Azerbaijan tells Armenia to “free occupied territories”..sends letters to UN, NATO, EU


Azerbaijan has set conditions for ceasefire in the troubled Nagorny-Karabakh region, saying that Armenia must withdraw from “occupied territories.” Meanwhile, Armenia has said it would recognize the region’s independence if the situation on the ground worsens.

In accordance with UN Security Council resolutions, Armenia must free all occupied territories, and provide complete territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Azerbaijan, recognized on international level,” head of Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry’s press-service Khikmet Gadzhiev said on Monday, as quoted by RIA Novosti.

In relation to the current situation on the confrontation line in Nagorny-Karabakh, Baku’s Foreign Minister Elmar Mamediarov had addressed a number of international organizations, Gadzhiev said. Letters to UN and NATO chiefs have been sent, as well as to EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, informing them of “constant shelling of populated areas by Armenian army and deaths of civilians,” he added.

According to the Foreign Ministry spokesman, Baku’s standpoint is “peaceful,” as it’s Armenia who continues shelling Azerbaijani positions and residential areas amid the earlier announced unilateral cessation of hostilities by Azerbaijan.

On Monday, Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry released a statement claiming that an intensive shelling has been launched from the Armenian side. “In the morning fighting, three Azerbaijani servicemen were killed. The Ministry also said that the Armenian side has suffered big losses, but the exact numbers have not been given,” head of Sputnik agency in Azerbaijan, Aziz Aliev told RT.

He added that according to the military’s information, Yerevan is using large-caliber weapons, including mortars and grenade launchers.

At the same time, the Azerbaijan Defense Ministry has released footage of its military counterattack on an Armenian troops’ command post. A video showed the destruction of the facility in a pinpoint strike.


this needs to be watched closely..i feel its about to become a new global hot spot..

and here is a few other reasons why:


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6 Responses to “Azerbaijan tells Armenia to “free occupied territories”..sends letters to UN, NATO, EU”



    Aliyev’s family in power since 1993, and previously, being the Heyday Aliyev the chief of Azerbaijani KGB during the soviet times…

  3. a project started in 2014 :

    “Russia intends to create a “collective security” system on the Caspian Sea to step up its naval cooperation with Azerbaijan as Moscow seeks to limit the presence of foreign militaries on the Caspian Sea.”
    “The U.S. State Department commented on the Caspian summit declaration that it does not intend to change its military cooperation with Baku. ”

    seems to come to its completion:

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