Obama signs African electricity plan into law




US President Barack Obama has signed into law an initiative aimed at bringing electricity to 50 million people in sub-Saharan Africa by 2020.

The Electrify Africa Act of 2015 will give legal backing to Mr Obama’s flagship Power Africa scheme, which is trying to improve access to electricity through public-private partnerships.

It took nearly two years to be passed in both houses of the US Congress.

About two-thirds of people in Africa do not have access to reliable power.

Observers say the new legislation is likely to ensure that the scheme continues even after Mr Obama leaves the White House in 2017.

The scheme has set itself the long-term target of doubling electricity access in sub-Saharan Africa.

The legislation would “improve the lives of millions in sub-Saharan Africa by helping to reduce reliance on charcoal and other toxic fuel sources that produce fumes that kill more than HIV/Aids and malaria combined,” said House Foreign Affairs committee chairman Ed Royce, a long-time supporter of the initiative.

It would also “promote the development of affordable and reliable energy”, he added, in a statement on Monday.

Management consultant firm McKinsey estimates that it will cost $835bn (£575bn) to connect the entire continent’s population to electricity by 2030.

Aside from the US government, African governments, development partners, and the private sector are all involved in the Power Africa scheme.

The US government has made financial commitments of $7bn to support the scheme, which it says in turn has drawn a further $43bn in investment pledged from other public and private partners.



we have followed this one..power africa should be renamed: raid and pillage and take ownership of energy needs in african countries..

“Aside from the US government, African governments, development partners, and the private sector are all involved in the Power Africa scheme.”

names and companies please..

“The Electrify Africa Act of 2015 will give legal backing to Mr Obama’s flagship Power Africa scheme, which is trying to improve access to electricity through public-private partnerships.”

so the usa passes an act to electrify africa..did they ask africa if thats cool?

maybe they want to do this with russia or china?


~ by seeker401 on February 15, 2016.

25 Responses to “Obama signs African electricity plan into law”


  2. An electric version of the Trojan Horse

  3. How nice,
    Taking care of his own people. What about the negroes here. 82 murders this year in Chicago. And we’re only 45 days into it. http://heyjackass.com/

    • hasnt that got the tightest gun laws in the land?

      • Yes it does. Did you see the charts on the victims and the people doing the shootin. There are more than just gun laws at issue here.
        Check out Colin Flaherty on youtube. He puts out videos every day

        At some point, we’re gonna have to call a spade a spade. Ever wonder why Africa is a shithole? I’m thinking its because it’s filled with Africans.

        • — same with Amurca —

        • easy to blame africans when most of the power is in the hands of white people (which includes ashkenazi jews).

          africa had civilization, including vastly wealthy empires, for thousands of years. the beginning of the end for africa came when semites gained power by intermarrying with egyptian royalty and eventually pretending to be egyptian royalty, despite secretly keeping their original religion of worshipping baal.

          this set the stage for the eventual collapse of egyptian and other african civilization, so that when waves of invaders came though in subsequent centuries there wasn’t anything there in terms of resistance. eventually the arabs (more semites) overran the north and rest of the continent was carved up by colonialism. the final remaining exception was ethiopia, but the west eventually took them out as well with a marxist revolution.

          in the US, africans have been betrayed by left liberals, who pay them to have fatherless children, and by right conservatives, who setup a prison labor system aimed at them. the military and cia openly floods their neighborhoods with guns and drugs. and then they get an ashkenzi jew, an actual member of the idf, as their mayor. and we wonder why they kill each other?

          there are people in this world who really deserve your hate, scorn, and ridicule. and most of them are white – and that includes most jews. white people have murdered millions upon millions of people in the last 100 years alone with their stupid white-on-white wars. but yeah 82 people in chicago, that’s what really matters…. right?

