because he does not want to be confronted about his document that sanctions adultery as sometimes being “what God himself is asking amid the concrete complexity of one’s limits” (Antipope Francis, Exhortation Amoris Laetitia, n. 303). In June of this year, Vaticanist Sandro Magister made public Caffarra’s letter to Francis in which he very humbly and kindly begged Francis to be allowed to speak with him about the questions they had raised concerning his “Apostolic Exhortation” — to no avail.

      If Francis’ way of dealing with his opponents is simply to wait for them to die, he’s been in luck so far.”

      ” Although private audiences have been granted to people like Leonardo di Caprio, Hebe de Bonafini, and plenty of Jewish rabbis, somehow Francis just can’t manage to squeeze these four red-hatted prelates into his busy schedule.”

    • i believe know ratzy is still alive as reason he should have been removed besides nefarious ones..

  36. Vatican Journalist: “Francis and Benedict no longer on Speaking Terms”
    March 24, 2017

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