Dinosaurs never existed?



please note this is an essay by eric dubay of FE theory fame..

sort the wheat from the chaff..he makes some very important points here..and as critical thinkers its our responsibility to research for ourselves what we are told is truth or fact..

let me know what you think..i dont have a position on this as its not a priority for me but it is a very interesting topic..


~ by seeker401 on May 6, 2016.

9 Responses to “Dinosaurs never existed?”

  1. Sorry, couldn’t watch it all. The base for this conspiracy theory is that dinosaur fossils were never found before the 1800’s, and that’s simply not true.
    The fossils of large animals had been found all over the world before then, but had not been scientifically classified simply because the scientific method barely existed at the time. We have records of these fossilized bones being found & ground up into powder, then sold as “dragon bone” for medicinal purposes.
    We have entire fossils of flying dinosaurs impressed in rock, and we have found nearly complete bone structures of these creatures.
    I WILL admit that I think our dating techniques are flawed, and that a large number of these animals (as well as animals of all kinds) appear to have been killed in the middle of everyday activities by some major cataclysm, and I will concede the possibility that they existed alongside humans for a time, but the idea that all these fossilized bones we’ve found are somehow “artificial” & did not exist before the 1800’s is nonsense. One of these creatures, apparently similar to a Brachiosaurus, is described in the biblical account of Job, and named a “Behemoth.” It was apparently a creature that mankind did not have the ability to hunt & kill, at the time.

    I will admit that the archeological sciences are packed with inconsistencies and anomalies, but I’m not going for the idea that dinosaurs are fictional.

  2. Yo Seek!
    Here’s a wild theory of mine, they are gone due to cyclical and elliptical nature of Earth’s orbit, not annually but bigger picture. Ice ages, Heat ages, Nice ages :), all predicated on how the Earth is in relation to the Sun, and the Suns corresponding heat output fluctuations. Global Warming, Global Cooling, Dino Extinction, The Rich folks Race to Mars, Contrails to block light, Bill’s global seed vault, and solar propping stock market bubbles all make a heck of lot more sense if we are entering a ‘Heat Age’. Even chem-trails and that lame space umbrella make sense through that lens.

    Thanks for passing it along, I’d like to think Bartzillasaurus existed so i’ll bury my head on this one.

  3. the author of the blog is either stupid or malicious:
    test: his 9. eleven thesis: “it was inside job”, not the slightest mention of israel.
    enough for me to know about his target: to obfuscate the real truth seekers.
    The same about our pre-history: I agree with SD, there have been dinosaurs ; in any case the line Hollywood of bergs presents to the masses is another false adoctrination (as whatever comes out of that propaganda machine); in the world of archeology the researcher who does not follow the official line looses his career; etc…
    Our history is as important as our present because it determines toward what future we could thrive. Mudding the water about our past (which is not the one we study in the text-book, but much more glorious and long-reaching) does the same job the FE theory: divide, DISTRACT & mislead.

    There are dragons in each oral tradition and mythology around the world, aren’t they? this.

    • “the author of the blog is either stupid or malicious:”


      it’s dubay. why is anyone giving him even a nanosecond of thought? it’s really, really simple: if you are an FE proponent, you can’t possibly be taken seriously about anything else you say.

      yeah, no dinosaurs…. and there’s no such thing as nukes… and the planets are actually sprits! and 9/11 was the world’s only example of dustification! yawn.

  4. & now they are mixing the dinosaur with the chook…?


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