Members of UN panel on glyphosate have Monsanto ties


Two people on the UN panel that just ruled the herbicide glyphosate “unlikely” to cause cancer in humans have ties to groups that have accepted over $1 million from Monsanto and another industry group representing agrochemical giants.

The people in question are Professor Alan Boobis, chairman of the UN panel investigating glyphosate – the active ingredient in Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup and other similar products – and Professor Angelo Moretto, the panel’s co-chair, the Guardian reported.

Boobis is the vice president of the International Life Science Institute (ILSI Europe). Moretto, meanwhile, is a board member of ILSI’s Health and Environmental Sciences Institute and of its Risk21 steering group. Notably, Boobis is a co-chair of Risk21.

ILSI Europe accepted a donation of $500,000 from Monsanto back in 2012, according to a document released by the US Right to Know campaign. The group also accepted donations from CropLife – which represents agriculture companies such as Monsanto, Dow, DuPont and Syngenta – totaling more than $528,000.

On Tuesday, the UN panel tasked with ruling on glyphosate – a joint effort between the Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization – said the herbicide is not likely to cause cancer in humans.

“In view of the absence of carcinogenic potential in rodents at human-relevant doses and the absence of genotoxicity by the oral route in mammals, and considering the epidemiological evidence from occupational exposures, the meeting concluded that glyphosate is unlikely to pose a carcinogenic risk to humans from exposure through the diet,” the panel said, as quoted by Reuters.

Revelations of industry ties have drawn strong criticism from many environmental and anti-genetically modified organism (GMO) groups, who have said the connections between the UN panel and ISLI place the entire study into doubt.

“There is a clear conflict of interest if the review of the safety of glyphosate is carried out by scientists who directly take money from industry and openly lobby for industry interests,” said Vito Buonsante of the environmental group ClientEarth.

The non-governmental environmental organization Greenpeace also questioned the UN panel ruling in a statement, saying ISLI and its Health and Environmental gets most of its funding from private companies, including glyphosate producers.

Greenpeace also said that most of the scientists involved in a European Food Safety Authority study on glyphosate refused to be named. The EFSA is soon expected to vote on whether to re-license glyphosate, and anti-pesticide groups argue that the timing of the UN panel report is suspicious.

“The agencies contradicting the WHO cancer warning seem to either rely on officials who prefer not to be named, or lack a watertight policy to protect their impartiality,” Greenpeace EU food policy director Franziska Achterberg said.


these guys are always a couple steps ahead..

There is a clear conflict of interest if the review of the safety of glyphosate is carried out by scientists who directly take money from industry and openly lobby for industry interests,” said Vito Buonsante of the environmental group ClientEarth.”


“Two people on the UN panel that just ruled the herbicide glyphosate “unlikely” to cause cancer in humans have ties to groups that have accepted over $1 million from Monsanto and another industry group representing agrochemical giants.”



~ by seeker401 on May 20, 2016.

33 Responses to “Members of UN panel on glyphosate have Monsanto ties”

  1. Deadly stuff is glyphosphate (round up herbicide) even in miniscule amounts. It is now used as a pre harvest desiccator on most grain crops
    wheat , oats , corn etc but also beans. This ripens all the crop on time by killing it and it goes through the harvesting machines smoothly.

    So you get a massive fresh dose of round up on your toast etc.
    All the digestive symptoms like gluten intolerance come from this stuff – not so much the gluten itself. This poison is exacerbated 1000’s of times with its associated delivery agents which are not checked for safety and which could be anything they want.

    Better to go local organic – more expensive but compare your health to say the cost of an annual holiday – which is more important .
    Organic might cost you $10 – $20 extra per person a week but worth every penny.

    • thanks! glyphosate is only the test run. it is yet to be banned. they have moved since glyphosate. concentrating on breeding GM seed for tolerance. glyphosate is no longer needed. super seed is on its way and it is Africa which will be the delivery tool. i have been watching this project from Syngenta since it first arose on the LinkedIn platform. save the worlds starving by 2020. thank you Syngenta for creating a network of poor farmers as your army to spread your seed..

      • If we got rid of these Agri Gangsters everyone would have plenty food and no poisons. In the 50’s the farmer grew vegetables next door to us without anything but cow dung – no spraying at all .

        • warming!!!

