Russia to install four power generators in Cuba


Russian electrical power generating company Inter RAO has signed a deal with Cuba’s Energoimport to install four power generators costing €1.2 billion.

According to the Russian firm, three generators will be for the Este Habana power plant in Santa Cruz del Norte municipality, the fourth will go to the Maximo Gomes power plant in Mariel.

Each of the generators will have a 200MW capacity, and are planned to be operational by 2022-2024.

One megawatt can provide power for about 1000 homes.

Under the agreement, Inter RAO and its contractors won’t have to pay tax and customs duties; the employees will also be exempt from paying income tax.

The project’s financing will be provided mainly by Russian export credits, according to Inter RAO.

It has been reported Russia would provide Cuba with a €1.2 billion 4.5 percent interest loan. Repayments would start after the generators begin operating, but no later than February 2025. Cuba will have to pay off the loan within ten years.

The agreement to provide Cuba with power generators was ratified by Moscow and Havana in October.

In July 2014 Russian power generating company RusHydro and Cuban state energy company Union Electrica signed a memorandum of understanding on modernizing and building new hydroelectric power plants in Cuba.


“Russian electrical power generating company Inter RAO has signed a deal with Cuba’s Energoimport to install four power generators costing €1.2 billion.”

america brought barry and a baseball game to cuba..russia brings what they actually need..who got the most publicity?


~ by seeker401 on March 26, 2016.

One Response to “Russia to install four power generators in Cuba”

  1. Seems like the U.S. will be giving away more ‘jobs’ for foreigners……

    If the president can take his family to Cuba, other Americans will want to follow. And if blue-chip companies such as Google and Starwood are opening there for business, so will other companies.

    Commercial Deals
    The deal announcements coming from major companies timed to Obama’s visit also reduce anxieties over Cuba in corporate suites elsewhere. Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. announced an agreement to operate three hotels in Cuba and make a multimillion-dollar investment to bring them up to Starwood standards. Google Inc. announced plans to open an online technology in center in Havana offering faster Internet wireless access.
    General Electric Co. signed memorandums of understanding with the Cuban government on business collaboration amid reports it is exploring sales of power and medical equipment to Cuba.
    The trip yielded formal accords such as a U.S.-Cuba agreement on agricultural cooperation and a plan for medical collaboration to combat Zika virus and cancer.
    “It doesn’t have that immediate kind of impact, but things will change immeasurably moving forward,” said U.S. Representative Xavier Becerra, a California Democrat on the trip’s congressional delegation.

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