Farrakhan praises Trump for not taking Jewish money..repeats claim that Jews behind 9/11

VALDOSTA, GA - FEBRUARY 29: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign event at the Valdosta State University in Valdosta, GA on Monday Feb. 29, 2016. (Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign event at the Valdosta State University in Valdosta, GA on Monday Feb. 29, 2016.


Donald Trump won praise from Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan for not taking Jewish money in his quest for the White House.

Farrakhan, who has made frequent anti-Semitic comments, lauded Trump during a sermon Sunday in Chicago, according to the Anti-Defamation League website the following day.

The praise from Farrakhan comes on the heels of a controversy in which the Republican presidential front-runner failed to immediately disavow the endorsement of David Duke, a former Ku Klux Klan leader.

According to the ADL, Farrakhan said the billionaire Trump is “the only mem­ber who has stood in front of Jew­ish com­mu­nity and said I don’t want your money. Anytime a man can say to those who con­trol the politics of Amer­ica, ‘I don’t want your money,’ that means you can’t con­trol me. And they can­not afford to give up con­trol of the pres­i­dents of the United States.”

Farrakhan, 82, stopped short of a full endorsement, however, stating: “Not that I’m for Mr. Trump, but I like what I’m look­ing at.”

The ADL said Farrakhan’s sermon also blamed Jews, whom he referred to as the “Synagogue of Satan,” for the Iraq War and 9/11 terror attacks.

Referring to former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, Farrakhan said, “These are people sitting in the Pentagon, planning the destruction of Muslim nations.”

“Wolfowitz had 10 years now, to plan how they’re gonna clean out the Mid­dle East and take over those Mus­lim nations. They needed another Pearl Har­bor,” Farrakhan said, according to the ADL. “They needed some event that was cataclysmic, that would make the Amer­i­can peo­ple rise up, ready for war … they plot­ted a false flag oper­a­tion, and when a gov­ern­ment is so rot­ten that they will kill inno­cent peo­ple to accom­plish a polit­i­cal objec­tive, you are not deal­ing with a human …”

Farrakhan continued, “George Bush, and those devils, Satans around him. They plot­ted 9/11. Ain’t no Mus­lim took con­trol of no plane.”

Blaming the Jews for 9/11 was nothing new for Farrakhan, who said in a 2015 sermon that “it is now becoming apparent that there were many Israelis and Zionist Jews in key roles in the 9/11 attacks.”


is it strange for me to be a closet fan of farrakhan?

i think a lot of things he says are on point..some others arent..this one is..

“They needed some event that was cataclysmic, that would make the Amer­i­can peo­ple rise up, ready for war … they plot­ted a false flag oper­a­tion, and when a gov­ern­ment is so rot­ten that they will kill inno­cent peo­ple to accom­plish a polit­i­cal objec­tive, you are not deal­ing with a human …”

you can watch trump tell the clan of berg lobby group he doesnt want their money above..


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48 Responses to “Farrakhan praises Trump for not taking Jewish money..repeats claim that Jews behind 9/11”

  1. Outsourcing Creates Jobs in the Long Run

    by Donald J. Trump
    Chairman, Trump University


    New York Attorney General’s Suit Against Trump University May Proceed, Court Rules


    • seriously..if this guy is such a belligerent asshole..wouldnt he be easy to beat???? what are they worried about??

      and now we have failed mormon nominee romney begging the slaves not to use their own opinions when voting..

      • Jewish opposition is designed to give Trump credibility, as in the banker coup ruse of 1932. 

        Donald Drumpf:

        “The only [candidate] that’s going to give real support to Israel is me,” said Donald Drumpf. “The rest of them are all talk, no action. They’re politicians. I’ve been loyal to Israel from the day I was born. My father, Fred Trump, was loyal to Israel before me.”[51]


        • Tel Aviv Pins Hopes on Clinton


          One of the things that makes both Trump and Sanders so entirely different from the mainstream US political class is that neither of them genuflects to Tel Aviv and both of them take the idea that Palestinians have rights too. In fact the only chance of Israeli dominance of US foreign policy appears to rest with Hillary Clinton. She may be Goldman Sachs’ dog in this fight, but she is also Tel Aviv’s.

