Lady Gaga and Intel X combine for the 2016 Grammys


hmm..what are intel and gaga up to?

the grammys will show us..i expect some sort of ritual based on this evidence..

“invent the uninventable” magic?

the second video is from a christian perspective..they think they know whats up..

note the cube..



~ by seeker401 on February 10, 2016.

7 Responses to “Lady Gaga and Intel X combine for the 2016 Grammys”

  1. Would seem to me to be a Redefinition of Reality

    Cube = Philosophers Stone or Foundation Stone?

    New Jerusalem / New Age?

    Intel does have a plant in Kiryat Gat near Jerusalem, maybe the new creation will be manufactured there or somewhere else in the New World they are building in the MENA area?

    I hope she’s not going to bring David Bowie back to life, but maybe?

    Intel could be regarded as being a part of the Beast / Anti-christ System.

    in regards to the Christian man’s mentioning Sophia

    It’s said that Sophia was the CREATOR of the Demiurge who imparted a divine spark within him but he was horribly deformed so she hid him in a cloud, and ignorant of Sophia, his ‘Mother god’, and using the power of Spirit, the Demiurge created the physical world. After taking his mother’s power, he created man and called himself god, but Sophia, knowing how horrid her creation was went to the Divine Creator and told him what she’d done and she asked for his help, in which he blew his spirit into the man.

    For a while, Sophia suffers in the bondage of ignorance. Her own light (the divine spark within her) calls her back to the Spirit. Sophia as ‘The Thunder’ or, ‘Perfect Mind’ reveals that she is the one called Truth.

    Sophia is also said to seek Redemption and repentance from the Divine God and to make things right but it is the Demiurge who SENDS nibiru to destroy humanity and their spirituality as many do not worship him in the way he feels he deserves, because within them is the breath of LOVE, and the spirit/ spark / of the true Divine Creator.

    Regarding the earthquake, eclipse/black sun/ (three days of darkness)
    and the rays signifying the sun, or the Woman who gives birth in Revelation,
    all related to the end times, as in the days of Noah. Jonah, was the only warning Christ said we would have, aside from the signs he told the apostles to watch for.

    I don’t think Sophia would qualify to be the antichrist, biblically speaking as in the gnostic texts, she is said to be the Mother/Wife of God.

    Anyway, after the destruction during the days of Noah, which very well could have been the same event – nibiru/ gravitational CHAOS on earth, floods, tsunamis and pole flips, everything was NEW AGAIN and it was a New Age.

    the end……….

  2. off topic..

    • In recent articles the use of cannabis oil (THC) has been explored in the treatment of seizure, proving with literature that the oil can have a drastic and positive impact on patient quality of life. Big Pharma companies and ‘sponsored’ medical practitioners would prefer you believe in pixie dust than alternative medicines. In recent times, the demonization of chiropractors has also been spotlighted, with the American Medical Association portraying them as quacks.

      • Time lapse photography over 60 hours shows the cancer monolayer below first changing from corrugated to smooth from the bottom left as the cancer is destroyed; then the cancer “fingers” are also eaten and destroyed by the macrophages.

  3. hardcore henry…

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