Images 3/4/16

Pakistan Airlines ad from 1979

pre 9/11..


out of their own mouths, but if i quote it im a crazy fucking oil loving lunatic..

Singapore’s bizarre anti-drug crusade

singapore’s bizarre anti-drug crusade it..

20160317_neo_0 (1)

most places on the pyramid dont change..just the names..


rihanna..even directing us to her eye..




gee..whats that?? :/


twin sister musicians i believe..tegan and sara..this is a poster from their album..


click to enlarge..


phi makes the world go round..the golden ratio..


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  2. phi not pi 🙂


    the connection to the war in Syria:

    Putin’s men:

    Ecuador’s Pedro Miguel Delgado Campaña (President Rafael Correa’s cousin):

    Cameron’s father:


    • has this data leak been vetted at all before release?

      appreciate the links..

      will post tomorrow..

      • dont forget the part about the founder being a nazi/cia man!

        typical “leak” op… the entire data will not be dumped… it’s being dripped out by a group of dozens of mainstream journalists…. clearly targeting some groups (putin) and ignoring others (americans).


  5. who needs an implant?

    • The Millennials will think it’s great.

    • Starting this summer, the government will test a system in which foreign tourists will be able to verify their identities and buy things at stores using only their fingerprints.

      The government hopes to increase the number of foreign tourists by using the system to prevent crime and relieve users from the necessity of carrying cash or credit cards. It aims to realize the system by the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

      The experiment will have inbound tourists register their fingerprints and other data, such as credit card information, at airports and elsewhere.


    CIA promotes Top Cheff


    “A new study now reveals that religious rites – particularly, ritual sacrifice – helped create and maintain class stratification in ancient societies.”

    “By using human sacrifice to punish taboo violations, demoralize the underclass and instill fear of social elites, power elites were able to maintain and build social control,” lead study author Joseph Watts stated in a press release.

  8. Feudalism and the Magna Carta: The Ugly Truth

    The Fraud of Magna Carta 2015
    Historian Webster Tarpley talks about the fraud of Magna Carta

    Some years back I was at the map room in the library and they had old hand drawn maps from the U S revolution posted on the walls.1 of post revolution showed land owner ship by Wash. and it extended from where D C is today up to ohio and the ocean there were a few parcels in northern new england owned by I forget who. To vote you had to be a landowner till aboutwomens suffrage I thinkor civil war.If you did’nt own land or have a job you could end up in jail and or made a slave.The patriots started to get taxed but did’nt have jobs and used whiskey to barter.The masons got all the gov. paying jobs.So the gov. created a whiskey tax and took thier whiskey.Hence the whiskey rebellion which was renamed the boxer rebellion or some crap. Washington was a colonial in the british army and more or less a loyalist.He commanded the brit in 2 battles against the french and lost and retired as kinda aristocrat.At some point the gov. claimed ownership of all land and gave claim,title ect. for purchase(lease ie taxed) to private persons for new land acquired or conqured which and thru imminent domain can confiscate it for any reason and use it for whatever they want and giving compensation for any improvments and chattels on the land and it’s purchase price ie deposit. At some point the gov. like a landlord started limiting what the land can and cannot be used for and is why the gov. reclaim ownership upon death with no heirs and abandoment of the property.Remember the louisiana terortory was paid for by the gov. and not conquered land like texas ect.If you don’t pay your tax (rent) you will get evicted.mexico is and artificial construct by the french and spainish and never was 1 nation.The blonde blue eyed people that run biz. gov. ect are decendants of the french and spainish and hated by whats left of the original indians living in southwest mexico who have been fighting battles against the northeners including the mulattoes and like the porto ricans don’t really know where they came from.Keep in mind there were never any white or black civilasation from the tip of south america to the north pole before the 1500’s per se.I might not have correct timlines and it might or might not be true but all the above was from reading history books.
    As far as money goes the rothchild banks ect. would not accept money only gold unless the money was printed by the rothchilds ect. all the way up to the civil war was drained all the gold and they were eventually forced to permit temporarily a central bank till again they had to permit a central bank to get loans for the world wars.again no country would trade for dollars or loan money(GOLD) without a central bank ie rothchild printing the cash
    Side note.
    Th kings men can do no wrong.The kings men counl’nt be prosecuted for breaking the law till Cromwell stepped in. But it was kinda swept under the rug after time past It was’nt till sometime in the 1900’s that a girl was forced to be steralised because she was retarded. I forget if some lawyer fought to stop it ,sued afterwards or just got her released from the institution but that law by cromwell reversing immunity of the kings men was cited and used to sue.Walter Mattau made a old black and white movie based somewhat on the case.It is in the law books as a precedent for suing gov.officials even the prez.The last time I researched it was pre 911 and the last prez being sued was clinton for rape while a gov..He weasled out of it by settleing out of court which they all do from judges on up to prez..So bascically that case can and still used to sue high gov. officials.The prez has something called absoulte immunity meaning he can’t be sued. But Like clinton if he does something while not on the job he can be sued. If the prez. is’nt authorised by law to take an action that would otherwise be illegal he is acing ouside of his JURIDICTION and can be sued. eg. bush conspiring t blow up the WTC.Treason is the highest offense punisihable by death.Constitutional violations are only civil and not considered criminal acts and not punishable by imprisonment unless they violated a criminal law along with it.

  9. ps 1 excellant book for research is Black’s law dictionary it goes back over 100 years online they don’t always cite cases for a precident I found that earlier edtions give the best definitons but if you are doing a case you will need the latest cite.Another is AmJur pleading and practice forms that has the state laws in it to you can use in local court just look in the index for your type of case eg. fraud ect.All these can be found in some courts if they have a library all fed courts have a law library and so do law scholl libraries

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