          • i am guessing your comment is a sarcastic one..perhaps you are serious; so i would like to comment on my theory on what these fuckers are doing to our climate. where do I start: food. the majority of the seed and plants are owned by the corporate snake. they practically own the market(s) worldwide markets. food is most beneficial is it not? in a war situation he/she who has food eventually wins. i use this as only one example. food securities is real. they control practically all the markets so what makes anyone here think that they would not own and control this one!? the food market? we have heard of the space race. “..he who owns the skies..” the corporate snake the sister tool used to enslave us further. . it started as a single entity and it grew into sister companies or clones. all of what the corporate snake is doing has a source. a head. it only grows. it is not designed to remain stagnant or go backward. it has its own rules. it is centralised. an owner. SO! back on track on how weather manipulation is achieved OR global warming (which is kind of wrong..but we know it as this so we will use this term.) and how food markets are linked. being involved in farming you are always looking into much more efficient ways to deliver your insecticides etc. i came across an old but interesting idea of using an electrostatic technique of charging the water droplet in order for you to achieve better coverage.

            they use this same technique to spray the mass produced cars of today! opposites attract! One is positive and the other is negative.

            forget about HAARP it is too costly! and most likely doesn’t work. if i wanted to manipulate weather what would i do:

            buy aeroplanes and fill the skies with condensation! make sure that the condensation or droplets are charged so it can attract and/or join together to form a larger cloud of condensation > cool > rain > drought > control > markets > foods > seed > prices > demand > increases > wars > starvation > wealth > greed > linked > corporate > snake!

            i live in the country and planes flying over a very few so when i saw a plane fly over and spray its condensation over my place and clouds following straight behind it i sort of put two and two together to work out that charging water droplets and ‘cooling’ the atmosphere had its advantages. add a wetting agent to the mixture…

            i was too late to video this!

            don’t listen to whatever crap is fed to the people when they talk of chem trails. dumping of fuel. contrails. we now have corporate snake entities controlling markets by manipulating weather; and cheaper than HAARP. they all are linked and tied together in order to control the food markets of the world. remember they own the seed we plant to feed ourselves…


            i am the son of a sheep herder with very little education and have no proof of this. yet.

            i probably made a few errors or didn’t elaborate enough on certain areas but being in the country i have limited internet speed and type through my phone. if anyone would like for me to help with certain topics raised above just ask. i tried to make it as understandable as possible. As I to started with basics there are people out there that do not have this knowledge and I would be glad to help them understand.

        • well I happen to be of one of those generation farmers where my family, still today, feed with cow “dung” without the need of any industrial chemicals or fertiliser. the one time they ever had problems is when one of the villagers decided to plant a super potato from holland. this was the first time the potato beetle arose; from then on they had to use a poison to rid the pest. unfortunately because all the villagers had heard of such success of these new super potatoes they all had planted the year then the potatoe which had been passed down over the generations had been lost! since this incident they chose NOT to change anymore of the heirlooms. it has been the same for generations: own cows. they provide milk, butter, yogurt etc. lay straw down in the barn so when the cow shits and pisses it is not only easier to clean but it gets put in a pile for feeding the next round of plantings. first planting is wheat! they harvest the wheat and turn this into flour which they use to feed themselves..bread, pasta etc..the straw is used as bedding. everyone has a garden which they plant vegetables mainly for pickling as they own no fridges and have no money for electricity. the vegetables are grown during the summer. pickled; stored in a room which is deep into the ground above is the residence. walls are lined thicker in this cool(er) room. they also grow corn for the chickens and cows as winters are long. grown in the corn fields are its companion the bean! this spirals and does not affect the corns growth. the only problem i could see was the mite(very itchy if your enter to pick the beans) but I was assured the mite did not affect either quality of corn and bean. the bean is the main source of protein and anti-oxidants. the stalks of the corn would be used as feed for the cows over the winter. this process is replicated over and over. they have machinary now, like tractors. in some of the fields tractors are useless as they have large boulders. this is where the old fashioned tractor(donkey, horse) is used. i have a video if no one has seen how it is done…ploughing and/or cleaning furrows. i grow organically cheaper than any other industrialised farmer. i use the combination of greenhouses and organic feeding to grow my crops. i also do not use any chemicals to rid myself of pests. it’s easy. once i moved away from the concentrated areas where majority of farming was i found less insects. most of whatever i had once i moved was introduced by plants i had purchased. i enclose my greenhouses making sure nothing gets in! upon entry you must enter the blow room where a fan blows off whatever pests are on your clothing etc..shut the door behind you and enter the growing area. if needed i use a mix of chilli, olive oil, onions and garlic which i grow; and crush, screen and dilute with water to make my insect killer. i occasionally fog the area to kill everything and this ensures at least 12 months of insect free growing. now with regards to weeds as we are on this topic. i use mulch. straw. i have a picture if anyone is intersted. so no need for chemicals to control weeds. in some cases i let the weeds grow inside the area. it is beneficial as i cannot fully mimic mother nature(mn) and give the soil what mn can give the soil. i can try but i don’t have time as mn did lol. slugs can be a problem. i can produce more in a square metre than an industrialised grower can per year. if one was to introduce heating as they do..more! for certain seed lines you cannot use straw. this is when composted chicken manure with rice hulls can be used. because the manure has nitrogen and can burn you water and turn it. this gives you compost! finer and easy to spread. time consuming. really? they pay for chemicals i don’t. side by side i am cheaper! i always sell my product and can never have enough! i chose to grow for money as my family wants some of the benefits of the corporate snake has offered and forced upon us. If it were for me, I would be back at my father’s village growing my crops to feed myself and/or family. but i live by the rules of the corporate snake. i try not to be the poison that feeds the snake that kills us. people should try it. grow something. plant a seed. a tree. it’s easy! growing organic has become a
          luxury. this is so wrong. everything we are producing is actually attempting to ‘mimic’ mn. mimic being the key word. where i live the markets are full of crops which don’t get sold and are eventually discarded as they are perishables…and we don’t have enough food?

