North Korea announces that it has detonated its first hydrogen bomb


North Korea declared Tuesday night that it had detonated its first hydrogen bomb — a weapon far more powerful than it has set off previously — a claim that, if true, would dramatically escalate the nuclear challenge from one of the world’s most isolated and dangerous states.

In a brief announcement about an hour after seismic detectors around the world picked up a 5.1 magnitude seismic event along the country’s northeast cost, North Korea said that the test had been a “complete success.” But it is difficult to tell whether that boast is true, and it may be weeks or longer before detectors sent aloft by the United States and other powers can determine what kind of test was conducted.

The apparent North Korean test took place at or near the Punggye-ri nuclear test site, where the three previous tests have been conducted over the past nine years. But if the North Korean claim is true, this one was of a of a different nature.

In recent weeks, the North’s aggressive young leader, Kim Jong Un, has boasted that the country has finally developed the technology to build a thermonuclear weapon — far more powerful than the low-yield devices tested first in 2006, then in different configurations months after President Obama took office in 2009 and again in 2013.

For the Obama administration, which only six months ago defused the Iranian nuclear threat with an agreement to limit its capabilities for at least a decade, the announcement rekindles the another major nuclear challenge – one that the administration has never found a way to manage. With the Monday night test — Tuesday in North Korea — three of the North’s four tests will have occurred during the Mr. Obama’s term in office. Combined with the North’s gradually increasing missile technology, it poses a larger and larger threat to the region — though it is still not clear the North knows how to mount a nuclear weapon on one of its missiles.


“oi..dont forget about us..we are still here and we are still your favorite scare tactic!”

relevance deprivation syndrome for kimbo..


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One Response to “North Korea announces that it has detonated its first hydrogen bomb”

  1. North Korea nuclear test: UN vows new measures

    The UN Security Council says it will begin work immediately on new measures against North Korea, after Pyongyang said it had tested a hydrogen bomb.
    The council condemned the test, saying “a clear threat to international peace and security continues to exist”.
    This is the North’s fourth nuclear test since 2006, but if confirmed would be the first of an H-bomb.
    However, the US has joined nuclear experts in questioning whether the blast was large enough for such a test.
    US White House spokesman Josh Earnest said “initial analysis was not consistent with North Korea’s claims of a successful hydrogen bomb test”.
    He added: “Nothing that has occurred in the last 24 hours has caused the United States government to change our assessment of North Korea’s technical and military capabilities.”

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