Palace complains over Queen “Brexit” story



Buckingham Palace has complained to the press watchdog over the Sun newspaper’s article claiming the Queen backed “Brexit” from the European Union.

The Sun quotes anonymous sources, one of whom claims to have witnessed a “bust-up” between the Queen and pro-EU former Deputy PM Nick Clegg in 2011.

The palace insisted the Queen was “politically neutral” while Mr Clegg called the story “nonsense”.

But the Sun said it stood by its story and would defend itself “vigorously”.

Under the headline, “Queen backs Brexit”, the Sun said the Queen’s exchange with Mr Clegg at a lunch in 2011 left “no room for doubt about her passionate feelings over Europe”.

It said her “reprimand” of Mr Clegg “went on for some time and stunned other guests”.

The paper says the Queen also revealed her feelings about Europe during a separate conversation with MPs at Buckingham Palace “a few years ago”.

It claims the Queen told them: “I don’t understand Europe” – words an unnamed parliamentary source says she spoke with “venom and emotion”.

Following the complaint the newspaper said: “The Sun stands by its story, which was based upon two impeccable sources and presented in a robust, accessible fashion.

“The Sun will defend this complaint vigorously.”


this is programming..nothing less..i will explain..

sure the queen stays “neutral” but we know thats not the case..

the establishment wants the uk in the eu or its they come up with this flimsy story around loose facts to allege the queen wants the uk to “brexit” but this is not the case and is most likely made up..what it does is allow the media to validate that the queen did not want a if you dont want to exit you must want to they have established a “stay” theme emanating from buckingham palace and all the queens minions/supporters/peasants who will have to vote now know subconsciously that they must support the uk and “stay” or they are being “treasonous”..cunning as shithouse rats these guys..masters of manipulation..


~ by seeker401 on March 11, 2016.

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