The capital of the New World Order


It didn’t take long for German Foreign Minister Frank Walter Steinmeier to react to Donald Trump’s America First rhetoric. Steinmeier said “The world’s security architecture has changed and it is no longer based on two pillars alone. It cannot be conducted unilaterally,””No American president can get around this change in the international security architecture,”

Steinmeier, a Bilderberg attendee is referring to the New World Order roll out of the United Nation’s infestation of the United States local police with it’s Strong Cities Network. Announced by the U.S. Constitution circumventing Attorney General’s office to the United Nations in 2015 no less. (LYNCH VIDEO) Furthermore, Is it any wonder why the Strong Cities Network recognizes constitutionalists as their number one threat?

The UN houses the permanent delegations of the Sharia law enforcing Organization of Islamic Cooperation. The OIC is overseeing the cancerous expansion of Sharia law with the assistance of the United Nations, the EU and the Federal Government of the United States, utilizing waves of immigrants to force European and American cities to submit to the eventual One World Order.

The OIC is based in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. Astana is a planned New World Order city. Meaning its array of One World Government promoting structures were built with Kazakhstan’s petro dollars to act as the headquarters for the emerging NWO takeover. Kazakhstan is led by Nursultan Nazarbayev. By all accounts a human rights violating dictator that has ruled over Kazakhstan for nearly 26 years. Under Nazarbayev, as CBS reported in 2011 “Severe limits on political freedoms and freedom of speech; detainee and prisoner abuse; arbitrary arrest and detention, particularly of government opponents; lack of an independent judiciary; pervasive corruption; discrimination and violence against women; and trafficking in persons. A recent New York Times story claims Nazarbayev’s regime has been paying Washington, D.C., think tanks to issue glowing reports on the country that largely ignore its glaring shortcomings in political freedom and human rights, and it also claimed that the Nazarbayev regime has even been alleged to have made illegal payments to as-yet-unidentified members of Congress seeking to gain their favor.”

Basically, a 21st Century Occultic city run by a New World Order dictator with his hands in the pockets of your elected leaders is the epicenter of the Islamic Sharia movement exploding in Europe and quietly invading the United States. Its simple, this isn’t a drill. The engineered collapse of civilization is underway. Billions of dollars and decades of planning have been invested in the very international security architecture Donald Trump and patriotic Americans must actively dismantle.


astana..critical thinkers have known of this place for a while now..

“The OIC is based in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. Astana is a planned New World Order city. Meaning its array of One World Government promoting structures were built with Kazakhstan’s petro dollars to act as the headquarters for the emerging NWO takeover.”

not sure about the islam rhetoric but i believe what my eyes show me and they show me a lot..its all found in the buildings..check it out..


~ by seeker401 on May 18, 2016.

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  1. who made Astana?


    “A good relationship with Israel often helps. One of Nazarbayev’s friends – Alexander Mashkevitch – is an Israeli/Kazakh billionaire who has invested enormously in Astana, pretty much transforming it since 1997 from a minor remote town in the country’s hinterlands to a capital with eye-popping architecture ranging from classical monuments, to pyramids with pretentious names like the Palace of Peace and Accord”

    • great catch maria! bingo!

      Alexander Mashkevich (Hebrew: אלכסנדר משקביץ‎; also transliterated Alexandr Mashkevic; Russian: Александр Машкевич), born in 1954, is a businessman and investor. He has major holdings and close political relationships in Kazakhstan. He holds both Kazakh and Israeli citizenship; according to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, he usually travels on his Israeli passport and “rarely spends more than a week each month in Kazakhstan.

  2. Astana – I imagine it’s anagram would read ‘a satan’ .

    Bayterek is the most famous landmark in Astana. The legend behind this tower as a symbol is that it represents a poplar tree, where the magic bird Samruk laid its egg.

    Ahhh, another ‘ magikal transformation’ for the powers and principalities of the world, or should I say another ‘golden egg’ laid for themselves?


    London, 6 November 2015 – Samruk-Kazyna, the sovereign wealth fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan, today announced memorandums of understanding and agreements for nine projects totaling US$3bn around the inaugural meeting of the Kazakh-British Business Council (KBBC).

    The agreements reached at the KBBC meeting demonstrate further progress in the partnership between Kazakh and British business, which was advanced by the signing of a cooperation agreement between Samruk-Kazyna and UK Trade & Investment earlier this year.

    New projects and partnerships announced at the KBBC meeting include:

    Commencement of a project between Samruk-Kazyna and United Green LLP to expand Burnoye solar power plant in the Zhambyl region of Kazakhstan from 50 to 100 MW at an initial cost US$105.5 million
    Creating industrial clusters around the Karachaganak oil and gas field
    Investigation of the geological potential of sites in Kazakhstan to identify opportunities for joint exploration with Vitol group

    Financing for the “Modernization of Shardara HPP” project
    The KBBC meeting celebrated more than a decade of partnership between Kazakhstan and the UK, one of the largest investors in Kazakhstan since it gained independence in 1991, and coincided with Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s official visit.

