Images 21/2/16

mileys tattoosit winzer

these are some tattoos from mileys favorite tattooist..




BOA mural at their charlotte branch..nice checkerboard..


whats going with that tree?


the full design..and some possible explanations in the video below..

Kristen Stewart named face of Chanel make-up

kristen stewart for chanel..


got my eye on eye..


has this been proven to be the reason?

kevin jonas

kevin jonas with a crowley thing going on..

adam lambert

same with adam lambert..


#noir indeed..

willow smith

willow eye..


ditto..what are they doing to this kid?

Cardinal Wojtyla and Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka on a camping trip in 1978

the old pope and a good “friend”..🙂


controversial magazine cover from poland this week..


~ by seeker401 on February 21, 2016.

24 Responses to “Images 21/2/16”


  2. Hello Seeker.

    About the two blue bars on the Israeli flag.

    The idea about the Nile and the Euphrates has merit, since it’s very clear that the Tribe aims to occupy that whole area for itself. That’s the main reason that their creatures ISIS (and others) have been doing such things as burning the libraries in Mosul and destroying ancient sites in Palmyra and Nineveh and Nimrud etc. — which would be very much in keeping with the Tribe’s future agenda of eliminating and rewriting history in that area, just as they have tried to rewrite history in Palestine to say that Palestinians as such never really existed.

    Also, one of the blue bars might represent the Tigris, since annexing the fertile south of Irak would make sense to a mission like theirs.

    But anyway, there is something else about the flag. The esoterics and metaphysics of it need addressing, as they always must. If you look at the flag the right way up, you see an upward pointing triangle (traditional symbolism for male energy) and a downward pointing triangle (traditional symbolism for female energy).

    But these two symbolic triangles have been forced into a distorted union by the way they are confined by whatever the two horizontal blue bars represent. They are not in a natural and harmonious union, which would be represented by a diamond or tetrahedron shape.

    The distorted relationship of the two energies describes the psychotic nature of that peculiar little terrorist state quite reasonably.

    That’s how it looks to me, anyway.

    Andrew Farquharson.

  3. that hand is one on the most common tattoos nowadays

  4. The Freemasons Created Hollywood

    • holy wood..

      Cecil B. deMille was a Hollywood movie director, and Mason with the Prince of Orange Lodge No. 16, New York. His film The Squaw Man was the first major film to be made in Hollywood.

  5. Looks like the burning bush . Masonry is full of artistic mumbo jumbo like this – as if this utopia filled with wisdom is ever going to happen. The blue masons are fodder for the high levels – as Albert Pike directed.

  6. – check the last video…

  7. sure youve heard this already but….


    the attacks didnt happen or were vastly exaggerated. no videos, no photos, and “leaked” police docs. now they are claiming 1200 ‘victims’ but originally there were only about 50 complaints.

    • i dont doubt something happened but its been overblown and grossly exaggerated and if there is no evidence then there is no factual story..isnt that how science works?🙂

  9. Nevada-trumpp winning- speech when he said an amazing 2 months
    look his hand is the ok sign= we know is 3 times6 maybe was just ok but…
    he keep it up for at while just maybe? a sign ?

    onCologne topic hear that was no like they press publish

  10. fucking chomsky….

    ‘…Chomsky declines to endorse Bernie Sanders’s proposal to break up major Wall Street banks. “The consequences should be carefully explored,” Chomsky says. “I haven’t done so.”‘

    the article goes on to call that a “pretty admirable stance.”


    on the good side you’ll probably have fewer arrests and prosecutions. on the down side it looks like growing is restricted and will be monopolized with a licensing scheme.

    before purchasing commercial/medical cannabis, always ask whatever you can about how it was grown. in particular, hydroponic cannabis must be flushed with pure water or flushing agents for 1-2 weeks before harvest, otherwise you get headache weed. soil-grown cannabis has this issue as well, especially if chemical fertilizers are used, but if the grower did things right, you get a ‘terroir’ akin to what wine connoisseurs talk about with grapes.

    here in california we have competing businesses trying to become organic/green certifiers for cannabis production. seems like that would be a great business to have in australia right now. (unfortunately they talk about stuff like carbon footprints too)

  12. thx Seek the horns with is that jesseJ ? still the horns with a biker is the same that with a metal-head imho
    the ok-6 sign was different + the time framed 2 months also imho
    thx XXX wow noam unreal

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