A strange intergalactic force is drawing our Milky Way galaxy inward..the “Great Attractor”



A STRANGE intergalactic force is drawing our Milky Way galaxy inward. We don’t know what, or why. But a hidden swarm of hundreds of nearby galaxies just discovered by Australian astronomers may help reveal the identity of the ‘Great Attractor’.

This pack of galaxies has been spotted by astronomers using CSIRO’s Parkes Observatory in NSW. The international study involved researchers from Australia, South Africa, the US and the Netherlands, and was published today in Astronomical Journal.

Despite being ‘just next door’ in astronomical terms — a mere 250 million light years away — these galaxies have remained hidden from view because they are on the opposite side of our own.

The intensity of stars and dust crowded together along the plane of the Milky Way is directly in the line of sight — masking everything behind it from view.

That something must be there has been known for some time.

Its immense gravitational pull — the equivalent of a million billion Suns — has been observed through calculations of strange deviations in the flight path of nearby galaxies.

And our own.

In the absence of any indication as to what it may be, astronomers have simply dubbed it the ‘Great Attractor’.

Our Milky Way is just one of hundreds of thousands of local galaxies ensnared by its grasp.

And we’re hurtling towards the mysterious source of this attraction force at more than two million kilometres per hour.

“We don’t actually understand what’s causing this gravitational acceleration on the Milky Way or where it’s coming from,” says study lead author Professor Lister Staveley-Smith of the University of Western Australia.

“We know that in this region there are a few very large collections of galaxies we call clusters or superclusters, and our whole Milky Way is moving towards them.”

Essentially, all we know is that there is an immense — but probably diffuse — concentration of mass lurking some 250 million light years away.

Is it a monster-black hole? Or something else?

“Some astronomers think the Great Attractor is a super-supercluster of galaxies; some astronomers think that some regions of the universe are “darker” than others,” Professor Staveley-Smith says, referring to densities of the invisible source of gravity dubbed ‘Dark Matter’.

“Some physicists are even considering the possibility that the mass fluctuations in the universe are so significant that astronomers may be fundamentally misinterpreting the relationship between gravity and motion.”

It all remains speculation.

But observing and understanding the distribution and behaviour of the new galaxies may uncover vital clues.

“The ‘Great Attractor’ lies at the intersection of several large-scale filaments of galaxies,” says Dr Barbel Koribalski of CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science. “One could picture a giant hoover with galaxies near and far slowly streaming towards it. We can’t see much of this hoover, but we can measure the motion of the galaxies.”

What is doing the hoovering is the issue.


the great attractor eh?

sounds very “greek god like”..

hows this for a pie in the sky measurement:

“Its immense gravitational pull — the equivalent of a million billion Suns — has been observed through calculations of strange deviations in the flight path of nearby galaxies.”

“a million billion suns”..

“Some astronomers think the Great Attractor is a super-supercluster of galaxies; some astronomers think that some regions of the universe are “darker” than others,”

think..theorise..guess..assume..all theory eh?


~ by seeker401 on February 12, 2016.

2 Responses to “A strange intergalactic force is drawing our Milky Way galaxy inward..the “Great Attractor””

  1. Too strong for Stephen Hawkings string theory – must be more like the rope theory.
    Was reading there about how cosmic distances are unable to be checked by hard evidence except by more and more hypothesis – meaning they are exaggerated in the extreme .

  2. http://www.altrogiornale.org/download/266722/

    Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s welcome cosmic monsters as the dark energy (never proved), the dark matter (now a wreck) and the inflationary Universe (unjustifiable)


    “Someone says the electric force can be also repulsive, while the gravitational one can’t. WRONG! The gravitational one
    can be repulsive, as well! But the Universe is like a slow elephant which does not show us what we like in any moment,
    but it takes its time in moving. Now its collapsing back (and the attractive gravitational force is an unquestionable proof
    for that), but a long time ago, when it was expanding, matter showed mutual repulsion.

    In other words, why is the proton more massive than the electron? Simply because the Universe which contains them is collapsing!
    But after all, the prevailing science itself is unconsciousnessly encouraging us in thinking all that; in fact, they tell us the Universe is accelerating (Ia-type supernovae). But if it expanded, then, by inertia, it would do it by also slowing down, not up…Their choice was that of inventing a dark energy, in order to justify such an enormous inconsistency, so also providing themselves with a huge job to search for such mysterious dark energy. On the contrary, I remove such a huge job, by looking at the Universe as it is and as it sincerely shows.
    And I leave for them all non provable ghosts, as the unfound dark matter, the unfound dark energy, the passed away cosmic ether, the awkward superluminal neutrinos, faster than light etc.
    Well, we have to admit that if matter shows mutual attraction as gravitation, then we are in a harmonic and oscillating Universe in contraction towards a common point, that is the center of mass of all the Universe. As a matter of fact, the acceleration towards the center of mass of the Universe and the gravitational attractive properties are two faces of the same medal. Moreover, all the matter around us shows it wants to collapse: if I have a pen in my hand and I leave it, it drops, so showing me it wants to collapse; then, the Moon wants to collapse into the Earth, the Earth wants to collapse into the Sun, the Sun into the centre of the Milky Way, the Milky Way into the centre of the cluster and so on; therefore,
    all the Universe is collapsing. Isn’t it?
    So why do we see far matter around us getting farther and not closer? Easy. If three parachutists jump in succession from a certain altitude, all of them are falling towards the center of the Earth, where they would ideally meet, but if parachutist n. 2, that is the middle one, looks ahead, he sees n. 1 getting farther, as he jumped earlier and so he has a higher speed, and if he looks back at n. 3, he still sees him getting farther as n. 2, who is making observations, jumped before n. 3 and so he has a higher speed. Therefore, although all the three are accelerating towards a common point,
    they see each other getting farther. Hubble was somehow like parachutist n. 2 who is making observations here, but he didn’t realize of the collapsing acceleration.
    At last, I remind you again of the fact that recent measurements on Ia type supernovae in far galaxies, used as standard candles, have shown an accelerating Universe; this fact is against the theory of our supposed current post Big Bang expansion, as, after that an explosion has ceased its effect, chips spread out in expansion, ok, but they must obviously
    do that without accelerating.
    Sometimes, someone says that for two parachutists who are perfectly parallel each other, there wouldn’t be any getting farther. Well, that’s a limit situation in which the exception proves the rule. In the Hubble’s Law for the expansion of the Universe, you cannot even number the exceptions…”

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