    “We are here to help UK firms capitalize on the fast-developing New Silk Road, a modern trade route from China and Russia to Europe and the West, by investing in the high-growth Kazakh economy,” said Dr. Umirzak Shukeyev, Chairman of Samruk-Kazyna, who hosted the meeting along with Lord Francis Maude, Minister of State for Trade & Investment, and the Right Honorable Charles Hendry.

    “This Council is not only a platform for public and private partnerships, but a forum for the exchange of experiences and ideas that can grow our economies.

    Panel sessions at the meeting detailed investment opportunities in Kazakhstan, ongoing public asset privatization efforts in the country, Samruk-Kazyna’s Transformation Program and commercial opportunities for UK companies at EXPO 2017, a major international exhibition on “Future Energy” to be held in the capital city of Astana. Speakers from UK and KazakH organizations led the panels, including representatives from McKinsey, UG Energy, Shell Kazakhstan, Deloitte, KazMunayGas, Kaznex Invest and The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

    Deloitte, McKinsey, Shell, New Silk Road, need I say more? 🙂

  3. from 09

  4. I think there is a lot of auto-promotion in all that “illuminati symbolism”, “NWO architecture”, etc…Hardly few in the West know where Astana is but with such a campaign of presentation “they” want to indoctrinate us, whispering rumours on the net and letting the “mouth-to-mouth” news flow, “they” want to work on our subconscious level, make us familiar with the desirable by them future. And we, in blogs like FTM, unwillingly help them at the end…They are just “wizards of Oz”, small bald men behind a lot of smoke & mirrors. But they are the masters of deception…
    Which takes me back to Bernays and his “Propaganda”, 1928…

  5. Guyana is in the OIC? It’s only 7% m00.


    Treasure Trove

  7. The New Khazaria

    The Planned Jewish Migration Out of Israel

    By JC Collins

    On March 16, 2014 the Times of Israel published a little discussed pieced titled Leaked Report: Israel Acknowledges Jews in Fact Khazars; Secret Plan for Reverse Migration to Ukraine. Just four weeks before this explosive publication, on February 18, 2014, the official and democratic government of Ukraine was ousted and a Jewish supported new interim government was appointed. Both of these occurrences can be connected to the larger construction of a new world capital in Kazakhstan called Astana.

    The Times of Israel piece is important because for the first time there is a semi-official pronouncement of the Khazarian heritage of Eastern European Jews who migrated to the land of Palestine and established the nation of Israel.

    This idea was first promoted by the Hungarian historian Arthur Koestler in his 1976 book titled The Thirteenth Tribe. Koestler suffered heavy criticism and his book was the target of a massive propaganda campaign meant to discredit his work. The fact that an official Jewish publication is now discussing a “secret report” promoting the same conclusion should not go unnoticed by the large contingent of online scholars and historians.

    The Khazars were a Mongol-Tatar people who converted to Judaism in mass during a tumultuous time in Eastern European history. Surrounded on both sides by the warring religions – Christianity and Islam, the Khazar Empire choose the path of Judaic conversation as a means of stemming off invasion from either of its larger neighbors.

    In the 11th Century the Russian Empire conquered Khazaria and destroyed any possibility of a larger establishment of a Khazarian/Jewish homeland in Eastern Europe. Centuries later the Khazarian remnants gained a level of revenge by orchestrating the Bolshevik Revolution and murdering the Russian monarch family the Romanovs.

    It is probable, but not easily proven, that after Lenin’s death and the rise of Stalin, the Soviet Union once again came under control of the ethnic Russians. This lasted until the fall of the Berlin Wall and the complete collapse of the USSR, at which time the foreign encouraged oligarchs who contributed to the economic downfall of the Union established a de facto business and industrial dictatorship over what remained.

    Ironically the nation of Israel established diplomatic ties with the former Soviet Union member state of Kazakhstan in 1991, along with others, such as Georgia. The relationship between Israel and Kazakhstan has grown at a steady pace and includes coordination along political, trade, economic, defense, and intelligence lines.

    Since the rise of Vladimir Putin in Russia and the arrest and expulsion of the oligarchs, there has been an exodus of ethnic Russians from Kazakhstan back to the motherland. This migration has included Russian doctors, teachers, scientists, and other prominent members of society. As such, Israel has been providing Kazakhstan with an increase in Jewish expertise in those same areas as relations tighten even further.

    In addition, 25% of Israel’s oil comes from Kazakhstan. This is set to grow substantially in the coming years as Israel finds itself further isolated diplomatically and will be forced to give up the West Bank and possibly the Gaza Strip in order to appease international pressure. Settlers from these areas have already begun to migrate into Kazakhstan, but not at the anticipated pace of migration into Eastern Ukraine.

    As strained relations between Russia and Kazakhstan increase, and military bases on both sides of the border are hardened, the battle for control of Eastern Ukraine quietly continues without much coverage in the Western media. This war is meant to remove the ethnic and Russian speaking majority from the east of the country – a region which made up a large section of the Khazar Empire a thousand years before.

    When the map of ancient Khazar is superimposed over a modern map of Eastern Europe we can clearly see the importance of Ukraine and Crimea, as well as other areas of past tension and war, such as Georgia.

