Kofi Annan on why it’s time to legalize drugs

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U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan speaks in front of journalists during his last official press conference at the United Nations European headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, Tuesday, Nov 21, 2006. Kofi Annan will leave his post of United Nations Secretary General at the end of the year. (AP Photo/Keystone, Salvatore Di Nolfi)

Former U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan


Drugs are dangerous, but current narcotics policies are an even bigger threat because punishment is given a greater priority than health and human rights. It’s time for regulations that put lives and safety first, argues former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

In my experience, good public policy is best shaped by the dispassionate analysis of what in practice has worked, or not. Policy based on common assumptions and popular sentiments can become a recipe for mistaken prescriptions and misguided interventions.

Nowhere is this divorce between rhetoric and reality more evident than in the formulation of global drug policies, where too often emotions and ideology rather than evidence have prevailed.

Take the case of the medical use of cannabis. By looking carefully at the evidence from the United States, we now know that legalizing the use of cannabis for medical purposes has not, as opponents argued, led to an increase in its use by teenagers. By contrast, there has been a near tripling of American deaths from heroin overdoses between 2010 and 2013, even though the law and its severe punishments remain unchanged.

This year, between April 19 and 21, the United Nations General Assembly will hold a special session on drugs and the world will have a chance to change course. As we approach that event, we need to ask ourselves if we are on the right policy path. More specifically, how do we deal with what the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has called the “unintended consequences” of the policies of the last 50 years, which have helped, among other things, to create a vast, international criminal market in drugs that fuels violence, corruption and instability? Just think of the 16,000 murders in Mexico in 2013, many of which are directly linked to drug trafficking.

Continue here: http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/kofi-annan-on-why-drug-bans-are-ineffective-a-1078402.html


if the big dogs are calling for this then they must want to control and regulate it and of course..make money..

“This year, between April 19 and 21, the United Nations General Assembly will hold a special session on drugs and the world will have a chance to change course. As we approach that event, we need to ask ourselves if we are on the right policy path.”

that will be an interesting session..


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12 Responses to “Kofi Annan on why it’s time to legalize drugs”

  1. Could be a subtle way of getting most of us high as kites and easily controllable such as not getting angry when a robot gets your job and believing the NWO is a great thing

    In the past the Brits used the gunboats to keep the chinese on the opium but now this is an easier way .

  2. perhaps they want to legalize drugs because it’s the final reason for cash to exist – the banks make quite a bit of money laundering all that cash. but they’ve possibly reached a crossroas where total financial control is more important than, or more profitable than, laundering profits.

    lots of very stupid people will of course proclaim that legalization will mean more people using the drugs, but history does not really support that. teen cannabis use is already down in colorado. legalization usually leads to an initial increase (as people celebrate the legalization) followed by a decrease below the starting point. oh the nwo does definitely want you drugged up – but that’s what their pharma companies are for.

    • LOL You’re probably right xxx, people will now be able to buy their drugs with their JP Morgan issued chipcard, and the Insurance companies will raise your premiums sky high or drag you into rehab where they will sell you the big money drugs of death.

    • prohibtion doesnt work..never has..

      i tell my young lad he cant have any lollies for 24 hours and put a bowl of them in front of him..he will do everything he can to get some..gets lollies as a gift from a kids party they sit in his room for days untouched because nobody said he cant have them..dig? 🙂

  3. http://sentinelblog.com/2016/03/01/meet-the-billionaire-pedophile-pal-of-trump-clinton-prince-andrew-youtube/

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