Introducing 3i


3i Group plc is a multinational private equity and venture capital company based in London, United Kingdom. It has offices in 13 countries across the Americas, Asia and Europe and had total assets under management of £12.9 billion as at 31 March 2013.

3i is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.

The company was formed in 1945, as the Industrial and Commercial Finance Corporation (ICFC), by the Bank of England and the major British banks to provide long-term investment funding for small and medium-sized enterprises. Its foundation was inspired by the Macmillan Committee, and resulted from the recognition in the 1930s, given new impetus in the postwar era, that smaller businesses faced a gap in available corporate finance due to banks being unwilling to provide long-term capital and the companies being too small to raise capital from the public markets.

During the 1950s and 1960s, and particularly after 1959 when the shareholder banks allowed it to raise external funds, ICFC expanded to become the largest provider of growth capital for unquoted companies in the United Kingdom. In 1973 ICFC acquired Finance Corporation for Industry, a sister company also formed in 1945 which focused on finance for large companies, and was renamed Finance for Industry (FFI). In the 1980s FFI became a leading provider of finance for management buyouts, and expanded internationally. In 1983 the company was renamed Investors in Industry, commonly known as 3i.

3i Group was created in 1987 when the banks sold off their stakes to form a public limited company. In 1994 the company was floated on the London Stock Exchange with a market capitalisation of £1.5 billion.


thanks to GillGarmesh for the link..

pretty incredible logo eh?

so who are these guys besides being a creation of the BoE and its associated lackeys?



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9 Responses to “Introducing 3i”

  1. this, isn’t it?

  2. its 1st CEO, William Piercy, 1st Baron Piercy, graduated from London School of Economics,_1st_Baron_Piercy
    “He is best remembered as chairman of the Industrial & Commercial Finance Corporation from 1945 to 1964. He was also a director of the Bank of England from 1946 to 1956”

  3. debt management:

    “our debt management business now has significant scale across both Europe and the US, and we look forward to further growing this business, both organically and though acquisition, as opportunities arise.”

  4. Pineal gland. Lookes exactly like the eye of horus.. google. And without looking it up, I bet the pineal gland is a reptilian left over from ‘our’ past…

  5. As I suspected. Have a look at the images at this link…

  6. second pic, side by side…

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