OBAMA: “I’m more worried about climate change than ISIS”



In a new interview published in The Atlantic magazine, President Obama says he is more worried about climate change than the terrorist group ISIS.

“ISIS is not an existential threat to the United States,” he told Atlantic correspondent Jeffrey Goldberg. “Climate change is a potential existential threat to the entire world if we don’t do something about it.”

Climate change is particularly worrisome, Obama said, because “it is a political problem perfectly designed to repel government intervention. It involves every single country, and it is a comparatively slow-moving emergency, so there is always something seemingly more urgent on the agenda.”

And climate change is probably helping fuel groups like ISIS, he said.

“Right now, across the globe, you’re seeing places that are undergoing severe stress because of globalization, because of the collision of cultures brought about by the Internet and social media, because of scarcities—some of which will be attributable to climate change over the next several decades—because of population growth,” Obama said. “And in those places, the Middle East being Exhibit A, the default position for a lot of folks is to organize tightly in the tribe and to push back or strike out against those who are different.”

Climate change will also likely create new refugee problems as arable land becomes more scarce.

“If you start seeing more severe drought; more significant famine; more displacement from the Indian subcontinent and coastal regions in Africa and Asia; the continuing problems of scarcity, refugees, poverty, disease—this makes every other problem we’ve got worse,” he said. “That’s above and beyond just the existential issues of a planet that starts getting into a bad feedback loop.”

While the Democratic candidates for president have pledged to continue Obama’s legacy fighting climate change, Republican candidates have shown no interest in tackling the problem. Donald Trump recently told radio host Hugh Hewitt that climate change is, “a problem that I don’t think in any major fashion exists,” while Ted Cruz has called climate change “a religion” and “not science.”

Obama continues to press on with initiatives to address climate change; Thursday, he is expected to announce a new pact with Canada to cut methane emissions and protect remote communities and ecologically sensitive marine areas in the Arctic.


and that just about sums up the obama years..dedicated to frivolous issues and dodging the big issues whilst blaming everybody else for any problems that arise..hes a politician..you know hes lying because he opened his mouth..

its just rhetoric..the same old cliches..based on bullshit theories..

and then he comes up with this zinger..blaming IS on climate change..trying to rewrite history..if it wasnt so funny you would cry..


~ by seeker401 on March 15, 2016.

8 Responses to “OBAMA: “I’m more worried about climate change than ISIS””

  1. http://intpolicydigest.org/2015/11/29/why-isis-exists-the-double-game/


  3. Right on.
    I don’t buy it either.
    Soros got his guy in the Whitehouse and he is just doing what he’s told. “Climate change encompasses every nation” and so would carbon taxes. Its a means to gain centralized control.
    Trump is a loose cannon. Tonight, Virtually every media outlet is blasting him over Chicago.
    But Soros is behind it all, just like we now know he funded disruptors in Ferguson. He wants one of his guys in the Whitehouse. Anybody but Trump would due by him. Check out @lionking7 on Twitter. He planned this days before. Soros met with moveon.org two days before the Trump ralley.
    Obama is just a Soros minion serving his cabal.

  4. fucker just changes his tune to suit the direction of the breeze:

    now isis is his top priority..

  5. “Obama is just a Soros minion serving his cabal.” ???
    Soros is not Lucifer

    Obama directly serves Lucifer, for him this guy, black, was his best bet to fully implement its goal … globalization … total deception, and terror: New World Order.

    Prince William meets his distant cousin Barack Obama

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