          Unfortunately, despite continuing wins and trouncing Clinton in debate, it seems most unlikely Sanders will get the nomination. Clinton control of party machinery and firm position with those who have made an extremely fat living for themselves personally out of identity politics (sorry heroes of the civil rights movement), should ensure that. Can I commend you to read The Catholic Orangemen of Togo to see how just one ride in a car with Jesse Jackson put me right off him.

          It is extraordinary that, with Trump riding a wave of anti-Establishment populism that is undoubtedly a global political phenomenon, the establishment should choose to put up against him the most corrupt, compromised and untrustworthy figure available (except for Henry Kissinger. But don’t worry, he is in there advising her). Hillary is the unacceptable face of unacceptable faces. Her insincerity shines through every word, every gesture, every breath.

          With Trump we are left with the hope that he does not actually mean what he says; that his right wing populism and blustering persona is just a brilliant act to get elected. With Hillary we have the stone cold certainty that she does not mean a word she says, that she is triangulating to the left to counter Bernie, and that she has no interest at all except furthering the interests of banks and big corporations.

  2. Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi On Whether The Media Made Trump Unstoppable



    • trump is a creation of dissatisfaction..dont blame him for tapping into that..thats politics..if they want to know why hes winning then look at the fuckwits they have served up to the people previously..mccain and romney with a twist of palin..please..you reap what you sow..

  3. David Duke: Donald Trump Is Too Zionist for Me


    Trump Has Strongest Jewish Ties of all GOP Candidates


  4. http://www.businessinsider.com/r-exclusive-koch-brothers-will-not-deploy-funds-against-trump-during-primaries-2016-3?op=1

  5. http://bollyn.com/the-florida-connection/

  6. Donald Trump, KKK and ADL

    Donald Trump: Israel funds ISIS

    • work server wont allow those links..brief synopsis?

      • Donald Trump KKK and ADL

        GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, is hailed by Jewish media and so-called ‘Conservatives’ Christians for knowing so much about Muslim threat to western societies. However, now he is being chased by the same goons for not knowing much about anti-Black Ku Klux Klan (KKK) or Dr. David Duke or White Supremacy.

        On Sunday, in an interview with CNN’s State of the Union Trump told host Jack Trapper (a Zionist Jew) that he didn’t know anything about former KKK leader David Duke.

        “Just so you understand, I don’t know anything about David Duke, OK? I don’t know anything about what you’re even talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists,” said Trump.

        All GOP presidential candidates competing against Donald Trump have blasted him for his bigotry. Every brainwashed American knows that David Duke is one of the most hated White Americans in Organized Jewry’s bible.

        Democrat Bernie Sanders (a Zionist Jew) tweeted that “America’s first Black president cannot and will not be succeeded by a hatemonger who refuses to condemn KKK.” In a show of solidarity, his opponent Hillary Clinton retweeted Sanders message to her pro-Israel sheep.

        The pro-Israel Jewish Supremacist Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in a statement on Sunday said that it will provide necessary information on KKK, David Duke and other anti-Israel groups – so that all candidates can be fully aware of these individuals and groups to have a more complete picture when determining whose endorsements they should accept or reject.

        David Duke is not only a former leader of Jewish funded KKK but still admired by many Jewish writers and human rights activists like UK’s Paul Eisen. Watch an interview below.

        David Duke, former US state representative from Louisiana visited Syria in 2005 and gave an interview in which is blamed Zionist Jews in Bush administration for the bloodshed in the Middle East. In 2006, he visited Islamic Republic and met former president Dr. Ahmadinejad at the Holocaust conference in Tehran. He has also appeared on Iran’s press TV (watch below). ADL condemned Duke’s both visits.