          • **more in a square metre ‘per year’ than an industrialised grower can per square metre per year < sorry this is a correction of above!

          • I believe God designed nature so that everything is “good” .
            Even weeds with deep roots can bring up minerals into the upper soil in a fallow year.
            Same with trees as a fence – their roots go down so deep and bring up minerals in the leaves.
            Plus rotating crops kills pests – potatoes first to remove the wireworm
            – you just ate them – then cabbage 2nd would not get so much wireworm attack.
            Supermarkets are obsessed with blemishes whereas this is the plant
            showing resistance plus if we leave the plant to adapt its seeds the following year will have generational resistance built in .

            When a % of plants get badly attacked this can be good since it is focused on say 10% of the crop but human nature is to call in monsanto for a spray and GMO job.

            What they are finding now is astonishing – that plants message each other with scents to evolve group anti pest strategies .
            The soil is living with fungus , microbes , even so called pests creating an incredible balance which we are only now beginning to see but it may be too late with the chemical gangsters taking over.

            The health of a human depends on the bacteria and viruses which are in our digestive system body being in the correct balance – there are around 20 trillion of them.

            The health of soil is down to the same healthy balance of fungus , bacteria , viruses and endless amounts of creatures.

            Its this obsession that tries to avoid any hit on the crop – the monsanto salesmen convince the farmer that he can get 100% crop success whereas this is pie in the sky . After the first few years the farmer will be bankrupt eg as in India with the GM cotton , a classic example .
            Famine is coming with genetic tinkering.

            • thank you Charles! it’s nice to know you have an understanding and knowledge. perhaps i could learn from your knowledge. all plants have mechanisms whereby they react to threat, YES! a perfect example is bud drop on lilies: when bulbs are flooded or have too much water- all the buds drop as during a flood it is triggered to survive so it drops the buds to give the bulb all the energy it needs to survive the flood. it is true and you are correct! what about when you try to pull a weed and it breaks right above the crown! survival! roses and thorns! blackberries and thorns! they have to be able to ‘adapt’ and ‘evolve’ and ‘change’ or else how would it ensure survival! wait enter GMO lol. i spoke to an Indian who was adamant that they needed GM to feed the people. he was very serious. i tried to explain how the corporate snake did not have his intentions at heart. he did not listen. i wouldn’t of either to be honest as my profile read of only three words: Full Time Bum lol.

              Charles what about introduced pests? are you aware of any? perhaps an insect of the same species but bred to be a stronger one. the common thrip for example…it has disappeared here- enter the Western Flower Thrip!

              • Pests introduced by agents of these agri criminals would not surprise me at all . Problem – pest , Reaction – give us something to kill it ,
                Solution – we have the perfect chemical strategy for this pest , want to be rich Mr Farmer , then just sign these forms and we will get started .

                Disclaimer – (in tiny font) signing up to this strategy could result in the loss
                of your farm .

                • when the black thrips disappeared i was happy until it’s frankenstein brother entered the scene. ferocious is a word i need to use. how ferocious. it never out-bred its sister or mated with her as nature would expect. it are her! it has not evolved since. new chemicals had been manufactured to combat this new ferocious pest – and yes the other chemicals had no effect what so ever even though it was meant to be from the same family! funny that Charles

      • Save the world lol..

        • they are quite serious! this project has agendas far greater than to feed the worlds starving by 2020. it sounds funny but i assure you when you delve into this further and see how they try to use this under the guise of common good to create, log, network and ensure their products are used for futures to come. you have to remember that if you had enough money you could buy a president of any African nation. what laws would there be in place in this African country for GM seed? do they have the resources to identify even? this move should not be overlooked and be widely known by all so they do not stay under the radar on this one. no laws means free range on testing! a giant laboratory. expendable people. wrong!

