AmeriGEDDON trailer

In less than 2 weeks, a dire warning and wake up call of what our future might look like will be hitting the big screen with the release of a very realistic but apocalyptic look at what America could look like any day now in “Amerigeddon The Movie”. Coming out on May 13th, the movie looks at a post-EMP America after terrorists tied to the United Nations and the ‘New World Order’ government now in America sends our Republic back to the dark ages with a false flag attack that takes down our electrical grid, an attack that experts warn in very real-life could quickly lead to the ‘elimination’ of 90% of Americans who are now alive once the grid is fried.


there is most likely a lot that is wrong with this movie..and the creators wanted to portray what exactly?

an EMP attack is still the most likely thing that could bring america to its would bring any country to its knees..we cant live without electricity..


~ by seeker401 on May 13, 2016.

5 Responses to “AmeriGEDDON trailer”

  1. But you CAN live without electricity…if you retain your humanity and remain civilized. Working together, you can keep societies functional through human interaction.
    But, unfortunately, in our larger population areas people have forgotten how to be truly civilized. If the grid goes down they will loot, they will commit violence, they will try to take advantage of what they see as a temporary thing.
    And those that would attempt the takeover of the U.S. are looking only at the larger population regions, as those regions are all they are familiar with. In the rural regions outside the cities, losing electricity is something we can almost immediately cope with, and we will not be losing our civility at all. We will do as our ancestors did, we will will maintain our societies with skills and knowledge that have been passed sown to us, generation to generation. And given our locations, many of us are already prepared for the loss of electricity, as it is not an unusual occurrence here, even in winter. With that breathing space, we can prepare for the long term loss of the grid.
    And god help the traitors that move into our regions to disarm us…they will be facing millions of hunters, each one a sniper, each one fully trained in hitting their selected targets. With the government & its UN cronies known enemies, they will be slaughtered in droves from behind every tree, on every stretch of seemingly empty road…and their weapons & supplies will be ours. In addition, many of those resistance fighters are ex-soldiers, the tactics & strategies of the enemy will be known to us.
    They might well wipe out the cities, or allow them to destroy themselves, but they’ll never take the countryside. And from that base of operations, assassins and saboteurs will emerge.


    not to make little of any of this BUT we can still take them, we have their handbook, and they don’t win.

  3. welcome to machines

  4. US army enlisting space cadets..??

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