Secret chamber in Tutankhamun’s tomb: It will be a “Big bang..the discovery of the 21st century.”

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Tantalising news about the ‘secret chamber’ in Tutankhamun’s tomb.

“We do not know if the burial chamber is Nefertiti or another woman, but it is full of treasures.” – Egypt’s Tourism Minister, Hisham Zaazou.

It seems that some secrets are too good to keep. Is this a phenomenal leak about what lays beyond the false wall in Tutankhamun’s tomb? Is it speculative wishful thinking? Or is this a clever boost for badly-needed tourism?

Mr. Zaazou claims that the announcement of what lays inside the secret chamber will be made in April. “It will be a ‘Big Bang’ – the discovery of the 21st century.”

To be honest, I’m not sure what to make of the news that has wafted out of Egypt via Spain in the past 24 hours. The Spanish national daily newspaper, ABC, claims that Egypt’s Tourism Minister, Hisham Zaazou, who was in Spain a few weeks ago, confirmed that there is “treasure” in Tutankhamun’s tomb.

That does seem pretty definitive.

Late last year a Japanese expert used his powerful radar equipment to peer behind what is suspected to be a false wall in Tutankhamun’s tomb. Beyond, if Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves is right, lays the untouched burial of Queen Nefertiti, whose tomb has never been found.

Dr. Reeves believes that Nefertiti was buried in the Valley of the Kings after reigning as “King” for a couple of years following the death of her husband, Akhenaten. When Tutankhamun followed her into the afterlife unexpectedly early, those in charge of his burial were caught by surprise. Tutankhamun’s own tomb was unfinished, so Nefertiti’s was opened and adapted to accommodate the king’s burial equipment. All the while, Queen Nefertiti’s own burial lay beyond a false wall, decorated to fool thieves into believing it was solid. If that’s true, it worked. While Tutankhamun’s tomb was plundered twice, soon after the king’s burial, the thieves, distracted by the king’s accessible riches, never probed the walls looking for another treasure trove.

Tantalisingly, the scans detected a large void. The Minister of Antiquities, Mamdouh el-Damaty, declared that he was 90% sure that was something was there worth investigating. The scans went off to Japan for further analysis and we were left dangling, waiting for news. News which has been very thin on the ground – until now.

Hisham Zaazou seems to have leaked that the big reveal in April “…will be a historic moment.”

If this is true, we are still left guesses as to whether the radar scans have picked up the signal of large amounts of metal behind the wall, or if a tiny hole for a camera has been drilled into the mystery chamber via the tomb’s ‘Treasury’, part of which is adjacent to the “void”.

Of course, a cynical person could be forgiven for wondering why, in a government that is a stickler for protocol, the Tourism Minister was revealing such massive news rather than the Minister for Antiquities. It does seem remarkable that Mr. Zaazou has been so loose-lipped. Or could it be that the Minister is largely bluffing, hoping for a much-needed tourism boost?

However it is curious that the British Egyptologist who started all this, Nicholas Reeves, is currently in Luxor. Thankfully we don’t have to wait all that long to find out. April will be here before we know it.


now this is sort of interesting..whats in there?

“Mr. Zaazou claims that the announcement of what lays inside the secret chamber will be made in April. “It will be a ‘Big Bang’ – the discovery of the 21st century.”

a big bang eh?

might be some alien slaves buried alongside nefertiti?? 🙂


~ by seeker401 on February 26, 2016.

11 Responses to “Secret chamber in Tutankhamun’s tomb: It will be a “Big bang..the discovery of the 21st century.””


    • off-topic: does somebody know a web-psge I could use to download videos from youtube IN AVI. FORMAT? or maybe a secure & free program? thanks in advance..

    • Many of the pyramidologists in the 19th century have pointed out an amazing correlation. The volume or cubic capacity of the Coffer in the King’s chamber is exactly the same volume to the Ark of the Covenant as described in the Bible. Could there be some common measurement that was used that goes back to antiquity? Could there be some common builders involved? It has also been shown that the “pyramid inch”, which is discussed in our pyramidology sections, is the same unit of measurement that was used to build “Noah’s Ark, “Solomon’s Temple”, and the “Ark of the Covenant”. We will also discuss in another article the relationship between a standard Egyptian unit of area and its relationship to Stonehenge.

  2. and then I recalled cayce’s prophecies..:

    …wait to see what will be showen to the public…

    • So, why would Egypt hide the Hall of Records? Obviously, the main reason would be the knowledge that the Egyptians did not develop civilization independently but instead were taught the concepts of it. This change in thinking would make the ancient Egyptian culture not as sophisicated as originally thought and all of their achievements would be questioned. Buildings such as the Great Pyramid and Abu Simbel would have to be questioned as to who was really responsible for the technology and ideas behind the building of them. Even the Sphinx would have to be questioned.

  3. If there’s anything in there that refutes the current narrative, I guarantee the public will never hear of it, so I’m really not all that enthused.

  4. Scientists discover hidden chambers in Tutankhamun’s tomb

    Radar scans of the tomb of pharaoh Tutankhamun in the ancient necropolis of Luxor showed a 90 percent chance of two hidden chambers, possibly containing organic material.

    Experts had scanned the tomb to find what a British archaeologist believes could be the resting place of Queen Nefertiti, the legendary beauty and wife of Tutankhamun’s father whose mummy has never been found.

    Preliminary scans of Tutankhamun’s tomb reveal “two hidden rooms behind the burial chamber” of the boy king, Antiquities Minister Mamduh al-Damati told reporters.

    “Yes, we have some empty space, but not total empty, including some organic and metal material,” Damati said in English.

    When asked how certain he was, he said there was a “90 percent” chance.

  5. and he speaks again…

    …such a suspense…

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