  2. welcome to the latest in tranhumanism

    • Something like this was done in antediluvian days with the Nephilim.

      But they were human / angel hybrids. Once these scientists have floated their Frankenstein ideas out into the mainstream they will start chiseling away at any objections under the guise of helping the sick.
      And wait for it – Obama’s hybrid toilets coming soon where a half pig / human can join you in your ablutions .

      • well that was a first for me. i had never read of those times. it is interesting to read of the Nephilim. do you have any links? which i can catch up on without sifting through all the crap Charles?

        playing god must make good wages. they’d be throwing USD at them!

        if we believe they haven’t already furthered this, then we should be examined!

        you are right Charles.

        a scientist would never stop for ethical reasons. it is science. no ethics in science. sorry.

        if i were a scientist i wouldn’t stop; and what funding would i need. not much to go underground or find some whacko from the U.S who thinks he is a messiah..they lining up already!

        lol…”Obama’s hybrid toilets..” haha!

        • Just google the photos and old newspaper articles for Nephilim skeletons
          but watch for the obviously photo shopped ones to deceive .

        • Nephilim videos are plentiful on youtube.. Look for LA Marzulli or Chuck Missler

          • thanks JoelH! started sifting through all of the crap and Charles was right! soo many photoshops! could only find one photo from a Peru which looked more like an infant giant.

            they classify this as alien. in a way it is to our normalities we have been instilled with..

            without searching the above JoelH it would be difficult to relate the two(fallen angel > nephilim) without some sort of finding, txt, study…would be interesting to find any universities to have studied any nephilim bones.

            i do like the story of David and Goliath though. He(Goliath) would of been a sight!

            i question whether if i were an archaeologist, if I would let the world see…id be famous though??

            I have kept a finding to myself as i did not want it to be found…a well kept secret of my own. it isn’t anything special but recognition needed by a fake nation needing such findings would surely manipulate this finding to call their own….if that makes any sense at all lol.

            it is a fort. i found the wall. rumours have it that gold is within the walls of this fort. it is not really a fort as such as described by rumours…but if it is found they will ruin it and it is not in my best interest!

            searching those terms now JoelH..

            • JoelH i have an issue with Chuck Missler. i am looking for photos or something a rather(video)… apart from a god proxy like Missler.

              if i wanted a preacher to preach gods message i would rather read the message itself. no harsh intentions meant. this is where i feel we went wrong. allowing these God proxies to interfere with gods messengers which had only one role: conveyer of gods message. checking LA Marzulli now

              • Sorry LA Marzulli is also a Christian – so he will also disappoint..

                • why do you imply with your comment? you are disappointed? have i offended you? i apologise. it was not intended.

                  i do not see as you do. you label religion. ‘your’ god?

                  is this your label JoelH? which label are you? your god is the christian god? i ask now.

                  i believe in god. i have no label. my god is the god of good!

                  LA Marzulli did not disappoint! actually he is true. he asks more questions than i do lol. thank you for your kind gesture JoelH

          • is something is “plentiful in youtube” the concern the concept is there to deceive always raises…youtube&google = the same agenda, confuse, censor & manipulate…

  3. Genisis 6:4

    4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

    perhaps this is why…

  4. at least you question. some don’t.

  5. it was the decent thing to do. we can’t have these “agri gangs” run rampart and poison us for profit. one must draw the line and have some sort of morals. right?

  6. the bible is just a bunch of jewish propaganda stories.

    anything ‘nephilim’ is a hoax.

    • But the Bible never praises the Jews as a whole which is remarkable “propaganda” ?
      Even Jesus their Messiah did not praise them.
      Most of the Bible prophets condemn the Jews so it must be the worst propaganda book in the world .

      They were put off their land more than they occupied it – exiled for thousands of years .

      It is a miracle of God that they never changed the words of the prophets to
      praise themselves – the scribes were 100% accurate in their copying.

      Have you ever read the bible ? I think you are confusing the OT with the Talmud which IS a book of propaganda that they brought back from their exile in Babylon and contained the traditions which Jesus condemned.

      Now you will say the Jews were never in Babylon or Israel and that they
      worshiped in Brooklyn .

    • The Bible =
      a. The Old Testament – dedicated to Yahweh and his chosen people, the jews – propaganda;
      b. The New Testament – dedicated to Jesus’ teachings & his Abba (Dad) – pure love.
      Result of jewish propaganda is the Old Testament being part of the saint for the christians scriptures.

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