Introducing Mohammed bin Salman..face of the future


Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, second deputy premier and defense minister, has become known among many as the face of the future of Saudi Arabia, particularly for the refreshing manner in which he has engaged the public about the government’s plan to revamp the economy.

With the enormous responsibility of holding the defense portfolio, and leading the Council for Economic and Development Affairs, he has broken that unwritten rule that “those in charge should not speak,” with a candid approach on the challenges facing the country, and the strategic decision-making needed to carry out reforms effectively.

Adel Al-Moaafi, a mass communications specialist, said recently that the vision has effectively been made a project that would be run by the people in conjunction with the government.

Al-Moaafi said citizens had become accustomed to hearing about large national projects in the Kingdom through the official news agency, the Saudi Press Agency, and local newspaper reports, but had rarely seen officials speaking clearly about specific plans, objectives and targets.

When the Kingdom announced the creation of the Islamic Alliance to counter terrorism, Prince Mohammed appeared in public for the first time to make a statement. He appeared confident and replied to all questions, said Al-Moaafi, who described his appearance as indicative of a “driven and practical man.”

Al-Moaafi, who is completing his postgraduate studies in the United States, said the prince’s decision to address citizens in a highly transparent manner showed his appreciation and desire for dialogue with the people. “He chose to appear and disclose all information, and was able to convince citizens of the government’s vision, and that they would have to drive it to success.”

In his press interviews and appearances on the economy, the prince was able to answer all questions, to alleviate fears about what would be done. This was no mean feat because of the conservative economic approach adopted over the years. It was well received by the public, as evidenced by the response on social media, said Al-Moaafi.

Last Monday, he introduced Vision 2030 coherently and comprehensively, a plan he said had been the product of extensive work over several months. He had clarified many issues during the hour-long address and then later held a press conference with local and international media to provide further explanations.

Citizens have already shown a great deal of love for the young prince. Ali Al-Seed, an accountant at a food factory in Jeddah, said more officials should adopt the approach of Prince Mohammed and speak more regularly to the people.


watch this guy..closely..

“Citizens have already shown a great deal of love for the young prince.”

i think hes going to be a player..

and hes filthy rich..


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    …I can’t find the link to the article where he speaks about the glorious future for saudi-israeli relationship…

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