        Last year, David Duke was interviewed by Fox News’ Alan Colmes (a Zionist Jew). When asked about the 47 GOP Senators’ threatening letter to Iranian leaders over US-Iran nuclear deal, David Duke replied: “Well, let me say, they should go to Israel, and if they’re not circumcised, they should get cut. Because they deserve it. I mean, this is insane. You know, the whole thing’s is insane. By the way it’s not like Obama versus Jews or the Jews versus Obama, it’s not all that. No president ever has bent over backward for the Jews …”

        • “Well, let me say, they should go to Israel, and if they’re not circumcised, they should get cut. Because they deserve it. I mean, this is insane.”


      • Donald Trump: Israel funds ISIS

        Anti-Muslim GOP frontrunner, billionaire Donald Trump, canceled his trip to Israel to meet Benjamin Netanyahu two days after he realized he put his big foot in a wrong mouth at MSNBC’s Morning Joe show on December 8, 2015.

        Even though Joe Scarborough, host of Morning Joe, tried his best to put Trump against the wall in order to say that Israel has nothing to do with ISIS, Trump basically called out the Zionist entity for funding ISIS along with the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the UAE.

        Trump told his host that he doesn’t want to name a certain country for funding ISIS, because I have a lot of relationships with people there.

        Some highlights of the said interview:

        Donald: Right now, you have things going on, you have so called people that you think are on our side, they’re not reporting it, they’re not talking about it, and in some cases they’re involved with it. I mean look: I’ll give you an example, some of our so-called allies that we work with and that we protect militarily, they are sending massive amounts of money to ISIS and to Al-Qaeda and to others.

        Joe: So, who are you talking about there?

        Donald: You know who it is. What do I have to bring it up for? You know who it is.

        Joe: Because you’re running for President. Are you talking about the Saudis?

        Donald: Joe, hey Joe. Other countries are giving massive amount of money. People from other countries are giving massive amount of money.

        Joe: So are you saying the Saudis are doing this?

        Donald: Of course they’re doing it. Everybody knows that.

        Joe: Okay, any other countries?

        Donald: There are but I’m not going to say it, because I have a lot of relationships with people there. But there are. And you know that. And everybody knows that. And nobody says it. Nobody talks about it.

        Last year, a report submitted to 15-member UN Security Council by UN observers in the Golan Heights claimed regular contacts between Israel Occupation Force and ISIS leaders.

        On December 9, Donald Trump in a tweet protested TIME Magazine choice of Angela Markel as ‘Person of the Year’ instead of Trump. “I told you @TIME Magazine will never pick me up as person of the year despite being the big favorite. They picked person who is ruining Germany,” he wrote. Netanyahu is also not happy with Markel for accepting refugees from Syria.

        Last month, the Organized Jewry nailed Joe Scarborough to the cross for accusing pilgrims to Ka’aba, Wailing Wall and Vatican being “radicalized” to commit terrorism. Incidentally, a 2006 FBI report below claimed “radicalized” Muslims were less involved in terrorism than “radicalized” Jews and Christians on US soil between 1980 and 2005.

        On September 3, 2015, Trump told a fellow Muslim-hater Michael Savage of Savage Nation host, it’s almost like we are protecting ISIS. Savage was fired from MANBC for applying ‘improper’ language while responding to some Zionist questioner.

        In May 2013, Carl Bernstein admitted on the Morning Joe show that Jewish Neocons started US-Iraq War.

        This was an insane war that brought us low economically, morally. We went to war against a guy who had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11. It was a total pretext! It’s explicable and there you go to Cheney, there you go to Bush, there you go to Jewish neocons who wanted to remake the world (for Israel). Maybe I can say that because I’m Jewish,” said Bernstein.

