Baltic Dry Index crashes below 300 for first time ever



Before this year the lowest level The Baltic Dry Index had reached was 556 in August of 1986 and the highest was in June 2008 at a stunning 11,612. Today saw the freight index hit a new milestone however, crashing through the 300 barrier for the first time ever – at 298, this is almost 50% below the previous record low.

Commodities obviously are saying something very different from “the market”…

And as Dana Lyons notes, of course much of the input into the BDI comes from the price of raw materials. Considering the deflationary spiral in commodities, the drop in the BDI to all-time lows shouldn’t be a shock.

However, the depths that the index is now plumbing is quite alarming and suggests trouble in the global trade picture.

It would also suggest perhaps that the deflationary pressure is not just a supply issue. Consider every prior drop in the Baltic Dry Index down to the 500-600 level. Each time, the index immediately jumped as if latent demand was just waiting for those lower prices. That development has not yet occurred this time around, even as prices are reaching 45% below the previous record low.

The Baltic Dry Index has become a trendy thing to mention in recent years when discussing global market and economic conditions. The truth is, nobody really ever knows for sure what the broader message is behind the index’s behavior.That said, this recent plunge is making it quite difficult to conceive that it means anything positive in terms of the global economy and deflationary pressures.


but thats probably nothing to worry about..right?

look at the disconnect of the nasdaq and commodities..sure they are different industries obviously but you can almost see the money pouring from one to the other..especially if you included the health industry..


~ by seeker401 on February 6, 2016.

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    If less raw materials are moving, it means we are saving the planet for a year or two more; in peace

  3. It’s not a supply issue, it’s a demand issue.
    The oligarchs have used globalism to put the screws to those uppity workers in the U.S. & Europe, to show them they can be easily replaced & to beat the hell out of their wages.
    Now that the European & American markets are dead, the oligarchs are poking the corpse with a stick & meekly whining, “why don’t you get up & buy something?”
    Even though most of the world’s population is suffering now (or fated to soon be suffering) you still have to laugh at the stupidity of the leaders of governments & commerce.
    And the root of this stupidity is no longer just simple greed…it is arrogance & bloated egos.


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  6. another major shipping co bites the dust – south korea;s biggest

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