Bo Polny: Dollars & bonds not a safe haven this crash

Financial analyst Bo Polny expects big losses in the bond market around the world. Polny explains, “How many countries are going to be happy about that? Now, you want to know why gold goes vertical? People are going to run from paper because the bonds that were safe havens in 2007 and the dollars that were safe havens in 2007, this time around, is the opposite. So, you don’t have safety in paper. You don’t have safety in the dollar. You don’t have safety in bonds this time. So, gold will be the asset class that everybody is going to run to.”

Is gold on the launching pad with the rocket boosters warming up? Polny says, “Yes, yes, there is very little time left. If you don’t act, and your money is in the stock and bond markets . . . a transfer of wealth is going to happen, and the date in October is not a crash. It’s something else. . . . Before all that happens, you are going to have markets collapse. We may have a little bounce in the markets, but that will be the final opportunity to get out. If people have not gotten out of their positions and done something with their stocks before the end of this month, February, it’s going to get ugly.”


very good video..please note polny has a conflict of interest in that he is a gold he will always push gold..

is he right on the timing?

whats coming in october?

does this cycle theory he mentions play into what armstrong uses?


~ by seeker401 on February 17, 2016.

17 Responses to “Bo Polny: Dollars & bonds not a safe haven this crash”

  1. bonds from super cash rich companies like google or apple are safer than treasuries at this point.

    whatever you do, DO NOT put all your eggs in a basket of gold. the timing of inflation vs. the unfolding of deflation has not been settled yet. my personal roadmap says gold goes up multi-month or multi-year, then goes to new lows as deflation’s grip takes hold.

  2. Bo Polny’s conflict of interest is the Shemitah more a disciple of Jonathan Cahn than Martin Armstrong .. his calls on gold have missed the mark for the past year .. eventually he’ll be right.

    • is he linked with cahn?..urrrgghh..

      as i said in a previous post..a broken clock is right twice a day..

      • Bo Polny was promoted by ‘Mr Gold’ Jim Sinclair because he called the top in gold at $1900 to the day and sold everything. Sinclair said, “he’s talking to God.”
        He started a subscription newsletter calling for $2000 by Oct 2015 and subsequently every week thereafter … with lots of charts and bible verses focused on the Shemitah.

        I wrote to him concerning Cahn and sent your post on Cahn, he responded, acknowledging he is a believer.

        Jim Sinclair seems to experiencing the transfer of wealth as the government of Tanzania has seized all the property of Tanzanian Royalty Exploration.

        • thanks rev..valuable i stated..he will ALWAYS push gold and the good gold story because thats what he is about..

          apparently he used his cycles theory to get the gold date top and this is also what gives him the date in october..

          • His use of ‘transfer of wealth’ terminology is very familiar aka NAR Peter Wagner .. The Great Transfer of Wealth .. i’m pretty sure Bo is a member of this camp.


  4. Gold Forecaster Says $2,000 in 2014–Minerals-2014/666/2014-05-14/Gold-Forecaster-Says-$2000-in-2014

  5. Bo Polny – Shemitah 2015, Expected to Disappoint the World! –

  6. The TRUE Date of SHEMITAH 2016 and the YEAR of JUBILEE / Bo Polny

  7. Bo Polny challenges Jonathan Cahn’s work by showing how the Shmitah is really in 2016

    In 2015, Harbinger author Jonathan Cahn shocked Wall Street and the theological world with his work on the Shmitah, or Jubilee year in biblical history. And after Elul 29 came and went with little or no earth shattering event in either finance or geo-politics taking place, the wave of fascination regarding the Shmitah waned into the limelight.

    But another biblical scholar, and researcher of cycles is challenging Cahn’s assessment that 2015 was to be the year of the Shmitah, and instead points towards October of 2016 as the true date of the historical marker.

  8. If you can afford it, perhaps it is wiser to pay off debt.

    Aware humans are taking positive action to expose fraud and other crimes against humanity. The more we ‘pull together’ the easier we can ride great waves of change to a softer landing rather than a merciless crash.

  9. Bo finally admits he was off by a year but he’s on target now ..

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