Images 28/2/16


busy week for images..lets kick off with rihanna and her new video for her song..antidiary..worship the horns and pyramids..




tyler the creator he is called..he likes crowley..does he know who he was and what he stood for?

tyler the creator goblin

yeah i think he does..


my credo..


real or fake.. 😛


he said it not me..he might have a fair idea as well..i agree with him..


just in case you forgot the signal cruz gave out at the start of the gop process..




now this maybe a genuine coincidence..or maybe not..the economist is a key magazine to watch..

Reese Witherspoon

reese witherspoon..they all know the signs..

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen put up their Beverly Hills Estate for sale and this is an image of their home theater. For some reason, we clearly see the iconic scene from Metropolis

john legend and chrissy teigen put their beverly hills estate for sale online and this is an image of their home theater..for some reason we clearly see the iconic scene from metropolis..a movie we have discussed many times on the blog..nice pentagram..


im sure they wont..blood sacrifice works well..


franky and the krill master..historic they say..

performers-the-hollywood-vampires depp and Alice Cooper and Joe Perry

hollywood vampires are always performing..gee..i thought alice was dead by now!


a true revolutionary?..its from 1963 at a civil rights protest..who is it?

_88413358_trudeaupride first world leader

the first world leader ever to march they say..the heart looks a bit squashed..

A screenshot from the Islamic State's video, showing Dorsey and Zuckerberg.

the black flag wavers put this out during the week..apparently they dont like zuckerberg unfriending them all the to be hated eh?


~ by seeker401 on February 28, 2016.

13 Responses to “Images 28/2/16”

  1. 6th pix: who are the prominent aussies in this movement..?
    (waiting for Malcolm-in-the-middle moving to the left?)

  2. thx Seek 🙂 they year book pics btw they still want hiliar even they repubss unreal just listen to they if you guys have the spirit for it

  3. The sign looks masonic on the eastern bishops headdress .

  4. funny that there will never be a pic of hitlery being arrested for being pro civil rights, but she gets the black vote over sanderjew who put his own body on the line.

  5. Civil Rights Protester getting arrested in Chicago picture is Bernie Sanders, probably when he was under the direction of what I like to call, the University of Chicago Communist training camp for Saul Alinsky Agitators.

  6. Couple more pics of young Bernie, whose heart may have been in the right place at the time, who knows, but those directing them were not and still are not….they are incapable of caring about others, especially the downtrodden and minorities, but they do indeed have their own agenda. CORE activists.

    Today these CORE programs include dumbing down our children through their COMMON CORE CRAP.

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