Liberia closes border with Ebola hit Guinea


Liberia closed its border with Guinea on Tuesday as a precaution against Ebola following at least four deaths from the virus in Guinea, Information Minister Lenn Eugene Nangbe said.

The deaths occurred since Feb. 29, while Liberia was declared free of new transmissions of the virus in January.

“We have ordered the border with Guinea closed with immediate effect. The border will remain closed until the situation in Guinea improves,” Nangbe told Reuters.

“We are not taking any chance at all,” he said.

A team of medics with protective gear had been sent to the border to improve surveillance.

The haemorrhagic fever has killed about 11,300 people in the two countries plus Sierra Leone since late 2013 and it caused global alarm in 2014 as governments and health agencies rushed to help contain the outbreak.

New cases have dwindled virtually to zero but the U.N. World Health Organization warns of flare-ups, or emerging clusters, of new cases.


uh oh..its back?

no mention of this in australia..what about in your country?


~ by seeker401 on March 26, 2016.

5 Responses to “Liberia closes border with Ebola hit Guinea”

  1. U.S. is (cough cough) being hit with Zika Virus, and now it’s ‘sexually’ transmitted.




    Kentucky / MA

  2. I used to read about the pestilences in Revelation wondering where they come from but it seems to be the NWO agents who are creating and spreading these diseases or scaremongering their severity . IE it is evil men who are doing this to depopulate .

  3. unfortunate the virus strikes again

  4. Five-year-old becomes latest Ebola victim in Liberia

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