China corruption crackdown “netted 300,000 in 2015”


China’s ruling Communist Party says it punished nearly 300,000 officials last year for corruption.

Some 200,000 officials were given what was called “light punishment”. Some were transferred from their jobs.

A further 80,000 or so were given tougher penalties.

President Xi Jinping has made a campaign against corruption a centrepiece of his governing agenda and many high-profile figures have been caught up in the net.

Barely a week goes by without news of another arrest, BBC China analyst Michael Bristow says.

The number of those caught in 2015 was released during China’s annual parliamentary session – no doubt to remind delegates gathered in Beijing, that China’s ruling communist party will continue pursuing corrupt officials, our correspondent says.

The reporting body – the Central Committee for Discipline Inspection – rarely explains its methodology or what evidence it considers, and no other details were given in its brief statement about the punishments.

The highest internal-control institution of the Communist Party of China (CPC), tasked with enforcing internal rules and regulations and combating corruption and malfeasance in the Party. Since the vast majority of officials at all levels of government are also Communist Party members, the commission is in practice the top anti-corruption body in China.


300,000 in china and zero in the mighty us of a! 🙂

“Some 200,000 officials were given what was called “light punishment”. Some were transferred from their jobs.”

cleaning the chalk dusters and doing a a litter pick up run at the local school..

im more interested in the ones who get to kiss thats how you handle corruption at the top levels..


~ by seeker401 on March 10, 2016.

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