          • I see you put a lot into your response. I am very suspicious of Jewish behavior. The United States media is being exposed by Donald Trump. If I’m not mistaken the media owners are Jewish. More empirical evidence that they are in league with wall street. And 75% of the board of directors at the Federal Reserve are Jewish. I’m already leaning toward the Jew as the underlying problem. As it appears, wall street is in control of the united states. When Trump becomes president, I suspect that America’s fucked up foreign policy will change for the better. You seem to resent anyone talking about black bad behavior. Are you Black?
            Just like the evidence you correctly laid out about Jewish behavior, there is plenty of evidence of blacks living up to their stereotype.

            • https://seeker401.wordpress.com/2013/04/17/six-jewish-companies-control-96-of-the-worlds-media/

            • “When Trump becomes president…”

              ain’t gonna happen. it’s just a tv show. polls show sanderjew beating butt trumpet in a landslide. the media just hypes it up so it seems like a contest.

              if people are to be thought of as racial groups, then, yes, white people have no place talking about the behavior of black people. the vast, vast majority of violence in the last 400 years has been perpetrated by white people. the leaders white people vote for flood black communities with drugs and guns. liberal white people continue to want to pay black people to have fatherless children. conservative white people continue to want to send black people to slave labor camps. white people cause all the wars, sending black people to fight, kill, and die for them.

              when white people stop attacking black people, then maybe i’ll find five minutes to deign to talk to you about black behavior. when white people stop bombing the fuck out of brown and black people worldwide, maybe i can find a nanosecond or two to care about what americans think.

              my “race” is irrelevant to the discussion. thankfully, i’m neither black nor white, nor latino, nor american. i do however live most of my days in a black neighborhood and have almost always lived in black and latino neighborhoods – mainly because i just don’t like living around white people and their behavior.

          • Chairman Meow killed 45 million people in 4 or 5 years… champion

            In 1937, Nanking fell to the Japanese. In the next six weeks, the Japanese committed the infamous Nanking Massacre, or the Rape of Nanking, during which an estimated 300,000 Chinese were butchured, and 20,000 women were raped.

            chop, chop,,,chop

            • yes indeed. but when it comes to communism, that’s another of the white/jewish people’s tricks – was marx chinese?

              i think 99% of americans have no idea that US boats used to patrol the yangtze river or that they played any role in the chinese civil war that brought mao to power. the nationalists first faltered when their christian president, dr. sun yat sen, was poisoned while under the protection of his bodyguard – a jew named cohen (you can’t make this stuff up).

              who trained mao’s guerillas? the oss, precursor to the cia.

              but it goes beyond all of that. did you know that mao was a star student at yale? yale ran a network of universities across china, including mao’s alma mater, the normal school of changsha.

              “In 1903, Yale Divinity School established a number of schools and hospitals throughout China that were collectively known as ‘Yale in China.’ It has since been shown that ‘Yale in China’ was an intelligence network whose purpose was to destroy the republican movement of Sun Yat-sen on behalf of the Anglo-American Establishment. The Anglo-American “Establishment” hated Sun, because he wanted to develop China. On the other hand, they loved the Chinese communists because they intended to keep China backward, and were committed to the production of drugs. . One of ‘Yale in China’s’ most important students was Mao Zedong.” — anthony sutton

              the rothschilds were active in china from the 1830s, having a hand in founding the people’s bank of china in 1948 which is now the central bank for china.

              so white/jewish ideology (communism), white training (oss,yale), white/jewish setup (betrayal of sen and the nationalists), white/jewish banking/funding.

              can it be said that the opposite is true? did chinese people setup wwi and wwii? nope.

          • and then they get an ashkenzi jew, an actual member of the idf, as their mayor. and we wonder why they kill each other?


        • https://nevadastatepersonnelwatch.wordpress.com/2016/02/14/obama-signs-executive-order-to-legalize-land-grabs/

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  5. Great Post

  6. […] Source: Obama signs African electricity plan into law […]

  7. The afreakan in detroit need water more thantge other ones need electric to run stuff they don’t have

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