Symbols of an Alien Sky (Full Documentary)

Here we offer David Talbott’s first glimpses of celestial dramas in ancient times. Just a few thousand years ago a gathering of planets hung as towering forms in the ancient sky close to the earth, provoking spectacular electric discharge formations above our forebears.


thanks to rev17 for the link..

very interested to know the readers thoughts..

the connection of the ancients to the skies is unquestionable..what did they see?


~ by seeker401 on February 14, 2016.

7 Responses to “Symbols of an Alien Sky (Full Documentary)”

  1. Angels are not gods, and planets, either. There is only one God. and his son was born on Earth and a human woman was his mother.
    and many thousands of years before the Son of God with his angels taught throughout the Earth, construction, agriculture, spirituality, and everything that human beings need to develop happily on Earth.

    as Tiahuanaco, other large buildings for the knowledge of human beings in the future, we, were built during the call Night of Time.

    I repeat: Jesus has light in heself, is not a planet, he is a being with personality, with the most marvelous attributes that I could mention, and Son of God. And the Father … just before God I lowered my eyes. I could not look at him, also because I wanted to return to Earth. but I can say that God told me about my past, present and future .. I cannot explain better shortening.
    The planets are a small part in the immeasurable creation of God.
    I also have light, I saw my own light when I was 8 or 9 years, I taught a friend to see my light. She was scared .. she was very close to me.
    Every human being has his own light, and can shine or fade, and this must be in our hand. Truth and love are important, although not easy to find. Opponents of truth and love are not going to leave us an easy way.

    events indicating the end of the age..
    I understand, that the end of time is not the end of the Earth.
    Opponents of truth and love are not going to leave us an easy way.

    These books explain all this, from the personal experiences of a human female, but for now, are written only in Spanish:–CONOCER-Spanish-ebook/dp/B00K098N1Y/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

    • thanks rosario..

      • Thank you, Seeker, for this space where we can share views on life itself, and the opportunity to discuss and learn. Although lately I do not appear much, but you know, I mess with too many letters here and there .. I need to complete a work, I can not translate it into English, which also takes me so long .. before ending at Spanish. but I left a lot of things, not very well translated but … I hope you have been understood, at least the essentials.
        often tempt me your articles, because many issues are related to what I write in my books. my life, thank God, is of extraordinary wealth, and living difficulties and overcome them, too. Nor can I forget that to understand this from the outside is not easy .. but what we see on Earth, either, it’s easy to understand, and I want the truth to be seen, most fundamentally, to humans. and so I present the journey of my life. I find it hard, it costs me a lot … … but I will complete the work, God knows

        • we are all part of the melting pot rosario..we all bring different life experiences..and we ARE all different..if everybody looked the same we would get pretty bored..🙂

          • .🙂 We’re different. HOWEVER we are all on the same stage, performing our particular role in a single work, a unique history: the history of the Earth, with a beginning and an end. it would be nice to know the meaning, the End Times. I think on Earth, nothing will be the same after Jesus returns, and is sure he will.
            in any case, the Earth is not my place, I came here with a specific purpose, and not to stay. many human beings have had many lives on Earth, that I’m aware I’ve had, the current and another about 2000 years ago. but as a Catholic leader told my first boyfriend, through the Nephilim runes, I have had another life in this world, but I have not yet detected in my regressions, nor have I received such information from any other source .
            Those who are on the dark side, have got many information about me, but I also know things from them, and now I can defend myself, I know who they are, I’ve seen their faces and have read their minds. and to them it will cost them a lot to get me back more poisons or other methods to eliminate me, because they will fall in their own trap.
            I’m bored, having to defend me, and I alone, the attack of many miserable. lifetime., Seeker. I’m tired. and it is very boring.

            • stay alert roasrio..

              • Thanks for your advice, seeker. all my life I lived on alert, since I was born, but I did not show fear, but since I know who they are, because there are many who have walked around me to frustrate all my life goals in search of truth and love I am not afraid anymore. We are not those who want the truth, who have to hide from gangs who have sold their souls to Lucifer, because they are those who must be exposed to the whole society and watched by all of us, because they are criminals, many with blood on their hands. we must learn to identify them and expose them, because they tend to be close to us.
                ah! and Lucifer and some of his devils, could have horns and a tail when they want, but usually, their appearance may be even naive. Just the way they look in their eyes, betray themselves. and they know how to disappear from the scene of the crime without leaving their trace. they are many protecting each other, under oath before Lucifer.

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