        MSNBC is owned by Comcast Corporation, established in 1963 by three Zionist Jews; Ralph J. Roberts, Daniel Aaron, and Julian A. Brodsky.

  7. […] Source: Farrakhan praises Trump for not taking Jewish money..repeats claim that Jews behind 9/11 […]

  8. Farrakhan is an idiot, but he’s right about 9/11.
    The former prime minister of Italy publicly said the same thing, that 9/11 was a joint CIA/Mossad operation and, what’s more, every security agency on the planet knows this.
    Only the general public is in the dark about it, and I’ll wager that’s only because they are afraid to face the truth, as the evidence that those three towers were brought down by controlled demolition is not kept secret at all.

  9. Trump & Cruz To Headline Zionist Mafia Organization In America: Opposing Iran For Rothschild’s Israel.


  10. http://zionists4trump.com/

    • 🙂

      • Guess he missed that one

        Donald Trump owns thousands of secret Web addresses


        • Republicans face an ever starker choice after Trump’s rhetoric stooped shockingly below-the-belt at the debate, on whether to embrace his divisive candidacy or derail it.

          Within the opening minutes Trump was referring to the size of his penis, a level of obscenity even by the low standard set in previous showdowns that is raising serious questions in his camp about his electability.

          Many conservatives including Cruz swept into Congress in 2010 and 2012 on a grass-roots Tea Party movement, and its co-founder Jenny Beth Martin implored CPAC attendees to choose Senator Ted Cruz over the frontrunner.

          Trump makes a “seductive pitch” with his call to make America great again, she said, but “Donald Trump loves himself first, last, and everywhere in between.”

  11. Exclusive: Trump planning Temple Mount visit

  12. Trump not 100% bought..?..a sliver of hope?



  14. http://www.cryptogon.com/?p=48359

    “I’m trying to understand this Trump situation and the hysterical freakout that’s ensuing in elite and media circles.

    Trump could have been vote-frauded into oblivion by now.

    Why hasn’t that happened?

    My best guess is that the primary purpose of the Donald Trump candidacy—whether he knows it or not—is to escort Hillary to the White House by simply drawing attention away from the Clintons’ life of crime.

    You know, so all of that doesn’t come up during the sElection.

    We can hear about the Donald’s hair and ex-wives and how hipsters are talking about fleeing to Canada, etc. I don’t remember which site, but mixed in with this bilge was a story about a cat with a long tongue that’s famous on the Internet.

    Mena. Vince Foster. Mary Mahoney. The rest of it. *pfft*

    Emails. Benghazi. Double *pfft* The recent Hillary stuff is chicken scratch compared to the 1980s and 1990s. I hardly mention the recent stuff. It’s noise level, relative to what went down in past decades.

    Yep, Trump is a good whipping boy and the best distraction since Bin Laden.
    And the next thing you know, the Clintons are back in the White House.
    Almost as if by magic.

    How many Bush presidencies would that make? I lose count.

    I think it was Bill’s facilitation of the Mena enterprise that made the Clintons ultimately untouchable. The willingness to play ball there meant that these two were good to go. Bill got his turn. Now Hillary’s up.”

    • no matter how much bernie claims scalps the superdelegates will deliver HRC the nom..but what about the indictment rumour getting around..could that have teeth? if she was dumped the literal “drovers dog” could win for the gop? if that gop nom was trump..que sera sera..

      i dont disagree that trump is being used to help HRC as the author says..wether he knows it or not..

  15. I can’t find the thread…

    8 min. of names here:

  16. No Jew money .. eh?

    Trump Picks Former Goldman Partner And Soros Employee As Finance Chairman


  17. I am not a fan of Farrakhan but then I have to dislike a black Trump. It’s identical hate just different subjects . Very good article, noticed how Sharpton likes Trump, who else I am Mr. West like Trump poor guy he think he is white. Just a Fuzzy. Very interesting the turns those we have we respected are taking now.
    Thank you

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