Researcher discovers a huge pyramid in Antarctica using satellite images




According to Vicente Fuentes, a vivid researcher, there is in fact, at least, one pyramid hidden beneath the vast sheet of Ice on Antarctica.

According to Fuentes, the satellite image could prove to be the ultimate evidence of a pyramidal structure located on the main ridge of Antarctica. This would mean that in the distant past, when Antarctica was much different than it is today, ancient civilizations could have developed on the now-frozen continent, leaving behind marvelous constructions, telling the story of a time, when our planet was inhabited by different civilizations, at a completely different time, omitted by history and mainstream researchers.

In the video, Fuentes goes through the main characteristics of the Pyramid and other structures that could be located on the vast sheet of ice, making comparisons to the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

Check out the coordinates of the anomalous structure: 79°58’39.25″S / 81°57’32.21″O

The idea that there are Pyramids hidden at Antarctica goes back several decades. While Skeptics remain unconfident, suggesting that these structures are mere natural formations, satellite images and accounts of people traveling there tell a much different story.

The idea that these pyramids exist has caused speculation regarding what Antarctica was like in the distant past, some suggest, it wasn’t always as cold as it is today, and interestingly, scientific research seems to prove that Antarctica was very different in the distant past.


does somebody want to explain this to me and decipher the logo above which seems to be telling us that there are in fact pyramids there?


~ by seeker401 on March 19, 2016.

23 Responses to “Researcher discovers a huge pyramid in Antarctica using satellite images”

  1. Before anybody goes all “ancient aliens” on us, one thing that you could do is see if the measurements & orientation of the thing gives you the same returns as the Egyptian pyramids do. If so, it becomes more likely they are constructs built along the same lines as the other pyramids were.

    It’s very possible you’re looking at a natural formation, it’s shape very coincidental, but not impossible.
    I’ve must admit I’ve always wondered why they made Antarctica off limits for non-government-funded exploration.

    • and the central part is off-limits non-US government exploration..

    • the reason it is so ‘illegal’ i suspect is that international bodies have very much aligned themselves on the issues of new nation creation – they are uniformly opposed to it.

      it would be way to easy for a group of people to go down there, build a settlement, and declare independence. that can’t be allowed.

  2. i dunno what is the significance but Kerry headed for the south pole during the election days.. something important? not sure




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