Iraq’s biggest dam on verge of catastrophic collapse


A hydroelectric dam near the northern Iraqi city of Mosul could rapidly collapse in the near future, resulting in thousands of deaths, a top US general in Iraq warns.

“The likelihood of the dam collapsing is something we are trying to determine right now … all we know is when it goes, it’s going to go fast and that’s bad,” US Army Lieutenant General Sean MacFarland, the head of the US-led coalition fighting Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Iraq and Syria, told reporters in Baghdad.

The foundation of the dam, which is the largest in Iraq, requires constant grouting in order to maintain its structural integrity. However, this is no longer possible due to the activities of IS terrorists in the area.

The extremists seized the dam in August of 2014, provoking fears that they could blow it up and unleash a deluge on the densely populated Tigris River valley, as well as on the cities of Mosul and Baghdad, potentially killing thousands of people.

Kurdish Peshmerga forces recaptured the dam two weeks later, eliminating the threat of the demolition. However, IS militants stole all the equipment necessary to maintain the dam and chased away the technicians, leaving the edifice bedridden with structural flaws, according to US Army Colonel Steve Warren, the US-led coalition’s spokesman.

“There was a steady grouting schedule that had been maintained for a long time. When that stopped, obviously the deterioration of the dam increased accordingly,” Warren said as quoted by Reuters.

“If this dam was in the United States, we would have drained the lake behind it. We would have taken that dam out of commission,” MacFarland said in commenting on the issue, adding that Iraqi authorities understood “the potential” for a dam collapse.

He also added that the US military has developed a contingency plan to protect civilians from the impact if the dam does fail.

In the meantime, Iraqi authorities are concluding a deal with an Italian company, the Trevi Group, to upgrade the 3.6 kilometer-long dam and repair its defects.

The dam, which was completed in 1984, was constructed atop a foundation that continuously erodes with exposure to water, leaving cavities beneath the structure.

Since its completion, the Iraqi government has sought to shore up the foundation by injecting mortar-like grout into the subsoil and cavities and controlling seepage.

But that regular maintenance lapsed in 2014 after IS seized the dam, stealing the equipment and chasing off the workers, Warren said.

“After we regained control of that dam, the equipment was all gone, and the workers really never did come back,” Warren said.

“So the rate of decay increased because they weren’t doing that regular maintenance, that regular grouting.”

In 2007 the US ambassador to Iraq and the top American military commander in the country wrote a letter warning the dam could fail with devastating results.

“A catastrophic failure of the Mosul Dam would result in flooding along the Tigris River all the way to Baghdad,” the letter said.

“Assuming a worst case scenario, an instantaneous failure of Mosul Dam filled to its maximum operating level could result in a flood wave 20 metres deep at the city of Mosul,” it said.


we heard this story when they first claimed mosul..i dont know if things have gotten worse since then?

would they blow it as a farewell gift?..quite possible..this is more of a maintenance thing though..


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One Response to “Iraq’s biggest dam on verge of catastrophic collapse”

  1. Pretty sure this has more to do with the Ilısu Dam Turkey is building, and said to be ‘near completion’. It will wipe out an entire town, Hasankeyf, in ‘Batman’ county, a very ancient and archaeological site and a few villages as well. Many people will be displaced and their culture destroyed.

    The Ilısu Dam is also expected to reduce the flow of the Tigris into Syria and Iraq.

    I was thinking also, how convenient it is, right before the introduction of the ‘New Age’ and another one of ‘their’ New Worlds, how so much ‘history’ will again be ‘destroyed’ and then rewritten.

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