    Considering the inevitability of a Palestinian state, the need to resettle the settlers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to Ukraine is becoming an all-important issue. This migration was originally intended to load Crimea with Jewish migrants but the Russian move to annex Crimea through official diplomatic means has caused a readjustment on strategies.

    The pressure building along Russia’s borders from NATO and Western Jewish financiers, such as George Soros, is intent on establishing a new Khazaria which will be larger than the original and will incorporate the nation of Kazakhstan. The remnants of the old Khazaria are working towards this objective from within the nations of Israel, Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, and Kazakhstan.

    A new capital called Astana was established within Kazakhstan on December 10th, 1997. This capital is under construction and has contributed to a massive construction boom in the region. This new futuristic city is full of Masonic symbolism and New World Religion designs. Though it has relatively flown under the radar for many years, there is a surprisingly large amount of information available about the construction of Astana.

    It is looking obvious that both Russia and China are willing to accept the establishment of this new Khazaria in the heart of the Eurasian continent. The monetary objectives of all players on designing a new international financial framework is extremely telling of the more macro geopolitical and economic alignments taking place.

    The establishment of a one world system of governance, including political, economic, and religious, can be compared to herding cats. It would almost seem impossible if it weren’t for the fact that all cats were being directed down a very wide pathway which allows them to bump into one another and switch sides consistently as they rush to the final objective. Strange times on the new world frontier. – JC

    • When the map of ancient Khazar is superimposed over a modern map of Eastern Europe we can clearly see the importance of Ukraine and Crimea, as well as other areas of past tension and war, such as Georgia.


    • “the people generally known as the Caucasian people are the true and literal descendants of the Israel people of the Bible.”

      oy vey…

      • 🙂 Oy Vey, Indeed! I should have highlighted in that massive article what I found to tickle MY ears.

        History is so twisted none of us know the truth. All I know is, you can call a country whatever you like, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers have renamed them for years, but the land these people call Israel today, but was Judea in the past, does not in fact make them the ‘chosen ones’ on earth worthy to kill and destroy at will just because they CLAIM to be the ‘ones’. Even their own ‘jews’ dispute who the jews are, lol…which was why I posted that link.

        The truth I found in that article is, when the ‘wandering ones’ (those in HIGH PLACES) have finished feeding off their HOST nation, they are ‘gone’, leaving those who also call themselves ‘jews’ ( average men and women who beLIEve their religious lies) behind to be the scapegoats of the injured nation’s people. We are talking about a ‘class’ of people who for generations have twisted our reality to fit their own agenda.

        I highly doubt, as their history likes to say, that they were thrown out of all those countries, the eternal ‘victims’, but in fact, they left of their own accord before their filthy plans came to fruition, of utter destruction of the HOST nation these parasites gorged themselves on.

  9. Israel Confirms EXPO 2017 Participation

  10. Kazakhstan: Israel’s Partner in Eurasia

    • “Conclusion
      Israel has a partner to appeal to the Caspian and Central Asian secular Turkic states. In a way, Israel went through – and is still going through – the excruciating nation-building process these countries are undergoing only 18 years after independence – think of Israel circa 1966.

      While close to the United States, Israel has its own interests and expertise sets that are attractive to the New Independent States in the areas of security, technology, agriculture, science and education. New Independent States, including Kazakhstan, are looking to diversify their geopolitical partnerships, to get away from the bear hug of Russia, the dragon breath of China, or often-problematic relations with the United States.

      Moreover, Israel is uniquely positioned with many immigrants who have ties to the Jewish communities, elites, and businesses in their former countries of origin. These are strategic assets that would be wasted if not used.

      – See more at:

      in other words…. Lehitra’ot (See you later)

      Thanks for your nation’s wealth, but we’ll be leaving now to follow our own interests again, using ‘other people’s money’ as they clearly state -‘ having ties to the Jewish communities, elites, and businesses IN THEIR FORMER COUNTRIES OF ORGIN “

  11. The Bin Laden Family

    By 1990, the Bin Laden family began conducting their business activities under the umbrella of the Saudi Bin Laden Group, headquartered in Jeddah. They keep a low profile and never advertise [PBS, 4/1999]. Although their main business activity was restricted to Saudi Arabia, they had become the richest family there, second only to the Saudi royal family. And they had business ties to other front companies of Western ruling elite, such as General Electric, Unilever, Motorola, Schweppes, Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and HSBC Bank. [Ha’aretz, 12/18/2002, New Yorker, 11/5/2001]. They also had a deal with Disney. And they won a contract to build a new capital city for Kazakhstan [Spiegel, 6/6/2005]. This new capital named Astana, carries several occult motifs found in the architecture of Western ruling elite.

    • ‘ And they had business ties to other front companies of Western ruling elite, such as General Electric, Unilever, Motorola, Schweppes, Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and HSBC Bank. [Ha’aretz, 12/18/2002, New Yorker, 11/5/2001]. They also had a deal with Disney.’

      CIA / Jewish Mafia and their International Corporations of Wall Street

  12. Ancient Lost Capital of the Jewish Khazar Kingdom Found

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